Un análisis crítico sobre las recomendaciones de actividad física en España

Translated title of the contribution: A critical analysis of physical activity recommendations in Spain

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Objective: To identify official documents with recommendations on physical activity published by the autonomous regions of Spain with the goal of evaluating their compliance with the physical activity recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). Methods: We conducted a content analysis of 55 documents of the ministries of health of several regional governments containing recommendations on physical activity. Results: Eighty-four percent of the autonomous regions in Spain made recommendations on aerobic physical activity and 37% made recommendations on strength training. However, the number of documents consistent with the WHO criteria was as follows: aerobic activity (n = 11, 58%), adults (n = 10, 53%), the elderly (n = 5, 26%), children/adolescents (n = 1, 5%); strength training, adults (n = 6, 32%), the elderly (n = 3, 16%), children/adolescents (n = 1, 5%); balance (n = 5, 26%); at least 10. minutes continuous physical activity (n = 6, 32%); recommendation of up to 300. minutes per week (n = 10, 53%); intensity of physical activity (n = 2, 11%). Conclusions: The recommendations of the autonomous regions tend to focus on aerobic physical activity and to under-represent strength training. Moreover, only one autonomous region conforms to the WHO recommendations for physical activity. The regions with higher rates of population aging and a higher percentage of children and adolescents fail to make recommendations on physical activity consistent with the WHO guidelines.

Translated title of the contributionA critical analysis of physical activity recommendations in Spain
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JournalGaceta Sanitaria
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StatePublished - Nov 2012


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