An annotated catalogue of the New World Therevidae (Insecta: Diptera: Asiloidea)

Donald W. Webb, S. D. Gaimari, M. Hauser, Kevin C. Holston, Mark A. Metz, Michael E. Irwin, Gail E. Kampmeier, Kristin A. Algmin

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The genera and species of New World stiletto flies (Diptera: Therevidae) are listed, with annotated references to nomenclature, synonymies and generic combinations, type localities, the primary type depositories, distribution, and citations for the most recent revisions. The genus Cyclotelus Walker, 1850 (along with its synonyms Furcifera Kröber, 1911, and Epomyia Cole, 1923a) is synonymized under Cerocatus Rondani, 1848. Ectinorhynchus fascipennis Kröber, 1911 is given the new name Cerocatus rondanii Gaimari, and Phycus rufiventris Kröber, 1911 is given the new name Cerocatus raspii Hauser. Phycus analis Kröber, 1911 and Phycus bicolor Kröber, 1911, are placed as new combinations in Cerocatus Rondani, as are the following species that were previously in combination with Cyclotelus: Furcifera achaeta Malloch, 1932, Cyclotelusbadicrusus Irwin and Webb, 1992, Phycusbeckeri Kröber, 1911, Epomyiabella Cole, 1923a, Furciferabraziliana Cole, 1960a, Cycloteluscolei Irwin and Lyneborg, 1981a, Therevadiversipes Kröber, 1911, Therevafascipennis Macquart, 1846a, Psilocephalafemorata Kröber, 1911, Furciferaflavipes Kröber, 1928b, Furciferahardyi Cole, 1960a, Furciferakroeberi Cole, 1960a, Cycloteluslaetus Walker, 1850, Furciferalongicornis Kröber, 1911, Cyclotelusnigroflammus Walker, 1850, Psilocephala nigrifrons Kröber, 1914a, Thereva pictipennis Wiedemann, 1821, Furcifera polita Kröber, 1911, Cyclotelus pruinosus Walker, 1850, Thereva ruficornis Macquart, 1841a, Psilocephala rufiventris Loew, 1869, Thereva scutellaris Walker, 1857, Cyclotelus silacrusus Irwin and Webb, 1992, Cyclotelus socius Walker, 1850 and Psilocephala sumichrasti Bellardi, 1861. Dialineurapallidiventris Malloch, 1932, Melanothereva blackmani Oldroyd, 1968, Thereva maculicornis Jaennicke, 1867 and Thereva notabilis Macquart, 1841a are placed as new combinations in Entesia Oldroyd. Henicomyia amazonica Irwin and Webb, 1992 is a new synonym of Henicomyia flava Lyneborg, 1972. Henicomyia varipes Kröber, 1912a is given revised species status from former synonymy with Henicomyiahubbardii Coquillett, 1898.
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StatePublished - Jan 11 2013


  • INHS
  • Generic combinations
  • Recent revisions
  • Nomenclature
  • Synonymy
  • Distribution
  • Primary type deposition
  • Asiloidea
  • Type locality

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