Ago! Ame! Baba Chuck Speaks!

Charles “Chuck” Davis, C. Kemal Nance

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C. Kemal Nance has captured the legendary perspective of Baba Chuck in a 2016 interview regarding the seminal words Davis spoke, the history he preached of African descendants in the African diaspora, and Davis’ vision of the state of African heritage traditions in the Americas today. Discussions include the history, business practices, and dancer management style Baba Chuck employed within the Chuck Davis Dance Company; they also reveal Baba Chuck’s pathway from New York to North Carolina, his connections to African dance contemporaries, such as Kariamu Welsh, and his understandings of what the future holds for his dancers and his company. This interview has become even more poignant since Baba Chuck’s recent death. When asked how he would want his legacy to be remembered, Baba Chuck answered simply, “He danced,” but the legacy he left will have him remembered for so much more and for many decades to come.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationHot Feet and Social Change
Subtitle of host publicationAfrican Dance and Diaspora Communities
EditorsKariamu Welsh, Esailama G A Diouf, Yvonne Daniel
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Press
ISBN (Electronic)9780252051814
ISBN (Print)9780252042959
StatePublished - Nov 25 2019


  • Chuck Davis
  • American Dance history
  • African American Dance Ensemble
  • Chuck Davis Dance Ensemble
  • North Carolina dance
  • African Diaspora


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