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  • 2012

    Design and evaluation of interior permanent magnet compressor motors for commercial transcritical CO2 (R-744) heat pump water heaters

    Brown, I. P., Critchley, M. W., Yin, J., Memory, S. B., Elbel, S. W., Bowers, C. D., Petersen, M., Hrnjak, P. S. & Sizov, G. Y., Dec 17 2012, 2012 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, ECCE 2012. p. 2790-2797 8 p. 6342379. (2012 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, ECCE 2012).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design and experimental implementation of a compliant hybrid zero dynamics controller with active force control for running on MABEL

    Sreenath, K., Park, H. W. & Grizzle, J. W., Jan 1 2012, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2012. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., p. 51-56 6 p. 6224944. (Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design and fabrication of helical structures via proximityfield nano-patterning (PnP) for application as chiral metamaterials

    Gupta, S., Rinne, J. W., Galvin, T. C., Arpin, K. A., Dregely, D., Giessen, H., Eden, J. G., Wiltzius, P. & Braun, P. V., 2012, CLEO: Science and Innovations, CLEO_SI 2012.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design and fabrication of helical structures via proximity-field nano-patterning (PnP) for application as chiral metamaterials

    Gupta, S., Rinne, J. W., Galvin, T. C., Arpin, K. A., Dregely, D., Giessen, H., Eden, J. G., Wiltzius, P. & Braun, P. V., 2012, 2012 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO 2012. 6325464

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design and performance of CO2 injection equipment: MGSC Sugar Creek and Mumford Hills enhanced oil recovery pilot sites

    McKaskle, R. W. & Sexton, A., 2012, Champaign, Illinois: Illinois State Geological Survey. (Open file series 2012-8)

    Research output: Book/Report/Conference proceedingTechnical report

  • Design and validation of high-precision wireless strain sensors for structural health monitoring of steel structures

    Jo, H., Park, J., Spencer, B. F. & Jung, H. J., May 22 2012, Sensors and Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Systems 2012. 834518. (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; vol. 8345).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design considerations for electrostatic microvalves with applications in poly(dimethylsiloxane)-based microfluidics

    Desai, A. V., Tice, J. D., Apblett, C. A. & Kenis, P. J. A., Mar 21 2012, In: Lab on a chip. 12, 6, p. 1078-1088 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Designed molecular mechanics using self-associating polymers

    Sing, C. E. & Alexander-Katz, A., Dec 21 2012, In: Soft Matter. 8, 47, p. 11871-11879 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Designer quantum spin Hall phase transition in molecular graphene

    Ghaemi, P., Gopalakrishnan, S. & Hughes, T. L., Nov 14 2012, In: Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 86, 20, 201406.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Design evaluation of OpenCL compiler framework for coarse-grained reconfigurable arrays

    Kim, H. S., Ahn, M., Stratton, J. A. & Hwu, W. M. W., Dec 1 2012, FPT 2012 - 2012 International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology. p. 313-320 8 p. 6412155. (FPT 2012 - 2012 International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design for Aging

    Boot, W. R., Nichols, T. A., Rogers, W. A. & Fisk, A. D., Mar 26 2012, Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics. Salvendy, G. (ed.). 4 ed. John Wiley and Sons, p. 1442-1471 30 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  • Design for Aging: Enhancing Everyday Technology Use

    O'Brien, M. A. & Rogers, W. A., Aug 2012, Engaging Older Adults with Modern Technology: Internet Use and Information Access Needs. Zheng, R. Z., Hill, R. D. & Gardner, M. K. (eds.). IGI Global, p. 105-123 19 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  • Designing and evaluating a clustering system for organizing and integrating patient drug outcomes in personal health messages.

    Jiang, Y., Liao, Q. V., Cheng, Q., Berlin, R. B. & Schatz, B. R., 2012, In: Unknown Journal. 2012, p. 417-426 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Designing contributing student pedagogies to promote students' intrinsic motivation to learn

    Herman, G. L., Dec 2012, In: Computer Science Education. 22, 4, p. 369-388 20 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Designing Effective Library Tutorials: A guide for accommodating multiple learning styles

    Mestre, L. S., 2012, Chandos Publishing. 338 p.

    Research output: Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook

  • Designing router scheduling policies: A privacy perspective

    Kadloor, S., Gong, X., Kiyavash, N. & Venkitasubramaniam, P., Apr 1 2012, In: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. 60, 4, p. 2001-2012 12 p., 6119234.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

  • Designing visualizations to facilitate multisyllabic speech with children with autism and speech delays

    Hailpern, J., Harris, A., La Botz, R., Birman, B. & Karahalios, K., 2012, Proceedings of the Designing Interactive Systems Conference, DIS '12. p. 126-135 10 p. (Proceedings of the Designing Interactive Systems Conference, DIS '12).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design of a MIMO dielectric resonator antenna for LTE femtocell base stations

    Yan, J. B. & Bernhard, J. T., Feb 2012, In: IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. 60, 2 PART 1, p. 438-444 7 p., 6062648.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Design of bend-and-sweep compliant mechanism for passive shape change

    Tummala, Y., Frecker, M., Wissa, A. & Hubbard, J. E., Dec 1 2012, ASME 2012 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, SMASIS 2012. p. 545-553 9 p. (ASME 2012 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, SMASIS 2012; vol. 2).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design of extended warranties in supply chains under additive demand

    Li, K., Mallik, S. & Chhajed, D., Jul 2012, In: Production and Operations Management. 21, 4, p. 730-746 17 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Design of new superconducting materials, and point-contact spectroscopy as a probe of strong electron correlations

    Greene, L. H., Arham, H. Z., Hunt, C. R. & Park, W. K., Oct 2012, In: Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism. 25, 7, p. 2121-2126 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Design of soft robotic actuators using fluid-filled fiber-reinforced elastomeric enclosures in parallel combinations

    Bishop-Moser, J., Krishnan, G., Kim, C. & Kota, S., Dec 1 2012, 2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, IROS 2012. p. 4264-4269 6 p. 6385966. (IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design of structural braced frames using group optimization

    Stromberg, L., Beghini, A., Baker, W. F. & Paulino, G. H., 2012, 20th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference - Proceedings of the Conference. p. 267-277 11 p. (20th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference - Proceedings of the Conference).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design requirements for using embodied learning and whole-body metaphors in a mixed reality simulation game

    Pillat, R., Nagendran, A. & Lindgren, R. W., 2012, 11th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2012 - Arts, Media, and Humanities Papers, ISMAR-AMH 2012. p. 105-106 2 p. 6484003

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design rules for electrode arrangement in an air-breathing alkaline direct methanol laminar flow fuel cell

    Thorson, M. R., Brushett, F. R., Timberg, C. J. & Kenis, P. J. A., Nov 15 2012, In: Journal of Power Sources. 218, p. 28-33 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Design stress evaluation based on strain-rate sensitivity analysis for nickel alloys used in the very-high temperature nuclear system

    Mo, K., Tung, H. M., Chen, X., Zhao, Y. & Stubbins, J. F., Dec 6 2012, International Conference on the Physics of Reactors 2012, PHYSOR 2012: Advances in Reactor Physics. p. 4244-4254 11 p. (International Conference on the Physics of Reactors 2012, PHYSOR 2012: Advances in Reactor Physics; vol. 5).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Design with fiber reinforcement for thin concrete overlays bonded to asphalt

    Bordelon, A. & Roesler, J., Apr 18 2012, In: Journal of Transportation Engineering. 138, 4, p. 430-435 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Desire for emotional closeness moderates the effectiveness of the social regulation of emotion

    Flores, L. E. & Berenbaum, H., Dec 2012, In: Personality and Individual Differences. 53, 8, p. 952-957 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Desiring Machines: A Review of Beautiful Circuits: Modernism and the Mediated Life by Mark Goble

    Gaedtke, A., 2012, In: Journal of Modern Literature. 36, 1, p. 185-190

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

  • Detecting acquiescence underlying Rosenberg's self esteem scale using the rasch partial credit model

    DiStefano, C., Morgan, G. B. & Motl, R. W., Jan 1 2012, Handbook on Psychology of Self-Esteem. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., p. 195-210 16 p.

