Agriculture: Sustainable biofuels redux

G. Philip Robertson, Virginia H. Dale, Otto C. Doering, Steven P. Hamburg, Jerry M. Melillo, Michele M. Wander, William J. Parton, Paul R. Adler, Jacob N. Barney, Richard M. Cruse, Clifford S. Duke, Philip M. Fearnside, Ronald F. Follett, Holly K. Gibbs, Jose Goldemberg, David J. Mladenoff, Dennis Ojima, Michael W. Palmer, Andrew Sharpley, Linda WallaceKathleen C. Weathers, John A. Wiens, Wallace W. Wilhelm

Research output: Contribution to journalShort surveypeer-review


Science-based policy is essential for guiding an environmentally sustainable approach to cellulosic biofuels.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)49-50
Number of pages2
Issue number5898
StatePublished - Oct 3 2008

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