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  • 2014

    Consensus control of a class of nonlinear systems with communication time delay

    Sheng, J., Shao, C., Ding, Z. & Ji, H., 2014, 2014 American Control Conference, ACC 2014. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., p. 819-824 6 p. 6858732

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Consensus in organizations: Hunting for the social choice conundrum in APA elections

    Popov, S. V., Popova, A. & Regenwetter, M., 2014, In: Decision. 1, 2, p. 123-146 24 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Consensus with ternary messages

    Olshevsky, A., 2014, In: SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization. 52, 2, p. 987-1009 23 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Consequences of perinatal bisphenol A exposure in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis

    Brinkmeyer-Langford, C., Rodrigues, A., Kochan, K. J., Haney, R., Rassu, F., Steelman, A. J., Young, C., Riggs, P., Storts, R., Meagher, M. W. & Welsh, C. J., Feb 2014, In: Autoimmunity. 47, 1, p. 57-66 10 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Conservation and management of polytypic species: The little striped whiptail complex (Aspidoscelis inornata) as a case study

    Sullivan, B. K., Douglas, M. R., Walker, J. M., Cordes, J. E., Davis, M. A., Anthonysamy, W. J. B., Sullivan, K. O. & Douglas, M. E., Dec 1 2014, In: Copeia. 2014, 3, p. 519-529 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Conservation assessment and habitat notes for three rare Alabama crayfishes: Cambarus Cracens, Cambarus Scotti, and Cambarus Unestami

    Kilburn, S. L., Taylor, C. A. & Schuster, G. A., Jan 2014, In: Southeastern Naturalist. 13, 1, p. 108-118 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Conserved male-specific cuticular hydrocarbon patterns in the trap-jaw ant Odontomachus brunneus

    Smith, A. A., Vanderpool, W., Millar, J. G., Hanks, L. M. & Suarez, A., Feb 1 2014, In: Chemoecology. 24, 1, p. 29-34 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Considerations on an approach for establishing a framework for bioactive food components

    Ellwood, K., Balentine, D. A., Dwyer, J. T., Erdman, J. W., Courtney Gaine, P. & Kwik-Uribe, C. L., 2014, In: Advances in Nutrition. 5, 6, p. 693-701 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

  • Consistent binary classification with generalized performance metrics

    Koyejo, O., Natarajan, N., Ravikumar, P. & Dhillon, I. S., 2014, In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. 3, January, p. 2744-2752 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review

  • Consolidation of soils

    Mesri, G. & Feng, T. W., 2014, In: Geotechnical Special Publication. 233, p. 322-337 16 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Constant factor Lasserre integrality gaps for graph partitioning problems

    Guruswami, V., Sinop, A. K. & Zhou, Y., Jan 1 2014, In: SIAM Journal on Optimization. 24, 4, p. 1698-1717 20 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Constant rank bimatrix games are PPAD-hard

    Mehta, R., 2014, STOC 2014 - Proceedings of the 2014 ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing. Association for Computing Machinery, p. 545-554 10 p. (Proceedings of the Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Constants of motion in stationary axisymmetric gravitational fields

    Markakis, C., Jun 2014, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 441, 4, p. 2974-2985 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
  • Constant subblock composition codes for simultaneous energy and information transfer

    Tandon, A., Motani, M. & Varshney, L. R., Dec 8 2014, 2014 11th Annual IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication, and Networking Workshops, SECON Workshops 2014. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., p. 45-50 6 p. 6979704. (2014 11th Annual IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communication, and Networking Workshops, SECON Workshops 2014).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Constitutional prognostication: Does anybody knows anything?

    Hyman, D. A., Jan 1 2014, In: University of Illinois Law Review. 2014, 4, p. 1279-1292 14 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

  • Constrained discrete-time state-dependent Riccati equation control for decentralized multi-agent systems

    Chang, I., Bentsman, J., Park, S. Y. & Park, C., Jan 1 2014, Astrodynamics 2013 - Advances in the Astronautical Sciences: Proceedings of the AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference. Univelt Inc., p. 3191-3210 20 p. (Advances in the Astronautical Sciences; vol. 150).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Constrained orbital intercept-evasion

    Zatezalo, A., Stipanovic, D. M., Mehra, R. K. & Pham, K., Jan 1 2014, Sensors and Systems for Space Applications VII. SPIE, 90850E. (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; vol. 9085).