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

  • Detecting co-residency with active traffic analysis techniques

    Bates, A., Mood, B., Pletcher, J., Pruse, H., Valafar, M. & Butler, K., Nov 27 2012, CCSW'12 - Proceedings of the Cloud Computing Security Workshop. p. 1-12 12 p. (Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Detecting interaction links in a collaborating group using manually annotated data

    Mathur, S., Poole, M. S., Peña-Mora, F., Hasegawa-Johnson, M. & Contractor, N., Oct 2012, In: Social Networks. 34, 4, p. 515-526 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Detection of cancer biomarkers using fluorescence enhanced by silicon-based photonic crystals and bandgap-matching laser scanner

    George, S., Chaudhery, V., Lu, M. & Cunningham, B. T., 2012, Laser Science, LS 2012. Optical Society of America (OSA), (Laser Science, LS 2012).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Detection of feline coronavirus in cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) feces by reverse transcription-nested polymerase chain reaction in cheetahs with variable frequency of viral shedding

    Gaffney, P. M., Kennedy, M., Terio, K., Gardner, I., Lothamer, C., Coleman, K. & Munson, L., Dec 14 2012, In: Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. 43, 4, p. 776-786 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Detection of orbital fluctuations above the structural transition temperature in the iron pnictides and chalcogenides

    Arham, H. Z., Hunt, C. R., Park, W. K., Gillett, J., Das, S. D., Sebastian, S. E., Xu, Z. J., Wen, J. S., Lin, Z. W., Li, Q., Gu, G., Thaler, A., Ran, S., Bud'Ko, S. L., Canfield, P. C., Chung, D. Y., Kanatzidis, M. G. & Greene, L. H., Jun 18 2012, In: Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 85, 21, 214515.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Detection of Pd(III) and Pd(IV) intermediates during the aerobic oxidative C-C bond formation from a Pd(II) dimethyl complex

    Tang, F., Zhang, Y., Rath, N. P. & Mirica, L. M., Sep 24 2012, In: Organometallics. 31, 18, p. 6690-6696 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Detection of pneumothorax and pleural effusion with horizontal beam radiography

    Lynch, K. C., Oliveira, C. R., Matheson, J. S., Mitchell, M. A. & O'Brien, R. T., Jan 1 2012, In: Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound. 53, 1, p. 38-43 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Detection of Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) antibodies in oral fluid specimens using a commercial PRRSV serum antibody enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

    Kittawornrat, A., Prickett, J., Wang, C., Olsen, C., Irwin, C., Panyasing, Y., Ballagi, A., Rice, A., Main, R., Johnson, J., Rademacher, C., Hoogland, M., Rowland, R. & Zimmerman, J., Mar 1 2012, In: Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation. 24, 2, p. 262-269 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
  • Detectors for the South Pole Telescope

    Chang, C. L., Ade, P., Aird, K., Austermann, J., Beall, J., Becker, D., Benson, B., Bleem, L., Britton, J., Carlstrom, J., Cho, H., De Haan, T., Crawford, T., Crites, A., Datesman, A., Dobbs, M., Everett, W., Ewall-Wice, A., George, E., Halverson, N. & 40 others, Harrington, N., Henning, J., Hilton, G., Holzapfel, W., Hoover, S., Hubmayr, J., Irwin, K., Keisler, R., Kennedy, J., Lee, A., Leitch, E., Li, D., Lueker, M., Marrone, D. P., McMahon, J., Mehl, J., Meyer, S., Montgomery, J., Montroy, T., Natoli, T., Nibarger, J., Niemack, M., Novosad, V., Padin, S., Plagge, T., Pryke, C., Reichardt, C., Ruhl, J., Saliwanchik, B., Sayre, J., Schafer, K., Shirokoff, E., Story, K., Vanderlinde, K., Vieira, J., Wang, G., Williamson, R., Yefremenko, V., Yoon, K. W. & Young, E., 2012, In: Physics Procedia. 37, p. 1381-1388 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review

  • Determinants and outcomes of employee participation in a strategic community of practice: A mixed-method approach

    Chang, J. & Jacobs, R. L., Sep 1 2012, In: Human Resource Development Quarterly. 23, 3, p. 341-362 22 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Determinants of participation versus consumption in the Nordic Swan: Eco-labeled market

    Brouhle, K. & Khanna, M., Jan 15 2012, In: Ecological Economics. 73, p. 142-151 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Determinants of technology adoption: Peer effects in menstrual cup take-up

    Oster, E. & Thornton, R., Dec 2012, In: Journal of the European Economic Association. 10, 6, p. 1263-1293 31 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Determination of energy requirements for densifying miscanthus and switchgrass feedstock with a medium-scaled compressor

    Miao, Z., Phillips, J. W., Grift, T. E. & Mathanker, S. K., Jan 1 2012, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2012, ASABE 2012. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, p. 3844-3854 11 p. (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2012, ASABE 2012; vol. 5).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Determination of Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman model parameters for failure of a polymeric material

    Oral, A., Anlas, G. & Lambros, J., Jan 2012, In: International Journal of Damage Mechanics. 21, 1, p. 3-25 23 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Determination of the strange-quark density of the proton from ATLAS measurements of the W→ℓν and Z→ℓℓ cross sections

