A catalog and atlas of cataclysmic variables - 2nd edition

Ronald A. Downes, Ronald F. Webbink, Michael M. Shara

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We present a catalog of all 1020 known cataclysmic variables (CVs). This paper is a major update of the first edition of the catalog (Downes and Shara, 1993, PASP, 105, 127), which contained coordinates (measured in the reference frame of the Hubble Space Telescope Guide Star Survey for the non-novae, and obtained from the literature for the novae), the variability type, the magnitude range, and references to both finding charts and spectroscopy. Also included in the catalog were finding charts for all dwarf novae, novalike variables, and objects classified only as cataclysmic variables known as of 1993; a similar catalog and atlas for novae has been published by Duerbeck (1987, SSRV, 45, 1). This updated edition includes 195 new objects (172 CVs and 23 non-CVs), revised identifications for 57 objects, and revised information (classification and spectral references) when available. We also now include plate identification information for the coordinate measurements, a reference to the classification, proper motion information where appropriate, and a table showing the CVs observed by space-based observatories. This second edition is inclusive of the first edition, although only new or updated charts are presented.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)345-440
Number of pages96
JournalPublications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Issue number734
StatePublished - Apr 1997

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