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  • Constraining Cretaceous subduction polarity in eastern Pacific from seismic tomography and geodynamic modeling

    Liu, L., Nov 28 2014, In: Geophysical Research Letters. 41, 22, p. 8029-8036 8 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Constraints and time lags for recovery of a keystone species (Dipodomys spectabilis) after landscape restoration

    Cosentino, B. J., Schooley, R. L., Bestelmeyer, B. T., Kelly, J. F. & Coffman, J. M., Apr 2014, In: Landscape Ecology. 29, 4, p. 665-675 11 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Constraints on cosmology from the cosmic microwave background power spectrum of the 2500 deg2 SPT-SZ survey

    Hou, Z., Reichardt, C. L., Story, K. T., Follin, B., Keisler, R., Aird, K. A., Benson, B. A., Bleem, L. E., Carlstrom, J. E., Chang, C. L., Cho, H. M., Crawford, T. M., Crites, A. T., De Haan, T., De Putter, R., Dobbs, M. A., Dodelson, S., Dudley, J., George, E. M., Halverson, N. W. & 32 others, Holder, G. P., Holzapfel, W. L., Hoover, S., Hrubes, J. D., Joy, M., Knox, L., Lee, A. T., Leitch, E. M., Lueker, M., Luong-Van, D., McMahon, J. J., Mehl, J., Meyer, S. S., Millea, M., Mohr, J. J., Montroy, T. E., Padin, S., Plagge, T., Pryke, C., Ruhl, J. E., Sayre, J. T., Schaffer, K. K., Shaw, L., Shirokoff, E., Spieler, H. G., Staniszewski, Z., Stark, A. A., Van Engelen, A., Vanderlinde, K., Vieira, J. D., Williamson, R. & Zahn, O., Feb 20 2014, In: Astrophysical Journal. 782, 2, 74.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Constraints on Einstein-Æther theory and Hořava gravity from binary pulsar observations

    Yagi, K., Blas, D., Barausse, E. & Yunes, N., Apr 24 2014, In: Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology. 89, 8, 084067.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Constraints on the CMB temperature evolution using multiband measurements of the sunyaev-zel'dovich effect with the south pole telescope

    Saro, A., Liu, J., Mohr, J. J., Aird, K. A., Ashby, M. L. N., Bayliss, M., Benson, B. A., Bleem, L. E., Bocquet, S., Brodwin, M., Carlstrom, J. E., Chang, C. L., Chiu, I., Cho, H. M., Clocchiatti, A., Crawford, T. M., Crites, A. T., de Haan, T., Desai, S., Dietrich, J. P. & 52 others, Dobbs, M. A., Dolag, K., Dudley, J. P., Foley, R. J., Gangkofner, D., George, E. M., Gladders, M. D., Gonzalez, A. H., Halverson, N. W., Hennig, C., Hlavacek-Larrondo, J., Holzapfel, W. L., Hrubes, J. D., Jones, C., Keisler, R., Lee, A. T., Leitch, E. M., Lueker, M., Luong-Van, D., Mantz, A., Marrone, D. P., McDonald, M., McMahon, J. J., Mehl, J., Meyer, S. S., Mocanu, L., Montroy, T. E., Murray, S. S., Nurgaliev, D., Padin, S., Patej, A., Pryke, C., Reichardt, C. L., Rest, A., Ruel, J., Ruhl, J. E., Saliwanchik, B. R., Sayre, J. T., Schaffer, K. K., Shirokoff, E., Spieler, H. G., Stalder, B., Staniszewski, Z., Stark, A. A., Story, K., van Engelen, A., Vanderlinde, K., Vieira, J. D., Vikhlinin, A., Williamson, R., Zahn, O. & Zenteno, A., May 2014, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 440, 3, p. 2610-2615 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Constraints on the Higgs boson width from off-shell production and decay to Z-boson pairs