    Aad, G., Abbott, B., Abdallah, J., Abdelalim, A. A., Abdesselam, A., Abdinov, O., Abi, B., Abolins, M., Abouzeid, O. S., Abramowicz, H., Abreu, H., Acerbi, E., Acharya, B. S., Adamczyk, L., Adams, D. L., Addy, T. N., Adelman, J., Aderholz, M., Adomeit, S., Adragna, P. & 3,015 others, Adye, T., Aefsky, S., Aguilar-Saavedra, J. A., Aharrouche, M., Ahlen, S. P., Ahles, F., Ahmad, A., Ahsan, M., Aielli, G., Akdogan, T., Åkesson, T. P. A., Akimoto, G., Akimov, A. V., Akiyama, A., Alam, M. S., Alam, M. A., Albert, J., Albrand, S., Aleksa, M., Aleksandrov, I. N., Alessandria, F., Alexa, C., Alexander, G., Alexandre, G., Alexopoulos, T., Alhroob, M., Aliev, M., Alimonti, G., Alison, J., Aliyev, M., Allbrooke, B. M. M., Allport, P. P., Allwood-Spiers, S. E., Almond, J., Aloisio, A., Alon, R., Alonso, A., Alvarez Gonzalez, B., Alviggi, M. G., Amako, K., Amaral, P., Amelung, C., Ammosov, V. V., Amorim, A., Amorós, G., Amram, N., Anastopoulos, C., Ancu, L. S., Andari, N., Andeen, T., Anders, C. F., Anders, G., Anderson, K. J., Andreazza, A., Andrei, V., Andrieux, M. L., Anduaga, X. S., Angerami, A., Anghinolfi, F., Anisenkov, A., Anjos, N., Annovi, A., Antonaki, A., Antonelli, M., Antonov, A., Antos, J., Anulli, F., Aoun, S., Aperio Bella, L., Apolle, R., Arabidze, G., Aracena, I., Arai, Y., Arce, A. T. H., Arfaoui, S., Arguin, J. F., Arik, E., Arik, M., Armbruster, A. J., Arnaez, O., Arnault, C., Artamonov, A., Artoni, G., Arutinov, D., Asai, S., Asfandiyarov, R., Ask, S., Åsman, B., Asquith, L., Assamagan, K., Astbury, A., Astvatsatourov, A., Aubert, B., Auge, E., Augsten, K., Aurousseau, M., Avolio, G., Avramidou, R., Axen, D., Ay, C., Azuelos, G., Azuma, Y., Baak, M. A., Baccaglioni, G., Bacci, C., Bach, A. M., Bachacou, H., Bachas, K., Backes, M., Backhaus, M., Badescu, E., Bagnaia, P., Bahinipati, S., Bai, Y., Bailey, D. C., Bain, T., Baines, J. T., Baker, O. K., Baker, M. D., Baker, S., Banas, E., Banerjee, P., Banerjee, S., Banfi, D., Bangert, A., Bansal, V., Bansil, H. S., Barak, L., Baranov, S. P., Barashkou, A., Barbaro Galtieri, A., Barber, T., Barberio, E. L., Barberis, D., Barbero, M., Bardin, D. Y., Barillari, T., Barisonzi, M., Barklow, T., Barlow, N., Barnett, B. M., Barnett, R. M., Baroncelli, A., Barone, G., Barr, A. J., Barreiro, F., Barreiro Guimarães Da Costa, J., Barrillon, P., Bartoldus, R., Barton, A. E., Bartsch, V., Bates, R. L., Batkova, L., Batley, J. R., Battaglia, A., Battistin, M., Bauer, F., Bawa, H. S., Beale, S., Beau, T., Beauchemin, P. H., Beccherle, R., Bechtle, P., Beck, H. P., Becker, S., Beckingham, M., Becks, K. H., Beddall, A. J., Beddall, A., Bedikian, S., Bednyakov, V. A., Bee, C. P., Begel, M., Behar Harpaz, S., Behera, P. K., Beimforde, M., Belanger-Champagne, C., Bell, P. J., Bell, W. H., Bella, G., Bellagamba, L., Bellina, F., Bellomo, M., Belloni, A., Beloborodova, O., Belotskiy, K., Beltramello, O., Ben Ami, S., Benary, O., Benchekroun, D., Benchouk, C., Bendel, M., Benekos, N., Benhammou, Y., Benhar Noccioli, E., Benitez Garcia, J. A., Benjamin, D. P., Benoit, M., Bensinger, J. R., Benslama, K., Bentvelsen, S., Berge, D., Bergeaas Kuutmann, E., Berger, N., Berghaus, F., Berglund, E., Beringer, J., Bernat, P., Bernhard, R., Bernius, C., Berry, T., Bertella, C., Bertin, A., Bertinelli, F., Bertolucci, F., Besana, M. I., Besson, N., Bethke, S., Bhimji, W., Bianchi, R. M., Bianco, M., Biebel, O., Bieniek, S. P., Bierwagen, K., Biesiada, J., Biglietti, M., Bilokon, H., Bindi, M., Binet, S., Bingul, A., Bini, C., Biscarat, C., Bitenc, U., Black, K. M., Blair, R. E., Blanchard, J. B., Blanchot, G., Blazek, T., Blocker, C., Blocki, J., Blondel, A., Blum, W., Blumenschein, U., Bobbink, G. J., Bobrovnikov, V. B., Bocchetta, S. S., Bocci, A., Boddy, C. R., Boehler, M., Boek, J., Boelaert, N., Bogaerts, J. A., Bogdanchikov, A., Bogouch, A., Bohm, C., Boisvert, V., Bold, T., Boldea, V., Bolnet, N. M., Bona, M., Bondarenko, V. G., Bondioli, M., Boonekamp, M., Booth, C. N., Bordoni, S., Borer, C., Borisov, A., Borissov, G., Borjanovic, I., Borri, M., Borroni, S., Bortolotto, V., Bos, K., Boscherini, D., Bosman, M., Boterenbrood, H., Botterill, D., Bouchami, J., Boudreau, J., Bouhova-Thacker, E. V., Boumediene, D., Bourdarios, C., Bousson, N., Boveia, A., Boyd, J., Boyko, I. R., Bozhko, N. I., Bozovic-Jelisavcic, I., Bracinik, J., Braem, A., Branchini, P., Brandenburg, G. W., Brandt, A., Brandt, G., Brandt, O., Bratzler, U., Brau, B., Brau, J. E., Braun, H. M., Brelier, B., Bremer, J., Brenner, R., Bressler, S., Britton, D., Brochu, F. M., Brock, I., Brock, R., Brodbeck, T. J., Brodet, E., Broggi, F., Bromberg, C., Bronner, J., Brooijmans, G., Brooks, W. K., Brown, G., Brown, H., Bruckman De Renstrom, P. A., Bruncko, D., Bruneliere, R., Brunet, S., Bruni, A., Bruni, G., Bruschi, M., Buanes, T., Buat, Q., Bucci, F., Buchanan, J., Buchanan, N. J., Buchholz, P., Buckingham, R. M., Buckley, A. G., Buda, S. I., Budagov, I. A., Budick, B., Büscher, V., Bugge, L., Bulekov, O., Bunse, M., Buran, T., Burckhart, H., Burdin, S., Burgess, T., Burke, S., Busato, E., Bussey, P., Buszello, C. P., Butin, F., Butler, B., Butler, J. M., Buttar, C. M., Butterworth, J. M., Buttinger, W., Cabrera Urbán, S., Caforio, D., Cakir, O., Calafiura, P., Calderini, G., Calfayan, P., Calkins, R., Caloba, L. P., Caloi, R., Calvet, D., Calvet, S., Camacho Toro, R., Camarri, P., Cambiaghi, M., Cameron, D., Caminada, L. M., Campana, S., Campanelli, M., Canale, V., Canelli, F., Canepa, A., Cantero, J., Capasso, L., Capeans Garrido, M. D. M., Caprini, I., Caprini, M., Capriotti, D., Capua, M., Caputo, R., Caramarcu, C., Cardarelli, R., Carli, T., Carlino, G., Carminati, L., Caron, B., Caron, S., Carrillo Montoya, G. D., Carter, A. A., Carter, J. R., Carvalho, J., Casadei, D., Casado, M. P., Cascella, M., Caso, C., Castaneda Hernandez, A. M., Castaneda-Miranda, E., Castillo Gimenez, V., Castro, N. F., Cataldi, G., Cataneo, F., Catinaccio, A., Catmore, J. R., Cattai, A., Cattani, G., Caughron, S., Cauz, D., Cavalleri, P., Cavalli, D., Cavalli-Sforza, M., Cavasinni, V., Ceradini, F., Cerqueira, A. S., Cerri, A., Cerrito, L., Cerutti, F., Cetin, S. A., Cevenini, F., Chafaq, A., Chakraborty, D., Chan, K., Chapleau, B., Chapman, J. D., Chapman, J. W., Chareyre, E., Charlton, D. G., Chavda, V., Chavez