Absolute photoionization cross sections for Kr(5s) and Kr2 5s 3Σu+(1u, 0u -) excited states at 248 nm

D. B. Geohegan, A. W. McCown, James Gary Eden

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Absolute cross sections for the photoionization of Kr (5s) and Kr 2 5s 3Σu+ (1u, 0u-) at 248 nm have been measured to be (5.7±1.1)×10-19 and (1.4±0.3)×10 -18 cm2, respectively. In these experiments, absolute photoelectron densities were measured in real time with a microwave absorption apparatus, and the excited atomic and molecular species were produced and subsequently photoionized by excimer lasers. The measured Kr (5s) cross section is consistent with the upper limit experimentally determined by Dunning and Stebbings [Phys. Rev. A 9, 2378 (1974)] and is close to the theoretical value calculated by Hartquist [J. Phys. B 11, 2101 (1978)]. For Kr2 5s 3Σu+ (1u, 0u -), the cross section reported here is intermediate to those measured previously for the lowest 3Σu+ states of Ar2 and Xe2.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)577-587
Number of pages11
JournalThe Journal of Chemical Physics
Issue number2
StatePublished - Dec 1 1986

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