    Khachatryan, V., Sirunyan, A. M., Tumasyan, A., Adam, W., Bergauer, T., Dragicevic, M., Erö, J., Fabjan, C., Friedl, M., Frühwirth, R., Ghete, V. M., Hartl, C., Hörmann, N., Hrubec, J., Jeitler, M., Kiesenhofer, W., Knünz, V., Krammer, M., Krätschmer, I., Liko, D. & 2,118 others, Mikulec, I., Rabady, D., Rahbaran, B., Rohringer, H., Schöfbeck, R., Strauss, J., Taurok, A., Treberer-Treberspurg, W., Waltenberger, W., Wulz, C. E., Mossolov, V., Shumeiko, N., Suarez Gonzalez, J., Alderweireldt, S., Bansal, M., Bansal, S., Cornelis, T., De Wolf, E. A., Janssen, X., Knutsson, A., Luyckx, S., Ochesanu, S., Roland, B., Rougny, R., Van De Klundert, M., Van Haevermaet, H., Van Mechelen, P., Van Remortel, N., Van Spilbeeck, A., Blekman, F., Blyweert, S., D'Hondt, J., Daci, N., Heracleous, N., Keaveney, J., Lowette, S., Maes, M., Olbrechts, A., Python, Q., Strom, D., Tavernier, S., Van Doninck, W., Van Mulders, P., Van Onsem, G. P., Villella, I., Caillol, C., Clerbaux, B., De Lentdecker, G., Dobur, D., Favart, L., Gay, A. P. R., Grebenyuk, A., Léonard, A., Mohammadi, A., Perniè, L., Reis, T., Seva, T., Thomas, L., Vander Velde, C., Vanlaer, P., Wang, J., Adler, V., Beernaert, K., Benucci, L., Cimmino, A., Costantini, S., Crucy, S., Dildick, S., Fagot, A., Garcia, G., Mccartin, J., Ocampo Rios, A. A., Ryckbosch, D., Salva Diblen, S., Sigamani, M., Strobbe, N., Thyssen, F., Tytgat, M., Yazgan, E., Zaganidis, N., Basegmez, S., Beluffi, C., Bruno, G., Castello, R., Caudron, A., Ceard, L., Da Silveira, G. G., Delaere, C., du Pree, T., Favart, D., Forthomme, L., Giammanco, A., Hollar, J., Jez, P., Komm, M., Lemaitre, V., Nuttens, C., Pagano, D., Perrini, L., Pin, A., Piotrzkowski, K., Popov, A., Quertenmont, L., Selvaggi, M., Vidal Marono, M., Vizan Garcia, J. M., Beliy, N., Caebergs, T., Daubie, E., Hammad, G. H., Aldá Júnior, W. L., Alves, G. A., Brito, L., Correa Martins Junior, M., Dos Reis Martins, T., Pol, M. 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M., Lista, L., Meola, S., Merola, M., Paolucci, P., Azzi, P., Bacchetta, N., Bisello, D., Branca, A., Carlin, R., Checchia, P., Dall'Osso, M., Dorigo, T., Dosselli, U., Galanti, M., Gasparini, F., Gasparini, U., Giubilato, P., Gozzelino, A., Kanishchev, K., Lacaprara, S., Margoni, M., Meneguzzo, A. T., Pazzini, J., Pozzobon, N., Ronchese, P., Simonetto, F., Torassa, E., Tosi, M., Zotto, P., Zucchetta, A., Zumerle, G., Gabusi, M., Ratti, S. P., Riccardi, C., Salvini, P., Vitulo, P., Biasini, M., Bilei, G. M., Ciangottini, D., Fanò, L., Lariccia, P., Mantovani, G., Menichelli, M., Romeo, F., Saha, A., Santocchia, A., Spiezia, A., Androsov, K., Azzurri, P., Bagliesi, G., Bernardini, J., Boccali, T., Broccolo, G., Castaldi, R., Ciocci, M. A., Dell'Orso, R., Donato, S., Fiori, F., Foà, L., Giassi, A., Grippo, M. T., Ligabue, F., Lomtadze, T., Martini, L., Messineo, A., Moon, C. S., Palla, F., Rizzi, A., Savoy-Navarro, A., Serban, A. T., Spagnolo, P., Squillacioti, P., Tenchini, R., Tonelli, G., Venturi, A., Verdini, P. G., Vernieri, C., Barone, L., Cavallari, F., D'imperio, G., Del