Barajas, C. A., Cheatham, S., Chekanov, S., Chekulaev, S. V., Chelkov, G. A., Chelstowska, M. A., Chen, C., Chen, H., Chen, S., Chen, T., Chen, X., Cheng, S., Cheplakov, A., Chepurnov, V. F., Cherkaoui El Moursli, R., Chernyatin, V., Cheu, E., Cheung, S. L., Chevalier, L., Chiefari, G., Chikovani, L., Childers, J. T., Chilingarov, A., Chiodini, G., Chisholm, A. S., Chizhov, M. V., Choudalakis, G., Chouridou, S., Christidi, I. A., Christov, A., Chromek-Burckhart, D., Chu, M. L., Chudoba, J., Ciapetti, G., Ciba, K., Ciftci, A. K., Ciftci, R., Cinca, D., Cindro, V., Ciobotaru, M. D., Ciocca, C., Ciocio, A., Cirilli, M., Citterio, M., Ciubancan, M., Clark, A., Clark, P. J., Cleland, W., Clemens, J. C., Clement, B., Clement, C., Clifft, R. W., Coadou, Y., Cobal, M., Coccaro, A., Cochran, J., Coe, P., Cogan, J. G., Coggeshall, J., Cogneras, E., Colas, J., Colijn, A. P., Collins, N. J., Collins-Tooth, C., Collot, J., Colon, G., Conde Muiño, P., Coniavitis, E., Conidi, M. C., Consonni, M., Consorti, V., Constantinescu, S., Conta, C., Conventi, F., Cook, J., Cooke, M., Cooper, B. D., Cooper-Sarkar, A. M., Copic, K., Cornelissen, T., Corradi, M., Corriveau, F., Cortes-Gonzalez, A., Cortiana, G., Costa, G., Costa, M. J., Costanzo, D., Costin, T., Côté, D., Coura Torres, R., Courneyea, L., Cowan, G., Cowden, C., Cox, B. E., Cranmer, K., Crescioli, F., Cristinziani, M., Crosetti, G., Crupi, R., Crépé-Renaudin, S., Cuciuc, C. M., Cuenca Almenar, C., Cuhadar Donszelmann, T., Curatolo, M., Curtis, C. J., Cuthbert, C., Cwetanski, P., Czirr, H., Czodrowski, P., Czyczula, Z., D'auria, S., D'onofrio, M., D'orazio, A., Da Silva, P. V. M., Da Via, C., Dabrowski, W., Dai, T., Dallapiccola, C., Dam, M., Dameri, M., Damiani, D. S., Danielsson, H. O., Dannheim, D., Dao, V., Darbo, G., Darlea, G. L., Davey, W., Davidek, T., Davidson, N., Davidson, R., Davies, E., Davies, M., Davison, A. R., Davygora, Y., Dawe, E., Dawson, I., Dawson, J. W., Daya-Ishmukhametova, R. K., De, K., De Asmundis, R., De Castro, S., De Castro Faria Salgado, P. E., De Cecco, S., De Graat, J., De Groot, N., De Jong, P., De La Taille, C., De La Torre, H., De Lotto, B., De Mora, L., De Nooij, L., De Pedis, D., De Salvo, A., De Sanctis, U., De Santo, A., De Vivie De Regie, J. B., Dean, S., Dearnaley, W. J., Debbe, R., Debenedetti, C., Dedovich, D. V., Degenhardt, J., Dehchar, M., Del Papa, C., Del Peso, J., Del Prete, T., Delemontex, T., Deliyergiyev, M., Dell'acqua, A., Dell'asta, L., Della Pietra, M., Della Volpe, D., Delmastro, M., Delruelle, N., Delsart, P. A., Deluca, C., Demers, S., Demichev, M., Demirkoz, B., Deng, J., Denisov, S. P., Derendarz, D., Derkaoui, J. E., Derue, F., Dervan, P., Desch, K., Devetak, E., Deviveiros, P. O., Dewhurst, A., Dewilde, B., Dhaliwal, S., Dhullipudi, R., Di Ciaccio, A., Di Ciaccio, L., Di Girolamo, A., Di Girolamo, B., Di Luise, S., Di Mattia, A., Di Micco, B., Di Nardo, R., Di Simone, A., Di Sipio, R., Diaz, M. A., Diblen, F., Diehl, E. B., Dietrich, J., Dietzsch, T. A., Diglio, S., Dindar Yagci, K., Dingfelder, J., Dionisi, C., Dita, P., Dita, S., Dittus, F., Djama, F., Djobava, T., Do Vale, M. A. B., Do Valle Wemans, A., Doan, T. K. O., Dobbs, M., Dobinson, R., Dobos, D., Dobson, E., Dodd, J., Doglioni, C., Doherty, T., Doi, Y., Dolejsi, J., Dolenc, I., Dolezal, Z., Dolgoshein, B. A., Dohmae, T., Donadelli, M., Donega, M., Donini, J., Dopke, J., Doria, A., Dos Anjos, A., Dosil, M., Dotti, A., Dova, M. T., Dowell, J. D., Doxiadis, A. D., Doyle, A. T., Drasal, Z., Drees, J., Dressnandt, N., Drevermann, H., Driouichi, C., Dris, M., Dubbert, J., Dube, S., Duchovni, E., Duckeck, G., Dudarev, A., Dudziak, F., Dührssen, M., Duerdoth, I. P., Duflot, L., Dufour, M. A., Dunford, M., Duran Yildiz, H., Duxfield, R., Dwuznik, M., Dydak, F., Düren, M., Ebenstein, W. L., Ebke, J., Eckweiler, S., Edmonds, K., Edwards, C. A., Edwards, N. C., Ehrenfeld, W., Ehrich, T., Eifert, T., Eigen, G., Einsweiler, K., Eisenhandler, E., Ekelof, T., El Kacimi, M., Ellert, M., Elles, S., Ellinghaus, F., Ellis, K., Ellis, N., Elmsheuser, J., Elsing, M., Emeliyanov, D., Engelmann, R., Engl, A., Epp, B., Eppig, A., Erdmann, J., Ereditato, A., Eriksson, D., Ernst, J., Ernst, M., Ernwein, J., Errede, D., Errede, S., Ertel, E., Escalier, M., Escobar, C., Espinal Curull, X., Esposito, B., Etienne, F., Etienvre, A. I., Etzion, E., Evangelakou, D., Evans, H., Fabbri, L., Fabre, C., Fakhrutdinov, R. M., Falciano, S., Fang, Y., Fanti, M., Farbin, A., Farilla, A., Farley, J., Farooque, T., Farrington, S. M., Farthouat, P., Fassnacht, P., Fassouliotis, D., Fatholahzadeh, B., Favareto, A., Fayard, L., Fazio, S., Febbraro, R., Federic, P., Fedin, O. L., Fedorko, W., Fehling-Kaschek, M., Feligioni, L., Fellmann, D., Feng, C., Feng, E. J., Fenyuk, A. B., Ferencei, J., Ferland, J., Fernando, W., Ferrag, S., Ferrando, J., Ferrara, V., Ferrari, A., Ferrari, P., Ferrari, R., Ferreira De Lima, D. E., Ferrer, A., Ferrer, M. L., Ferrere, D., Ferretti, C., Ferretto Parodi, A., Fiascaris, M., Fiedler, F., Filipčič, A., Filippas, A., Filthaut, F., Fincke-Keeler, M., Fiolhais, M. C. N., Fiorini, L., Firan, A., Fischer, G., Fischer, P., Fisher, M. J., Flechl, M., Fleck, I., Fleckner, J., Fleischmann, P., Fleischmann, S., Flick, T., Floderus, A., Flores Castillo, L. R., Flowerdew, M. J., Fokitis, M., Fonseca Martin, T., Forbush, D. A., Formica, A., Forti, A., Fortin, D., Foster, J. M., Fournier, D., Foussat, A., Fowler, A. J., Fowler, K., Fox, H., Francavilla, P., Franchino, S., Francis, D., Frank, T., Franklin, M., Franz, S., Fraternali, M., Fratina, S., French, S. T., Friedrich, F., Froeschl, R., Froidevaux, D., Frost, J. A., Fukunaga, C., Fullana Torregrosa, E., Fuster, J., Gabaldon, C., Gabizon, O., Gadfort, T., Gadomski, S., Gagliardi, G., Gagnon, P., Galea, C., Gallas, E. J., Gallo, V., Gallop, B. J., Gallus, P., Gan, K. K., Gao, Y. S., Gapienko, V. A., Gaponenko, A., Garberson, F., Garcia-Sciveres, M., García, C., García