We have developed a microfabricated biochip that enumerates CD4+ T lymphocytes from leukocyte populations obtained from human blood samples using electrical impedance sensing and immunoaffinity chromatography. T cell counts are found by obtaining the difference between the number of leukocytes before and after depleting CD4+ T cells with immobilized antibodies in a capture chamber. This differential counting technique has been validated to analyze physiological concentrations of leukocytes with an accuracy of ∼9 cells per L by passivating the capture chamber with bovine serum albumin. In addition, the counter provided T cell counts which correlated closely with an optical control (R2 = 0.997) for CD4 cell concentrations ranging from approximately 100 to 700 cells per L. We believe that this approach can be a promising method for bringing quantitative HIV/AIDS diagnostics to resource-poor regions in the world.

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JournalLab on a chip
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StatePublished - Apr 21 2011

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