Re, D., Diemoz, M., Grassi, M., Jorda, C., Longo, E., Margaroli, F., Meridiani, P., Micheli, F., Nourbakhsh, S., Organtini, G., Paramatti, R., Rahatlou, S., Rovelli, C., Santanastasio, F., Soffi, L., Traczyk, P., Amapane, N., Arcidiacono, R., Argiro, S., Arneodo, M., Bellan, R., Biino, C., Cartiglia, N., Casasso, S., Costa, M., Degano, A., Demaria, N., Finco, L., Mariotti, C., Maselli, S., Migliore, E., Monaco, V., Musich, M., Obertino, M. M., Ortona, G., Pacher, L., Pastrone, N., Pelliccioni, M., Pinna Angioni, G. L., Potenza, A., Romero, A., Ruspa, M., Sacchi, R., Solano, A., Staiano, A., Tamponi, U., Belforte, S., Candelise, V., Casarsa, M., Cossutti, F., Della Ricca, G., Gobbo, B., La Licata, C., Marone, M., Montanino, D., Schizzi, A., Umer, T., Zanetti, A., Kim, T. J., Chang, S., Kropivnitskaya, A., Nam, S. K., Kim, D. H., Kim, G. N., Kim, M. S., Kong, D. J., Lee, S., Oh, Y. D., Park, H., Sakharov, A., Son, D. C., Kim, J. Y., Song, S., Choi, S., Gyun, D., Hong, B., Jo, M., Kim, H., Kim, Y., Lee, B., Lee, K. S., Park, S. K., Roh, Y., Choi, M., Kim, J. H., Park, I. C., Park, S., Ryu, G., Ryu, M. S., Choi, Y., Choi, Y. K., Goh, J., Kim, D., Kwon, E., Lee, J., Seo, H., Yu, I., Juodagalvis, A., Komaragiri, J. R., Md Ali, M. A. B., Castilla-Valdez, H., De La Cruz-Burelo, E., Heredia-de La Cruz, I., Lopez-Fernandez, R., Sanchez-Hernandez, A., Carrillo Moreno, S., Vazquez Valencia, F., Pedraza, I., Salazar Ibarguen, H. A., Casimiro Linares, E., Morelos Pineda, A., Krofcheck, D., Butler, P. H., Reucroft, S., Ahmad, A., Ahmad, M., Hassan, Q., Hoorani, H. R., Khalid, S., Khan, W. A., Khurshid, T., Shah, M. A., Shoaib, M., Bialkowska, H., Bluj, M., Boimska, B., Frueboes, T., Górski, M., Kazana, M., Nawrocki, K., Romanowska-Rybinska, K., Szleper, M., Zalewski, P., Brona, G., Bunkowski, K., Cwiok, M., Dominik, W., Doroba, K., Kalinowski, A., Konecki, M., Krolikowski, J., Misiura, M., Olszewski, M., Wolszczak, W., Bargassa, P., Beirão Da Cruz E Silva, C., Faccioli, P., Ferreira Parracho, P. G., Gallinaro, M., Nguyen, F., Rodrigues Antunes, J., Seixas, J., Varela, J., Vischia, P., Afanasiev, S., Bunin, P., Gavrilenko, M., Golutvin, I., Gorbunov, I., Kamenev, A., Karjavin, V., Konoplyanikov, V., Lanev, A., Malakhov, A., Matveev, V., Moisenz, P., Palichik, V., Perelygin, V., Shmatov, S., Skatchkov, N., Smirnov, V., Zarubin, A., Golovtsov, V., Ivanov, Y., Kim, V., Levchenko, P., Murzin, V., Oreshkin, V., Smirnov, I., Sulimov, V., Uvarov, L., Vavilov, S., Vorobyev, A., Vorobyev, A., Andreev, Y., Dermenev, A., Gninenko, S., Golubev, N., Kirsanov, M., Krasnikov, N., Pashenkov, A., Tlisov, D., Toropin, A., Epshteyn, V., Gavrilov, V., Lychkovskaya, N., Popov, V., Safronov, G., Semenov, S., Spiridonov, A., Stolin, V., Vlasov, E., Zhokin, A., Andreev, V., Azarkin, M., Dremin, I., Kirakosyan, M., Leonidov, A., Mesyats, G., Rusakov, S. V., Vinogradov, A., Belyaev, A., Boos, E., Bunichev, V., Dubinin, M., Dudko, L., Ershov, A., Gribushin, A., Klyukhin, V., Kodolova, O., Lokhtin, I., Obraztsov, S., Petrushanko, S., Savrin, V., Azhgirey, I., Bayshev, I., Bitioukov, S., Kachanov, V., Kalinin, A., Konstantinov, D., Krychkine, V., Petrov, V., Ryutin, R., Sobol, A., Tourtchanovitch, L., Troshin, S., Tyurin, N., Uzunian, A., Volkov, A., Adzic, P., Ekmedzic, M., Milosevic, J., Rekovic, V., Alcaraz Maestre, J., Battilana, C., Calvo, E., Cerrada, M., Chamizo Llatas, M., Colino, N., De La Cruz, B., Delgado Peris, A., Domínguez Vázquez, D., Escalante Del Valle, A., Fernandez Bedoya, C., Fernández Ramos, J. P., Flix, J., Fouz, M. C., Garcia-Abia, P., Gonzalez Lopez, O., Goy Lopez, S., Hernandez, J. M., Josa, M. I., Merino, G., Navarro De Martino, E., Pérez-Calero Yzquierdo, A., Puerta Pelayo, J., Quintario Olmeda, A., Redondo, I., Romero, L., Soares, M. S., Albajar, C., de Trocóniz, J. F., Missiroli, M., Moran, D., Brun, H., Cuevas, J., Fernandez Menendez, J., Folgueras, S., Gonzalez Caballero, I., Lloret Iglesias, L., Brochero Cifuentes, J. A., Cabrillo, I. J., Calderon, A., Duarte Campderros, J., Fernandez, M., Gomez, G., Graziano, A., Lopez Virto, A., Marco, J., Marco, R., Martinez Rivero, C., Matorras, F., Munoz Sanchez, F. J., Piedra Gomez, J., Rodrigo, T., Rodríguez-Marrero, A. Y., Ruiz-Jimeno, A., Scodellaro, L., Vila, I., Vilar Cortabitarte, R., Abbaneo, D., Auffray, E., Auzinger, G., Bachtis, M., Baillon, P., Ball, A. H., Barney, D., Benaglia, A., Bendavid, J., Benhabib, L., Benitez, J. F., Bernet, C., Bianchi, G., Bloch, P., Bocci, A., Bonato, A., Bondu, O., Botta, C., Breuker, H., Camporesi, T., Cerminara, G., Colafranceschi, S., D'Alfonso, M., d'Enterria, D., Dabrowski, A., David, A., De Guio, F., De Roeck, A., De Visscher, S., Dobson, M., Dordevic, M., Dupont-Sagorin, N., Elliott-Peisert, A., Eugster, J., Franzoni, G., Funk, W., Gigi, D., Gill, K., Giordano, D., Girone, M., Glege, F., Guida, R., Gundacker, S., Guthoff, M., Hammer, J., Hansen, M., Harris, P., Hegeman, J., Innocente, V., Janot, P., Kousouris, K., Krajczar, K., Lecoq, P., Lourenço, C., Magini, N., Malgeri, L., Mannelli, M., Marrouche, J., Masetti, L., Meijers, F., Mersi, S., Meschi, E., Moortgat, F., Morovic, S., Mulders, M., Musella, P., Orsini, L., Pape, L., Perez, E., Perrozzi, L., Petrilli, A., Petrucciani, G., Pfeiffer, A., Pierini, M., Pimiä, M., Piparo, D., Plagge, M., Racz, A., Rolandi, G., Rovere, M., Sakulin, H., Schäfer, C., Schwick, C., Sharma, A., Siegrist, P., Silva, P., Simon, M., Sphicas, P., Spiga, D., Steggemann, J., Stieger, B., Stoye, M., Treille, D., Tsirou, A., Veres, G. I., Vlimant, J. R., Wardle, N., Wöhri, H. K., Wollny, H., Zeuner, W. D., Bertl, W., Deiters, K., Erdmann, W., Horisberger, R., Ingram, Q., Kaestli, H. C., Kotlinski, D., Langenegger, U., Renker, D., Rohe, T., Bachmair, F., Bäni, L., Bianchini, L., Bortignon, P., Buchmann, M. A., Casal, B., Chanon, N., Deisher, A., Dissertori, G., Dittmar, M., Donegà, M., Dünser, M., Eller, P., Grab, C., Hits, D., Lustermann, W., Mangano, B., Marini, A. C., Martinez