Navarro, J. E., Gardner, R. W., Garelli, N., Garitaonandia, H., Garonne, V., Garvey, J., Gatti, C., Gaudio, G., Gaur, B., Gauthier, L., Gavrilenko, I. L., Gay, C., Gaycken, G., Gayde, J. C., Gazis, E. N., Ge, P., Gee, C. N. P., Geerts, D. A. A., Geich-Gimbel, C., Gellerstedt, K., Gemme, C., Gemmell, A., Genest, M. H., Gentile, S., George, M., George, S., Gerlach, P., Gershon, A., Geweniger, C., Ghazlane, H., Ghodbane, N., Giacobbe, B., Giagu, S., Giakoumopoulou, V., Giangiobbe, V., Gianotti, F., Gibbard, B., Gibson, A., Gibson, S. M., Gilbert, L. M., Gilewsky, V., Gillberg, D., Gillman, A. R., Gingrich, D. M., Ginzburg, J., Giokaris, N., Giordani, M. P., Giordano, R., Giorgi, F. M., Giovannini, P., Giraud, P. F., Giugni, D., Giunta, M., Giusti, P., Gjelsten, B. K., Gladilin, L. K., Glasman, C., Glatzer, J., Glazov, A., Glitza, K. W., Glonti, G. L., Goddard, J. R., Godfrey, J., Godlewski, J., Goebel, M., Göpfert, T., Goeringer, C., Gössling, C., Göttfert, T., Goldfarb, S., Golling, T., Gomes, A., Gomez Fajardo, L. S., Gonçalo, R., Goncalves Pinto Firmino Da Costa, J., Gonella, L., Gonidec, A., Gonzalez, S., González De La Hoz, S., Gonzalez Parra, G., Gonzalez Silva, M. L., Gonzalez-Sevilla, S., Goodson, J. J., Goossens, L., Gorbounov, P. A., Gordon, H. A., Gorelov, I., Gorfine, G., Gorini, B., Gorini, E., Gorišek, A., Gornicki, E., Gorokhov, S. A., Goryachev, V. N., Gosdzik, B., Gosselink, M., Gostkin, M. I., Gough Eschrich, I., Gouighri, M., Goujdami, D., Goulette, M. P., Goussiou, A. G., Goy, C., Gozpinar, S., Grabowska-Bold, I., Grafström, P., Grahn, K. J., Grancagnolo, F., Grancagnolo, S., Grassi, V., Gratchev, V., Grau, N., Gray, H. M., Gray, J. A., Graziani, E., Grebenyuk, O. G., Greenshaw, T., Greenwood, Z. D., Gregersen, K., Gregor, I. M., Grenier, P., Griffiths, J., Grigalashvili, N., Grillo, A. A., Grinstein, S., Grishkevich, Y. V., Grivaz, J. F., Groh, M., Gross, E., Grosse-Knetter, J., Groth-Jensen, J., Grybel, K., Guarino, V. J., Guest, D., Guicheney, C., Guida, A., Guindon, S., Guler, H., Gunther, J., Guo, B., Guo, J., Gupta, A., Gusakov, Y., Gushchin, V. N., Gutierrez, P., Guttman, N., Gutzwiller, O., Guyot, C., Gwenlan, C., Gwilliam, C. B., Haas, A., Haas, S., Haber, C., Hadavand, H. K., Hadley, D. R., Haefner, P., Hahn, F., Haider, S., Hajduk, Z., Hakobyan, H., Hall, D., Haller, J., Hamacher, K., Hamal, P., Hamer, M., Hamilton, A., Hamilton, S., Han, H., Han, L., Hanagaki, K., Hanawa, K., Hance, M., Handel, C., Hanke, P., Hansen, J. R., Hansen, J. B., Hansen, J. D., Hansen, P. H., Hansson, P., Hara, K., Hare, G. A., Harenberg, T., Harkusha, S., Harper, D., Harrington, R. D., Harris, O. M., Harrison, K., Hartert, J., Hartjes, F., Haruyama, T., Harvey, A., Hasegawa, S., Hasegawa, Y., Hassani, S., Hatch, M., Hauff, D., Haug, S., Hauschild, M., Hauser, R., Havranek, M., Hawes, B. M., Hawkes, C. M., Hawkings, R. J., Hawkins, A. D., Hawkins, D., Hayakawa, T., Hayashi, T., Hayden, D., Hayward, H. S., Haywood, S. J., Hazen, E., He, M., Head, S. J., Hedberg, V., Heelan, L., Heim, S., Heinemann, B., Heisterkamp, S., Helary, L., Heller, C., Heller, M., Hellman, S., Hellmich, D., Helsens, C., Henderson, R. C. W., Henke, M., Henrichs, A., Henriques Correia, A. M., Henrot-Versille, S., Henry-Couannier, F., Hensel, C., Henß, T., Hernandez, C. M., Hernández Jiménez, Y., Herrberg, R., Hershenhorn, A. D., Herten, G., Hertenberger, R., Hervas, L., Hesketh, G. G., Hessey, N. P., Higón-Rodriguez, E., Hill, D., Hill, J. C., Hill, N., Hiller, K. H., Hillert, S., Hillier, S. J., Hinchliffe, I., Hines, E., Hirose, M., Hirsch, F., Hirschbuehl, D., Hobbs, J., Hod, N., Hodgkinson, M. C., Hodgson, P., Hoecker, A., Hoeferkamp, M. R., Hoffman, J., Hoffmann, D., Hohlfeld, M., Holder, M., Holmgren, S. O., Holy, T., Holzbauer, J. L., Homma, Y., Hong, T. M., Hooft Van Huysduynen, L., Horazdovsky, T., Horn, C., Horner, S., Hostachy, J. Y., Hou, S., Houlden, M. A., Hoummada, A., Howarth, J., Howell, D. F., Hristova, I., Hrivnac, J., Hruska, I., Hryn'ova, T., Hsu, P. J., Hsu, S. C., Huang, G. S., Hubacek, Z., Hubaut, F., Huegging, F., Huettmann, A., Huffman, T. B., Hughes, E. W., Hughes, G., Hughes-Jones, R. E., Huhtinen, M., Hurst, P., Hurwitz, M., Husemann, U., Huseynov, N., Huston, J., Huth, J., Iacobucci, G., Iakovidis, G., Ibbotson, M., Ibragimov, I., Ichimiya, R., Iconomidou-Fayard, L., Idarraga, J., Iengo, P., Igonkina, O., Ikegami, Y., Ikeno, M., Ilchenko, Y., Iliadis, D., Ilic, N., Imori, M., Ince, T., Inigo-Golfin, J., Ioannou, P., Iodice, M., Ippolito, V., Irles Quiles, A., Isaksson, C., Ishikawa, A., Ishino, M., Ishmukhametov, R., Issever, C., Istin, S., Ivashin, A. V., Iwanski, W., Iwasaki, H., Izen, J. M., Izzo, V., Jackson, B., Jackson, J. N., Jackson, P., Jaekel, M. R., Jain, V., Jakobs, K., Jakobsen, S., Jakubek, J., Jana, D. K., Jankowski, E., Jansen, E., Jansen, H., Jantsch, A., Janus, M., Jarlskog, G., Jeanty, L., Jelen, K., Jen-La Plante, I., Jenni, P., Jeremie, A., Jež, P., Jézéquel, S., Jha, M. K., Ji, H., Ji, W., Jia, J., Jiang, Y., Jimenez Belenguer, M., Jin, G., Jin, S., Jinnouchi, O., Joergensen, M. D., Joffe, D., Johansen, L. G., Johansen, M., Johansson, K. E., Johansson, P., Johnert, S., Johns, K. A., Jon-And, K., Jones, G., Jones, R. W. L., Jones, T. W., Jones, T. J., Jonsson, O., Joram, C., Jorge, P. M., Joseph, J., Jovicevic, J., Jovin, T., Ju, X., Jung, C. A., Jungst, R. M., Juranek, V., Jussel, P., Juste Rozas, A., Kabachenko, V. V., Kabana, S., Kaci, M., Kaczmarska, A., Kadlecik, P., Kado, M., Kagan, H., Kagan, M., Kaiser, S., Kajomovitz, E., Kalinin, S., Kalinovskaya, L. V., Kama, S., Kanaya, N., Kaneda, M., Kaneti, S., Kanno, T., Kantserov, V. A., Kanzaki, J., Kaplan, B., Kapliy, A., Kaplon, J., Kar, D., Karagounis, M., Karagoz, M., Karnevskiy, M., Karr, K., Kartvelishvili, V., Karyukhin, A. N., Kashif, L., Kasieczka, G., Kass, R. D., Kastanas, A., Kataoka, M., Kataoka, Y., Katsoufis, E., Katzy, J., Kaushik, V., Kawagoe, K., Kawamoto, T., Kawamura, G., Kayl, M. S., Kazanin, V. A., Kazarinov, M. Y., Keeler, R., Kehoe, R., Keil, M., Kekelidze, G. D., Kennedy, J., Kenney, C. J., Kenyon, M., Kepka, O., Kerschen, N., Kerševan, B. P., Kersten, S., Kessoku, K., Keung, J., Khalil-Zada, F., Khandanyan, H., Khanov, A., Kharchenko, D., Khodinov, A., Kholodenko, A. G., Khomich, A., Khoo, T. J., Khoriauli, G., Khoroshilov, A., Khovanskiy, N., Khovanskiy, V., Khramov, E., Khubua, J., Kim, H., Kim, M. S., Kim, S. H., Kimura, N., Kind, O., King, B. T., King, M., King, R. S. B., Kirk, J., Kirsch, L. E., Kiryunin, A. E., Kishimoto, T., Kisielewska, D., Kittelmann, T., Kiver, A. M., Kladiva, E., Klaiber-Lodewigs, J., Klein, M., Klein, U., Kleinknecht, K., Klemetti, M., Klier, A., Klimek, P., Klimentov, A., Klingenberg, R., Klinger, J. A., Klinkby, E. B., Klioutchnikova, T., Klok, P. F., Klous, S., Kluge, E. E., Kluge, T., Kluit, P., Kluth, S., Knecht, N. S., Kneringer, E., Knobloch, J., Knoops, E. B. F. G., Knue, A., Ko, B. R., Kobayashi, T., Kobel, M., Kocian, M., Kodys, P., Köneke, K., König, A. C., Koenig, S., Köpke, L., Koetsveld, F., Koevesarki, P., Koffas, T., Koffeman, E., Kogan, L. A., Kohn, F., Kohout, Z., Kohriki, T., Koi, T., Kokott, T., Kolachev, G. M., Kolanoski, H., Kolesnikov, V., Koletsou, I., Koll, J., Kollefrath, M., Kolya, S. D., Komar, A. A., Komori, Y., Kondo, T., Kono, T., Kononov, A. I., Konoplich, R., Konstantinidis, N., Kootz, A., Koperny, S., Korcyl, K., Kordas, K., Koreshev, V., Korn, A., Korol, A., Korolkov, I., Korolkova, E. V., Korotkov, V. A., Kortner, O., Kortner, S., Kostyukhin, V. V., Kotamäki, M. J., Kotov, S., Kotov, V. M., Kotwal, A., Kourkoumelis, C., Kouskoura, V., Koutsman, A., Kowalewski, R., Kowalski, T. Z., Kozanecki, W., Kozhin, A. S., Kral, V., Kramarenko, V. A., Kramberger, G., Krasny, M. W., Krasznahorkay, A., Kraus, J., Kraus, J. K., Kreisel, A., Krejci, F., Kretzschmar, J., Krieger, N., Krieger, P., Kroeninger, K., Kroha, H., Kroll, J., Kroseberg, J., Krstic, J., Kruchonak, U., Krüger, H., Kruker, T., Krumnack, N., Krumshteyn, Z. V., Kruth, A., Kubota, T., Kuday, S., Kuehn, S., Kugel, A., Kuhl, T., Kuhn, D., Kukhtin, V., Kulchitsky, Y., Kuleshov, S., Kummer, C., Kuna, M., Kundu, N., Kunkle, J., Kupco, A., Kurashige, H., Kurata, M., Kurochkin, Y. A., Kus, V., Kuwertz, E. S., Kuze, M., Kvita, J., Kwee, R., La Rosa, A., La Rotonda, L., Labarga, L., Labbe, J., Lablak, S., Lacasta, C., Lacava, F., Lacker, H., Lacour, D., Lacuesta, V. R., Ladygin, E., Lafaye, R., Laforge, B., Lagouri, T., Lai, S., Laisne, E., Lamanna, M., Lampen, C. L., Lampl, W., Lancon, E., Landgraf, U., Landon, M. P. J., Lane, J. L., Lange, C., Lankford, A. J., Lanni, F., Lantzsch, K., Laplace, S., Lapoire, C., Laporte, J. F., Lari, T., Larionov, A. V., Larner, A., Lasseur, C., Lassnig, M., Laurelli, P., Lavorini, V., Lavrijsen, W., Laycock, P., Lazarev, A. B., Le Dortz, O., Le Guirriec, E., Le Maner, C., Le Menedeu, E., Lebel, C., Lecompte, T., Ledroit-Guillon, F., Lee, H., Lee, J. S. H., Lee, S. C., Lee, L., Lefebvre, M., Legendre, M., Leger, A., Legeyt, B. C., Legger, F., Leggett, C., Lehmacher, M., Lehmann Miotto, G., Lei, X., Leite, M. A. L., Leitner, R., Lellouch, D., Leltchouk, M., Lemmer, B., Lendermann, V., Leney, K. J. C., Lenz, T., Lenzen, G., Lenzi, B., Leonhardt, K., Leontsinis, S., Leroy, C., Lessard, J. R., Lesser, J., Lester, C. G., Leung Fook Cheong, A., Levêque, J., Levin, D., Levinson, L. J., Levitski, M. S., Lewis, A., Lewis, G. H., Leyko, A. M., Leyton, M., Li, B., Li, H., Li, S., Li, X., Liang, Z., Liao, H., Liberti, B., Lichard, P., Lichtnecker, M., Lie, K., Liebig, W., Lifshitz, R., Limbach, C., Limosani, A., Limper, M., Lin, S. C., Linde, F., Linnemann, J. T., Lipeles, E., Lipinsky, L., Lipniacka, A., Liss, T. M., Lissauer, D., Lister, A., Litke, A. M., Liu, C., Liu, D., Liu, H., Liu, J. B., Liu, M., Liu, Y., Livan, M., Livermore, S. S. A., Lleres, A., Llorente Merino, J., Lloyd, S. L., Lobodzinska, E., Loch, P., Lockman, W. S., Loddenkoetter, T., Loebinger, F. K., Loginov, A., Loh, C. W., Lohse, T., Lohwasser, K., Lokajicek, M., Loken, J., Lombardo, V. P., Long, R. E., Lopes, L., Lopez Mateos, D., Lorenz, J., Lorenzo Martinez, N., Losada, M., Loscutoff, P., Lo Sterzo, F., Losty, M. J., Lou, X., Lounis, A., Loureiro, K. F., Love, J., Love, P. A., Lowe, A. J., Lu, F., Lubatti, H. J., Luci, C., Lucotte, A., Ludwig, A., Ludwig, D., Ludwig, I., Ludwig, J., Luehring, F., Luijckx, G., Lumb, D., Luminari, L., Lund, E., Lund-Jensen, B., Lundberg, B., Lundberg, J., Lundquist, J., Lungwitz, M., Lutz, G., Lynn, D., Lys, J., Lytken, E., Ma, H., Ma, L. L., Macana Goia, J. A., Maccarrone, G., Macchiolo, A., Maček, B., Machado Miguens, J., Mackeprang, R., Madaras, R. J., Mader, W. F., Maenner, R., Maeno, T., Mättig, P., Mättig, S., Magnoni, L., Magradze, E., Mahalalel, Y., Mahboubi, K., Mahout, G., Maiani, C., Maidantchik, C., Maio, A., Majewski, S., Makida, Y., Makovec, N., Mal, P., Malaescu, B., Malecki, P., Malecki, P., Maleev, V. P., Malek, F., Mallik, U., Malon, D., Malone, C., Maltezos, S., Malyshev, V., Malyukov, S., Mameghani, R., Mamuzic, J., Manabe, A., Mandelli, L., Mandić, I., Mandrysch, R., Maneira, J., Mangeard, P. S., Manhaes De Andrade Filho, L., Manjavidze, I. D., Mann, A., Manning, P. M., Manousakis-Katsikakis, A., Mansoulie, B., Manz, A., Mapelli, A., Mapelli, L., March, L., Marchand, J. F., Marchese, F., Marchiori, G., Marcisovsky, M., Marino, C. P., Marroquim, F., Marshall, R., Marshall, Z., Martens, F. K., Marti-Garcia, S., Martin, A. J., Martin, B., Martin, B., Martin, F. F., Martin, J. P., Martin, P., Martin, T. A., Martin, V. J., Martin Dit Latour, B., Martin-Haugh, S., Martinez, M., Martinez Outschoorn, V., Martyniuk, A. C., Marx, M., Marzano, F., Marzin, A., Masetti, L., Mashimo, T., Mashinistov, R., Masik, J., Maslennikov, A. L., Massa, I., Massaro, G., Massol, N., Mastrandrea, P., Mastroberardino, A., Masubuchi, T., Matricon, P., Matsumoto, H., Matsunaga, H., Matsushita, T., Mattravers, C., Maugain, J. M., Maurer, J., Maxfield, S. J., Maximov, D. A., May, E. N., Mayne, A., Mazini, R., Mazur, M., Mazzanti, M., Mc Kee, S. P., Mccarn, A., Mccarthy, R. L., Mccarthy, T. G., Mccubbin, N. A., Mcfarlane, K. W., Mcfayden, J. A., Mcglone, H., Mchedlidze, G., Mclaren, R. A., Mclaughlan, T., Mcmahon, S. J., Mcpherson, R. A., Meade, A., Mechnich, J., Mechtel, M., Medinnis, M., Meera-Lebbai, R., Meguro, T., Mehdiyev, R., Mehlhase, S., Mehta, A., Meier, K., Meirose, B., Melachrinos, C., Mellado Garcia, B. R., Mendoza Navas, L., Meng, Z., Mengarelli, A., Menke, S., Menot, C., Meoni, E., Mercurio, K. M., Mermod, P., Merola, L., Meroni, C., Merritt, F. S., Merritt, H., Messina, A., Metcalfe, J., Mete, A. S., Meyer, C., Meyer, C., Meyer, J. P., Meyer, J., Meyer, J., Meyer, T. C., Meyer, W. T., Miao, J., Michal, S., Micu, L., Middleton, R. P., Migas, S., Mijović, L., Mikenberg, G., Mikestikova, M., Mikuž, M., Miller, D. W., Miller, R. J., Mills, W. J., Mills, C., Milov, A., Milstead, D. A., Milstein, D., Minaenko, A. A., Miñano Moya, M., Minashvili, I. A., Mincer, A. I., Mindur, B., Mineev, M., Ming, Y., Mir, L. M., Mirabelli, G., Miralles