A study of collaborative dancing in tele-immersive environments

Zhenyu Yang, Bin Yu, Wanmin Wu, Klara Nahrstedt, Ross Diankov, Ruzena Bajscy

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We first present the tele-immersive environments developed jointly by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of California at Berkeley. The environment features 3D full and real body capturing, wide field of view, multi-display 3D rendering, and attachment free participant. We then describe a study of collaborative dancing between remotely located dancers in the shared virtual space. Two professional dancers are invited to the tele-immersive site of each university. As a preliminary experiment, we let the dancers perform elementary body movements and coordinate their dancing. The coordination requires one dancer to take the lead while the other follows her by appropriate movements. During the experiment, the dancers are dancing at various motion rates to evaluate how well the collaborative dancing is supported with the current technical boundary. Our important findings indicate that 1) tele-immersive environments have strong potential impact on the concept of choreography and communication of live dance performance, 2) the presence of multi-display system, real body 3D rendering, audio channel, and less intrusiveness greatly enhances the immersive and dancing experience, and 3) the level of synchronization achieved by the dancers is higher than that expected from the video rate.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationISM 2006 - 8th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia
Number of pages8
StatePublished - 2006
EventISM 2006 - 8th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia - San Diego, CA, United States
Duration: Dec 11 2006Dec 13 2006

Publication series

NameISM 2006 - 8th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia


OtherISM 2006 - 8th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia
CountryUnited States
CitySan Diego, CA


  • 3D tele-immersive environments
  • Collaboration
  • Dance

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  • Computer Networks and Communications

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