Ruiz del Arbol, P., Meister, D., Mohr, N., Nägeli, C., Nessi-Tedaldi, F., Pandolfi, F., Pauss, F., Peruzzi, M., Quittnat, M., Rebane, L., Rossini, M., Starodumov, A., Takahashi, M., Theofilatos, K., Wallny, R., Weber, H. A., Amsler, C., Canelli, M. F., Chiochia, V., De Cosa, A., Hinzmann, A., Hreus, T., Kilminster, B., Lange, C., Millan Mejias, B., Ngadiuba, J., Robmann, P., Ronga, F. J., Taroni, S., Verzetti, M., Yang, Y., Cardaci, M., Chen, K. H., Ferro, C., Kuo, C. M., Lin, W., Lu, Y. J., Volpe, R., Yu, S. S., Chang, P., Chang, Y. H., Chang, Y. W., Chao, Y., Chen, K. F., Chen, P. H., Dietz, C., Grundler, U., Hou, W. S., Kao, K. Y., Lei, Y. J., Liu, Y. F., Lu, R. S., Majumder, D., Petrakou, E., Tzeng, Y. M., Wilken, R., Asavapibhop, B., Srimanobhas, N., Suwonjandee, N., Adiguzel, A., Bakirci, M. N., Cerci, S., Dozen, C., Dumanoglu, I., Eskut, E., Girgis, S., Gokbulut, G., Gurpinar, E., Hos, I., Kangal, E. E., Kayis Topaksu, A., Onengut, G., Ozdemir, K., Ozturk, S., Polatoz, A., Sogut, K., Sunar Cerci, D., Tali, B., Topakli, H., Vergili, M., Akin, I. V., Bilin, B., Bilmis, S., Gamsizkan, H., Karapinar, G., Ocalan, K., Sekmen, S., Surat, U. E., Yalvac, M., Zeyrek, M., Gülmez, E., Isildak, B., Kaya, M., Kaya, O., Bahtiyar, H., Barlas, E., Cankocak, K., Vardarli, F. I., Yücel, M., Levchuk, L., Sorokin, P., Brooke, J. J., Clement, E., Cussans, D., Flacher, H., Frazier, R., Goldstein, J., Grimes, M., Heath, G. P., Heath, H. F., Jacob, J., Kreczko, L., Lucas, C., Meng, Z., Newbold, D. M., Paramesvaran, S., Poll, A., Senkin, S., Smith, V. J., Williams, T., Bell, K. W., Belyaev, A., Brew, C., Brown, R. M., Cockerill, D. J. A., Coughlan, J. A., Harder, K., Harper, S., Olaiya, E., Petyt, D., Shepherd-Themistocleous, C. H., Thea, A., Tomalin, I. R., Womersley, W. J., Worm, S. D., Baber, M., Bainbridge, R., Buchmuller, O., Burton, D., Colling, D., Cripps, N., Cutajar, M., Dauncey, P., Davies, G., Della Negra, M., Dunne, P., Ferguson, W., Fulcher, J., Futyan, D., Gilbert, A., Hall, G., Iles, G., Jarvis, M., Karapostoli, G., Kenzie, M., Lane, R., Lucas, R., Lyons, L., Magnan, A. M., Malik, S., Mathias, B., Nash, J., Nikitenko, A., Pela, J., Pesaresi, M., Petridis, K., Raymond, D. M., Rogerson, S., Rose, A., Seez, C., Sharp, P., Tapper, A., Vazquez