Verge, L., Misiejuk, A., Mitrevski, J., Mitrofanov, G. Y., Mitsou, V. A., Mitsui, S., Miyagawa, P. S., Miyazaki, K., Mjörnmark, J. U., Moa, T., Mockett, P., Moed, S., Moeller, V., Mönig, K., Möser, N., Mohapatra, S., Mohr, W., Mohrdieck-Möck, S., Moisseev, A. M., Moles-Valls, R., Molina-Perez, J., Monk, J., Monnier, E., Montesano, S., Monticelli, F., Monzani, S., Moore, R. W., Moorhead, G. F., Mora Herrera, C., Moraes, A., Morange, N., Morel, J., Morello, G., Moreno, D., Moreno Llácer, M., Morettini, P., Morgenstern, M., Morii, M., Morin, J., Morley, A. K., Mornacchi, G., Morozov, S. V., Morris, J. D., Morvaj, L., Moser, H. G., Mosidze, M., Moss, J., Mount, R., Mountricha, E., Mouraviev, S. V., Moyse, E. J. W., Mudrinic, M., Mueller, F., Mueller, J., Mueller, K., Müller, T. A., Mueller, T., Muenstermann, D., Muir, A., Munwes, Y., Murray, W. J., Mussche, I., Musto, E., Myagkov, A. G., Myska, M., Nadal, J., Nagai, K., Nagano, K., Nagarkar, A., Nagasaka, Y., Nagel, M., Nairz, A. M., Nakahama, Y., Nakamura, K., Nakamura, T., Nakano, I., Nanava, G., Napier, A., Narayan, R., Nash, M., Nation, N. R., Nattermann, T., Naumann, T., Navarro, G., Neal, H. A., Nebot, E., Nechaeva, P. Y., Neep, T. J., Negri, A., Negri, G., Nektarijevic, S., Nelson, A., Nelson, S., Nelson, T. K., Nemecek, S., Nemethy, P., Nepomuceno, A. A., Nessi, M., Neubauer, M. S., Neusiedl, A., Neves, R. M., Nevski, P., Newman, P. R., Nguyen Thi Hong, V., Nickerson, R. B., Nicolaidou, R., Nicolas, L., Nicquevert, B., Niedercorn, F., Nielsen, J., Niinikoski, T., Nikiforou, N., Nikiforov, A., Nikolaenko, V., Nikolaev, K., Nikolic-Audit, I., Nikolics, K., Nikolopoulos, K., Nilsen, H., Nilsson, P., Ninomiya, Y., Nisati, A., Nishiyama, T., Nisius, R., Nodulman, L., Nomachi, M., Nomidis, I., Nordberg, M., Nordkvist, B., Norton, P. R., Novakova, J., Nozaki, M., Nozka, L., Nugent, I. M., Nuncio-Quiroz, A. E., Nunes Hanninger, G., Nunnemann, T., Nurse, E., O'brien, B. J., O'neale, S. W., O'neil, D. C., O'shea, V., Oakes, L. B., Oakham, F. G., Oberlack, H., Ocariz, J., Ochi, A., Oda, S., Odaka, S., Odier, J., Ogren, H., Oh, A., Oh, S. H., Ohm, C. C., Ohshima, T., Ohshita, H., Ohsugi, T., Okada, S., Okawa, H., Okumura, Y., Okuyama, T., Olariu, A., Olcese, M., Olchevski, A. G., Olivares Pino, S. A., Oliveira, M., Oliveira Damazio, D., Oliver Garcia, E., Olivito, D., Olszewski, A., Olszowska, J., Omachi, C., Onofre, A., Onyisi, P. U. E., Oram, C. J., Oreglia, M. J., Oren, Y., Orestano, D., Orlov, I., Oropeza Barrera, C., Orr, R. S., Osculati, B., Ospanov, R., Osuna, C., Otero Y Garzon, G., Ottersbach, J. P., Ouchrif, M., Ouellette, E. A., Ould-Saada, F., Ouraou, A., Ouyang, Q., Ovcharova, A., Owen, M., Owen, S., Ozcan, V. E., Ozturk, N., Pacheco Pages, A., Padilla Aranda, C., Pagan Griso, S., Paganis, E., Paige, F., Pais, P., Pajchel, K., Palacino, G., Paleari, C. P., Palestini, S., Pallin, D., Palma, A., Palmer, J. D., Pan, Y. B., Panagiotopoulou, E., Panes, B., Panikashvili, N., Panitkin, S., Pantea, D., Panuskova, M., Paolone, V., Papadelis, A., Papadopoulou, T. D., Paramonov, A., Paredes Hernandez, D., Park, W., Parker, M. A., Parodi, F., Parsons, J. A., Parzefall, U., Pasqualucci, E., Passaggio, S., Passeri, A., Pastore, F., Pastore, F., Pásztor, G., Pataraia, S., Patel, N., Pater, J. R., Patricelli, S., Pauly, T., Pecsy, M., Pedraza Morales, M. I., Peleganchuk, S. V., Peng, H., Pengo, R., Penning, B., Penson, A., Penwell, J., Perantoni, M., Perez, K., Perez Cavalcanti, T., Perez Codina, E., Pérez García-Estañ, M. T., Perez Reale, V., Perini, L., Pernegger, H., Perrino, R., Perrodo, P., Persembe, S., Perus, A., Peshekhonov, V. D., Peters, K., Petersen, B. A., Petersen, J., Petersen, T. C., Petit, E., Petridis, A., Petridou, C., Petrolo, E., Petrucci, F., Petschull, D., Petteni, M., Pezoa, R., Phan, A., Phillips, P. W., Piacquadio, G., Picazio, A., Piccaro, E., Piccinini, M., Piec, S. M., Piegaia, R., Pignotti, D. T., Pilcher, J. E., Pilkington, A. D., Pina, J., Pinamonti, M., Pinder, A., Pinfold, J. L., Ping, J., Pinto, B., Pirotte, O., Pizio, C., Plamondon, M., Pleier, M. A., Pleskach, A. V., Poblaguev, A., Poddar, S., Podlyski, F., Poggioli, L., Poghosyan, T., Pohl, M., Polci, F., Polesello, G., Policicchio, A., Polini, A., Poll, J., Polychronakos, V., Pomarede, D. M., Pomeroy, D., Pommès, K., Pontecorvo, L., Pope, B. G., Popeneciu, G. A., Popovic, D. S., Poppleton, A., Portell Bueso, X., Posch, C., Pospelov, G. E., Pospisil, S., Potrap, I. N., Potter, C. J., Potter, C. T., Poulard, G., Poveda, J., Pozdnyakov, V., Prabhu, R., Pralavorio, P., Pranko, A., Prasad, S., Pravahan, R., Prell, S., Pretzl, K., Pribyl, L., Price, D., Price, J., Price, L. E., Price, M. J., Prieur, D., Primavera, M., Prokofiev, K., Prokoshin, F., Protopopescu, S., Proudfoot, J., Prudent, X., Przybycien, M., Przysiezniak, H., Psoroulas, S., Ptacek, E., Pueschel, E., Purdham, J., Purohit, M., Puzo, P., Pylypchenko, Y., Qian, J., Qian, Z., Qin, Z., Quadt, A., Quarrie, D. R., Quayle, W. B., Quinonez, F., Raas, M., Radescu, V., Radics, B., Radloff, P., Rador, T., Ragusa, F., Rahal, G., Rahimi, A. M., Rahm, D., Rajagopalan, S., Rammensee, M., Rammes, M., Randle-Conde, A. S., Randrianarivony, K., Ratoff, P. N., Rauscher, F., Rave, T. C., Raymond, M., Read, A. L., Rebuzzi, D. M., Redelbach, A., Redlinger, G., Reece, R., Reeves, K., Reichold, A., Reinherz-Aronis, E., Reinsch, A., Reisinger, I., Rembser, C., Ren, Z. L., Renaud, A., Rescigno, M., Resconi, S., Resende, B., Reznicek, P., Rezvani, R., Richards, A., Richter, R., Richter-Was, E., Ridel, M., Rijpstra, M., Rijssenbeek, M., Rimoldi, A., Rinaldi, L., Rios, R. R., Riu, I., Rivoltella, G., Rizatdinova, F., Rizvi, E., Robertson, S. H., Robichaud-Veronneau, A., Robinson, D., Robinson, J. E. M., Robson, A., Rocha De Lima, J. G., Roda, C., Roda Dos Santos, D., Rodriguez, D., Roe, A., Roe, S., Røhne, O., Rojo, V., Rolli, S., Romaniouk, A., Romano, M., Romanov, V. M., Romeo, G., Romero Adam, E., Roos, L., Ros, E., Rosati, S., Rosbach, K., Rose, A., Rose, M., Rosenbaum, G. A., Rosenberg, E. I., Rosendahl, P. L., Rosenthal, O., Rosselet, L., Rossetti, V., Rossi, E., Rossi, L. P., Rotaru, M., Roth, I., Rothberg, J., Rousseau, D., Royon, C. R., Rozanov, A., Rozen, Y., Ruan, X., Rubinskiy, I., Ruckert, B., Ruckstuhl, N., Rud, V. I., Rudolph, C., Rudolph, G., Rühr, F., Ruggieri, F., Ruiz-Martinez, A., Rumiantsev, V., Rumyantsev, L., Runge, K., Rurikova, Z., Rusakovich, N. A., Rutherfoord, J. P., Ruwiedel, C., Ruzicka, P., Ryabov, Y. F., Ryadovikov, V., Ryan, P., Rybar, M., Rybkin, G., Ryder, N. C., Rzaeva, S., Saavedra, A. F., Sadeh, I., Sadrozinski, H. F. W., Sadykov, R., Safai