A Theoretically Informed Conceptual Framework for Recruitment and Retention in PETE

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In line with trends in general education, physical education teacher education programs have faced lowering enrollments over the last few decades. These circumstances have led to the closure of some PETE programs while faculty members at others have been called to increase recruitment and retention efforts to reverse the negative enrollment trends. Unfortunately, there is relatively little in the published research related to recruitment and retention in PETE to guide these efforts. Connections have been made, however, between the recruitment and retention processes and occupational socialization theory. The purpose of this paper was to propose a conceptual framework for coordinating recruitment and retention efforts connected to the phases of occupational socialization theory. PETE faculty members and inservice teachers are identified as key recruitment agents. Implications for preservice teacher education and doctoral education are discussed, along with calls for further empirical research in this area.

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StatePublished - 2021


  • Occupational socialization theory
  • higher education
  • preservice teacher education
  • school-university relations
  • subjective theories

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