Acosta, M., Virdee, T., Cole, J. E., Hobson, P. R., Khan, A., Kyberd, P., Leggat, D., Leslie, D., Martin, W., Reid, I. D., Symonds, P., Teodorescu, L., Turner, M., Dittmann, J., Hatakeyama, K., Kasmi, A., Liu, H., Scarborough, T., Charaf, O., Cooper, S. I., Henderson, C., Rumerio, P., Avetisyan, A., Bose, T., Fantasia, C., Heister, A., Lawson, P., Richardson, C., Rohlf, J., Sperka, D., St. John, J., Sulak, L., Alimena, J., Berry, E., Bhattacharya, S., Christopher, G., Cutts, D., Demiragli, Z., Ferapontov, A., Garabedian, A., Heintz, U., Kukartsev, G., Laird, E., Landsberg, G., Luk, M., Narain, M., Segala, M., Sinthuprasith, T., Speer, T., Swanson, J., Breedon, R., Breto, G., Calderon De La Barca Sanchez, M., Chauhan, S., Chertok, M., Conway, J., Conway, R., Cox, P. T., Erbacher, R., Gardner, M., Ko, W., Lander, R., Miceli, T., Mulhearn, M., Pellett, D., Pilot, J., Ricci-Tam, F., Searle, M., Shalhout, S., Smith, J., Squires, M., Stolp, D., Tripathi, M., Wilbur, S., Yohay, R., Cousins, R., Everaerts, P., Farrell, C., Hauser, J., Ignatenko, M., Rakness, G., Takasugi, E., Valuev, V., Weber, M., Babb, J., Burt, K., Clare, R., Ellison, J., Gary, J. W., Hanson, G., Heilman, J., Ivova Rikova, M., Jandir, P., Kennedy, E., Lacroix, F., Liu, H., Long, O. R., Luthra, A., Malberti, M., Nguyen, H., Olmedo Negrete, M., Shrinivas, A., Sumowidagdo, S., Wimpenny, S., Andrews, W., Branson, J. G., Cerati, G. B., Cittolin, S., D'Agnolo, R. T., Evans, D., Holzner, A., Kelley, R., Klein, D., Kovalskyi, D., Lebourgeois, M., Letts, J., Macneill, I., Olivito, D., Padhi, S., Palmer, C., Pieri, M., Sani, M., Sharma, V., Simon, S., Sudano, E., Tu, Y., Vartak, A., Welke, C., Würthwein, F., Yagil, A., Yoo, J., Barge, D., Bradmiller-Feld, J., Campagnari, C., Danielson, T., Dishaw, A., Flowers, K., Franco Sevilla, M., Geffert, P., George, C., Golf, F., Gouskos, L., Incandela, J., Justus, C., Mccoll, N., Richman, J., Stuart, D., To, W., West, C., Apresyan, A., Bornheim, A., Bunn, J., Chen, Y., Di Marco, E., Duarte, J., Mott, A., Newman, H. B., Pena, C., Rogan, C., Spiropulu, M., Timciuc, V., Wilkinson, R., Xie, S., Zhu, R. Y., Azzolini, V., Calamba, A., Ferguson, T., Iiyama, Y., Paulini, M., Russ, J., Vogel, H., Vorobiev, I., Cumalat, J. P., Ford, W. T., Gaz, A., Luiggi Lopez, E., Nauenberg, U., Smith, J. G., Stenson, K., Ulmer, K. A., Wagner, S. R., Alexander, J., Chatterjee, A., Chu, J., Dittmer, S., Eggert, N., Mirman, N., Nicolas Kaufman, G., Patterson, J. R., Ryd, A., Salvati, E., Skinnari, L., Sun, W., Teo, W. D., Thom, J., Thompson, J., Tucker, J., Weng, Y., Winstrom, L., Wittich, P., Winn, D., Abdullin, S., Albrow, M., Anderson, J., Apollinari, G., Bauerdick, L. A. T., Beretvas, A., Berryhill, J., Bhat, P. C., Burkett, K., Butler, J. N., Cheung, H. W. K., Chlebana, F., Cihangir, S., Elvira, V. D., Fisk, I., Freeman, J., Gottschalk, E., Gray, L., Green, D., Grünendahl, S., Gutsche, O., Hanlon, J., Hare, D., Harris, R. M., Hirschauer, J., Hooberman, B., Jindariani, S., Johnson, M., Joshi, U., Kaadze, K., Klima, B., Kreis, B., Kwan, S., Linacre, J., Lincoln, D., Lipton, R., Liu, T., Lykken, J., Maeshima, K., Marraffino, J. M., Martinez