Tehrani, F., Sakamoto, H., Salamanna, G., Salamon, A., Saleem, M., Salihagic, D., Salnikov, A., Salt, J., Salvachua Ferrando, B. M., Salvatore, D., Salvatore, F., Salvucci, A., Salzburger, A., Sampsonidis, D., Samset, B. H., Sanchez, A., Sanchez Martinez, V., Sandaker, H., Sander, H. G., Sanders, M. P., Sandhoff, M., Sandoval, T., Sandoval, C., Sandstroem, R., Sandvoss, S., Sankey, D. P. C., Sansoni, A., Santamarina Rios, C., Santoni, C., Santonico, R., Santos, H., Sapronov, A., Saraiva, J. G., Sarangi, T., Sarkisyan-Grinbaum, E., Sarri, F., Sartisohn, G., Sasaki, O., Sasao, N., Satsounkevitch, I., Sauvage, G., Sauvan, E., Sauvan, J. B., Savard, P., Savinov, V., Savu, D. O., Sawyer, L., Saxon, D. H., Says, L. P., Sbarra, C., Sbrizzi, A., Scallon, O., Scannicchio, D. A., Scarcella, M., Schaarschmidt, J., Schacht, P., Schäfer, U., Schaepe, S., Schaetzel, S., Schaffer, A. C., Schaile, D., Schamberger, R. D., Schamov, A. G., Scharf, V., Schegelsky, V. A., Scheirich, D., Schernau, M., Scherzer, M. I., Schiavi, C., Schieck, J., Schioppa, M., Schlenker, S., Schlereth, J. L., Schmidt, E., Schmieden, K., Schmitt, C., Schmitt, S., Schmitz, M., Schöning, A., Schott, M., Schouten, D., Schovancova, J., Schram, M., Schroeder, C., Schroer, N., Schuler, G., Schultens, M. J., Schultes, J., Schultz-Coulon, H. C., Schulz, H., Schumacher, J. W., Schumacher, M., Schumm, B. A., Schune, P., Schwanenberger, C., Schwartzman, A., Schwemling, P., Schwienhorst, R., Schwierz, R., Schwindling, J., Schwindt, T., Schwoerer, M., Scott, W. G., Searcy, J., Sedov, G., Sedykh, E., Segura, E., Seidel, S. C., Seiden, A., Seifert, F., Seixas, J. M., Sekhniaidze, G., Selbach, K. E., Seliverstov, D. M., Sellden, B., Sellers, G., Seman, M., Semprini-Cesari, N., Serfon, C., Serin, L., Serkin, L., Seuster, R., Severini, H., Sevior, M. E., Sfyrla, A., Shabalina, E., Shamim, M., Shan, L. Y., Shank, J. T., Shao, Q. T., Shapiro, M., Shatalov, P. B., Shaver, L., Shaw, K., Sherman, D., Sherwood, P., Shibata, A., Shichi, H., Shimizu, S., Shimojima, M., Shin, T., Shiyakova, M., Shmeleva, A., Shochet, M. J., Short, D., Shrestha, S., Shulga, E., Shupe, M. A., Sicho, P., Sidoti, A., Siegert, F., Sijacki, D., Silbert, O., Silva, J., Silver, Y., Silverstein, D., Silverstein, S. B., Simak, V., Simard, O., Simic, L., Simion, S., Simmons, B., Simonyan, M., Sinervo, P., Sinev, N. B., Sipica, V., Siragusa, G., Sircar, A., Sisakyan, A. N., Sivoklokov, S. Y., Sjölin, J., Sjursen, T. B., Skinnari, L. A., Skottowe, H. P., Skovpen, K., Skubic, P., Skvorodnev, N., Slater, M., Slavicek, T., Sliwa, K., Sloper, J., Smakhtin, V., Smart, B. H., Smirnov, S. Y., Smirnov, Y., Smirnova, L. N., Smirnova, O., Smith, B. C., Smith, D., Smith, K. M., Smizanska, M., Smolek, K., Snesarev, A. A., Snow, S. W., Snow, J., Snuverink, J., Snyder, S., Soares, M., Sobie, R., Sodomka, J., Soffer, A., Solans, C. A., Solar, M., Solc, J., Soldatov, E., Soldevila, U., Solfaroli Camillocci, E., Solodkov, A. A., Solovyanov, O. V., Soni, N., Sopko, V., Sopko, B., Sosebee, M., Soualah, R., Soukharev, A., Spagnolo, S., Spanò, F., Spighi, R., Spigo, G., Spila, F., Spiwoks, R., Spousta, M., Spreitzer, T., Spurlock, B., St. Denis, R. D., Stahlman, J., Stamen, R., Stanecka, E., Stanek, R. W., Stanescu, C., Stapnes, S., Starchenko, E. A., Stark, J., Staroba, P., Starovoitov, P., Staude, A., Stavina, P., Steele, G., Steinbach, P., Steinberg, P., Stekl, I., Stelzer, B., Stelzer, H. J., Stelzer-Chilton, O., Stenzel, H., Stern, S., Stevenson, K., Stewart, G. A., Stillings, J. A., Stockton, M. C., Stoerig, K., Stoicea, G., Stonjek, S., Strachota, P., Stradling, A. R., Straessner, A., Strandberg, J., Strandberg, S., Strandlie, A., Strang, M., Strauss, E., Strauss, M., Strizenec, P., Ströhmer, R., Strom, D. M., Strong, J. A., Stroynowski, R., Strube, J., Stugu, B., Stumer, I., Stupak, J., Sturm, P., Styles, N. A., Soh, D. A., Su, D., Subramania, H. S., Succurro, A., Sugaya, Y., Sugimoto, T., Suhr, C., Suita, K., Suk, M., Sulin, V. V., Sultansoy, S., Sumida, T., Sun, X., Sundermann, J. E., Suruliz, K., Sushkov, S., Susinno, G., Sutton, M. R., Suzuki, Y., Suzuki, Y., Svatos, M., Sviridov, Y. M., Swedish, S., Sykora, I., Sykora, T., Szeless, B., Sánchez, J., Ta, D., Tackmann, K., Taffard, A., Tafirout, R., Taiblum, N., Takahashi, Y., Takai, H., Takashima, R., Takeda, H., Takeshita, T., Takubo, Y., Talby, M., Talyshev, A., Tamsett, M. C., Tanaka, J., Tanaka, R., Tanaka, S., Tanaka, S., Tanaka, Y., Tanasijczuk, A. J., Tani, K., Tannoury, N., Tappern, G. P., Tapprogge, S., Tardif, D., Tarem, S., Tarrade, F., Tartarelli, G. F., Tas, P., Tasevsky, M., Tassi, E., Tatarkhanov, M., Tayalati, Y., Taylor, C., Taylor, F. E., Taylor, G. N., Taylor, W., Teinturier, M., Teixeira Dias Castanheira, M., Teixeira-Dias, P., Temming, K. K., Ten Kate, H., Teng, P. K., Terada, S., Terashi, K., Terron, J., Testa, M., Teuscher, R. J., Thadome, J., Therhaag, J., Theveneaux-Pelzer, T., Thioye, M., Thoma, S., Thomas, J. P., Thompson, E. N., Thompson, P. D., Thompson, P. D., Thompson, A. S., Thomsen, L. A., Thomson, E., Thomson, M., Thun, R. P., Tian, F., Tibbetts, M. J., Tic, T., Tikhomirov, V. O., Tikhonov, Y. A., Timoshenko, S., Tipton, P., Tique Aires Viegas, F. J., Tisserant, S., Toczek, B., Todorov, T., Todorova-Nova, S., Toggerson, B., Tojo, J., Tokár, S., Tokunaga, K., Tokushuku, K., Tollefson, K., Tomoto, M., Tompkins, L., Toms, K., Tong, G., Tonoyan, A., Topfel, C., Topilin, N. D., Torchiani, I., Torrence, E., Torres, H., Torró Pastor, E., Toth, J., Touchard, F., Tovey, D. R., Trefzger, T., Tremblet, L., Tricoli, A., Trigger, I. M., Trincaz-Duvoid, S., Trinh, T. N., Tripiana, M. F., Trischuk, W., Trivedi, A., Trocmé, B., Troncon, C., Trottier-Mcdonald, M., Trzebinski, M., Trzupek, A., Tsarouchas, C., Tseng, J. C. L., Tsiakiris, M., Tsiareshka, P. V., Tsionou, D., Tsipolitis, G., Tsiskaridze, V., Tskhadadze, E. G., Tsukerman, I. I., Tsulaia, V., Tsung, J. W., Tsuno, S., Tsybychev, D., Tua, A., Tudorache, A., Tudorache, V., Tuggle, J. M., Turala, M., Turecek, D., Turk Cakir, I., Turlay, E., Turra, R., Tuts, P. 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