A review of the genus Scleria (Cyperaceae) in Illinois

John E. Ebinger, Gordon C. Tucker

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Presently, five taxa of Scleria(nut rush, Cyperaceae) have been reported for Illinois [S. muehlenbergii, S. oligantha, S. paucifloravar. pauciflora, S. triglomerata, S. verticillata]. Of thesetaxa, S. triglomeratais common, being found scattered throughout the state, while S. verticillatais fairly common in northeastern Illinois and in the sand areas in the Illinois River Valley. Scleria muehlenbergii, in contrast, is known from a few dozen collections in the wind-blown sand deposits of Cass, Kankakee, and Lee counties, while S. oliganthais known from a single poor quality collection from Hardin County. Scleria pauciflorais relatively rare in Illinois with a few specimens from wind-blown sand deposits in the northern part of Illinois and some from dry woodlands and prairies in the extreme southern part. It is difficult to separate the two varieties (var. paucifloraand var. caroliniana), as the major character difference is the abundance and length of the hairs on the leaf surfaces. This trait is somewhat variable in the Illinois specimens examined, but at the present time we have been unable to verify the existence of S. paucifloravar. carolinianafor Illinois.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)109--118
JournalTransactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science
Issue number3/4
StatePublished - 2011


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