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  • 2016

    PATtyFams: Protein families for the microbial genomes in the PATRIC database

    Davis, J. J., Gerdes, S., Olsen, G. J., Olson, R., Pusch, G. D., Shukla, M., Vonstein, V., Wattam, A. R. & Yoo, H., Feb 8 2016, In : Frontiers in Microbiology. 7, FEB, 118.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • 2018

    KBase: The United States department of energy systems biology knowledgebase

    Arkin, A. P., Cottingham, R. W., Henry, C. S., Harris, N. L., Stevens, R. L., Maslov, S., Dehal, P., Ware, D., Perez, F., Canon, S., Sneddon, M. W., Henderson, M. L., Riehl, W. J., Murphy-Olson, D., Chan, S. Y., Kamimura, R. T., Kumari, S., Drake, M. M., Brettin, T. S., Glass, E. M. & 61 others, Chivian, D., Gunter, D., Weston, D. J., Allen, B. H., Baumohl, J., Best, A. A., Bowen, B., Brenner, S. E., Bun, C. C., Chandonia, J. M., Chia, J. M., Colasanti, R., Conrad, N., Davis, J. J., Davison, B. H., Dejongh, M., Devoid, S., Dietrich, E., Dubchak, I., Edirisinghe, J. N., Fang, G., Faria, J. P., Frybarger, P. M., Gerlach, W., Gerstein, M., Greiner, A., Gurtowski, J., Haun, H. L., He, F., Jain, R., Joachimiak, M. P., Keegan, K. P., Kondo, S., Kumar, V., Land, M. L., Meyer, F., Mills, M., Novichkov, P. S., Oh, T., Olsen, G. J., Olson, R., Parrello, B., Pasternak, S., Pearson, E., Poon, S. S., Price, G. A., Ramakrishnan, S., Ranjan, P., Ronald, P. C., Schatz, M. C., Seaver, S. M. D., Shukla, M., Sutormin, R. A., Syed, M. H., Thomason, J., Tintle, N. L., Wang, D., Xia, F., Yoo, H., Yoo, S. & Yu, D., Jul 6 2018, In : Nature Biotechnology. 36, 7, p. 566-569 4 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalLetterpeer-review

  • PATRIC as a unique resource for studying antimicrobial resistance

    Antonopoulos, D. A., Assaf, R., Aziz, R. K., Brettin, T., Bun, C., Conrad, N., Davis, J. J., Dietrich, E. M., Disz, T., Gerdes, S., Kenyon, R. W., Machi, D., Mao, C., Murphy-Olson, D. E., Nordberg, E. K., Olsen, G. J., Olson, R., Overbeek, R., Parrello, B., Pusch, G. D. & 9 others, Santerre, J., Shukla, M., Stevens, R. L., Vanoeffelen, M., Vonstein, V., Warren, A. S., Wattam, A. R., Xia, F. & Yoo, H., Mar 27 2018, In : Briefings in bioinformatics. 20, 4, p. 1094-1102 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
  • The essential genome of the crenarchaeal model Sulfolobus islandicus

    Zhang, C., Phillips, A. P. R., Wipfler, R. L., Olsen, G. J. & Whitaker, R. J., Dec 1 2018, In : Nature communications. 9, 1, 4908.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review