Outschoorn, V. I., Maruyama, S., Mason, D., McBride, P., Mishra, K., Mrenna, S., Musienko, Y., Nahn, S., Newman-Holmes, C., O'Dell, V., Prokofyev, O., Sexton-Kennedy, E., Sharma, S., Soha, A., Spalding, W. J., Spiegel, L., Taylor, L., Tkaczyk, S., Tran, N. V., Uplegger, L., Vaandering, E. W., Vidal, R., Whitbeck, A., Whitmore, J., Yang, F., Acosta, D., Avery, P., Bourilkov, D., Carver, M., Cheng, T., Curry, D., Das, S., De Gruttola, M., Di Giovanni, G. P., Field, R. D., Fisher, M., Furic, I. K., Hugon, J., Konigsberg, J., Korytov, A., Kypreos, T., Low, J. F., Matchev, K., Milenovic, P., Mitselmakher, G., Muniz, L., Rinkevicius, A., Shchutska, L., Skhirtladze, N., Snowball, M., Yelton, J., Zakaria, M., Hewamanage, S., Linn, S., Markowitz, P., Martinez, G., Rodriguez, J. L., Adams, T., Askew, A., Bochenek, J., Diamond, B., Haas, J., Hagopian, S., Hagopian, V., Johnson, K. F., Prosper, H., Veeraraghavan, V., Weinberg, M., Baarmand, M. M., Hohlmann, M., Kalakhety, H., Yumiceva, F., Adams, M. R., Apanasevich, L., Bazterra, V. E., Berry, D., Betts, R. R., Bucinskaite, I., Cavanaugh, R., Evdokimov, O., Gauthier, L., Gerber, C. E., Hofman, D. J., Khalatyan, S., Kurt, P., Moon, D. H., O'Brien, C., Silkworth, C., Turner, P., Varelas, N., Albayrak, E. A., Bilki, B., Clarida, W., Dilsiz, K., Duru, F., Haytmyradov, M., Merlo, J. P., Mermerkaya, H., Mestvirishvili, A., Moeller, A., Nachtman, J., Ogul, H., Onel, Y., Ozok, F., Penzo, A., Rahmat, R., Sen, S., Tan, P., Tiras, E., Wetzel, J., Yetkin, T., Yi, K., Anderson, I., Barnett, B. A., Blumenfeld, B., Bolognesi, S., Fehling, D., Gritsan, A. V., Maksimovic, P., Martin, C., Sarica, U., Swartz, M., Xiao, M., Baringer, P., Bean, A., Benelli, G., Bruner, C., Gray, J., Kenny, R. P., Malek, M., Murray, M., Noonan, D., Sanders, S., Sekaric, J., Stringer, R., Wang, Q., Wood, J. S., Barfuss, A. F., Chakaberia, I., Ivanov, A., Khalil, S., Makouski, M., Maravin, Y., Saini, L. K., Shrestha, S., Svintradze, I., Gronberg, J., Lange, D., Rebassoo, F., Wright, D., Baden, A., Calvert, B., Eno, S. C., Gomez, J. A., Hadley, N. J., Kellogg, R. G., Kolberg, T., Lu, Y., Marionneau, M., Mignerey, A. C., Pedro, K., Skuja, A., Tonjes, M. B., Tonwar, S. C., Apyan, A., Barbieri, R., Bauer, G., Busza, W., Cali, I. A., Chan, M., Di Matteo, L., Dutta, V., Gomez Ceballos, G., Goncharov, M., Gulhan, D., Klute, M., Lai, Y. S., Lee, Y. J., Levin, A., Luckey, P. D., Ma, T., Paus, C., Ralph, D., Roland, C., Roland, G., Stephans, G. S. F., Stöckli, F., Sumorok, K., Velicanu, D., Veverka, J., Wyslouch, B., Yang, M., Zanetti, M., Zhukova, V., Dahmes, B., Gude, A., Kao, S. C., Klapoetke, K., Kubota, Y., Mans, J., Pastika, N., Rusack, R., Singovsky, A., Tambe, N., Turkewitz, J., Acosta, J. G., Oliveros, S., Avdeeva, E., Bloom, K., Bose, S., Claes, D. R., Dominguez, A., Gonzalez Suarez, R., Keller, J., Knowlton, D., Kravchenko, I., Lazo-Flores, J., Malik, S., Meier, F., Snow, G. 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