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  • 2019

    Pion and kaon structure at the electron-ion collider

    Aguilar, A. C., Ahmed, Z., Aidala, C., Ali, S., Andrieux, V., Arrington, J., Bashir, A., Berdnikov, V., Binosi, D., Chang, L., Chen, C., Chen, M., de Melo, J. P. B. C., Diefenthaler, M., Ding, M., Ent, R., Frederico, T., Gao, F., Gothe, R. W., Hattawy, M. & 31 others, Hobbs, T. J., Horn, T., Huber, G. M., Jia, S., Keppel, C., Krein, G., Lin, H. W., Mezrag, C., Mokeev, V., Montgomery, R., Moutarde, H., Nadolsky, P., Papavassiliou, J., Park, K., Pegg, I. L., Peng, J. C., Platchkov, S., Qin, S. X., Raya, K., Reimer, P., Richards, D. G., Roberts, C. D., Rodríguez-Quintero, J., Sato, N., Schmidt, S. M., Segovia, J., Tadepalli, A., Trotta, R., Ye, Z., Yoshida, R. & Xu, S. S., Oct 1 2019, In: European Physical Journal A. 55, 10, 190.

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review

  • The SeaQuest spectrometer at Fermilab

    Aidala, C. A., Arrington, J. R., Ayuso, C., Bowen, B. M., Bowen, M. L., Bowling, K. L., Brown, A. W., Brown, C. N., Byrd, R., Carlisle, R. E., Chang, T., Chang, W. C., Chen, A., Chen, J. Y., Christian, D. C., Chu, X., Dannowitz, B. P., Daugherity, M., Diefenthaler, M., Dove, J. & 77 others, Durandet, C., El Fassi, L., Erdos, E., Fox, D. M., Geesaman, D. F., Gilman, R., Goto, Y., Guo, L., Guo, R., Hague, T., Hicks, C. R., Holt, R. J., Isenhower, D., Jiang, X., Katich, J. M., Kerns, B. M., Kinney, E. R., Kitts, N. D., Klein, A., Kleinjan, D., Kras, J., Kudo, Y., Lin, P. J., Liu, D., Liu, K., Liu, M. X., Lorenzon, W., Makins, N. C. R., Martinez, J. D., McClellan, R. E., McDonald, B., McGaughey, P. L., McNease, S. E., Medeiros, M. M., Miller, B., Miller, A. J., Miyasaka, S., Miyachi, Y., Mooney, I. A., Morton, D. H., Nadim, B., Nagai, K., Nakahara, K., Nakano, K., Nara, S., Obata, S., Peng, J. C., Prasad, S., Puckett, A. J. R., Ramson, B. J., Raymond, R. S., Reimer, P. E., Rubin, J. G., Salinas, R., Sanftl, F., Sawada, S., Sawada, T., Scott, M. B. C., Selensky, L. E., Shibata, T. A., Shiu, S., Su, D., Tadepalli, A. S., Teo, M., Tice, B. G., Towell, C. L., Towell, R. S., Uemura, S., Wang, S. G., Watson, S., White, N., Wickes, A. B., Wood, M. R., Wu, J., Xi, Z., Ye, Z. & Yin, Y., Jun 21 2019, In: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment. 930, p. 49-63 15 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • Transverse extension of partons in the proton probed in the sea-quark range by measuring the DVCS cross section

    The COMPASS Collaboration, Jun 10 2019, In: Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics. 793, p. 188-194 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access