MLA Prize for a Bibliography, Archive, or Digital Project - Honorable mention

Prize: Prize/Award


This award is given by the Modern Language Association on a biannual basis; there is only one other Honorable Mention, and only twelve winners since the Award’s inception in 1996. From the press release: “The Women in Book History Bibliography represents everything that is best about book history and associated fields at the present moment—openness, inclusiveness, and a willingness to protect and recuperate the past—while looking forward to a future for the discipline that is comprehensive in its representation of the book and all those who contributed their material labor to its many makings. The editors, Cait Coker and Kate Ozment, have extended the culture of inclusion and openness within the field by supplementing the resource with several forms of social engagement and responsiveness, allowing the important recovery work of the project to evolve with the field and reinforcing the fact that recovery work is necessarily ongoing and discursive.”
Degree of recognitionNational/International
Granting OrganizationsModern Language Association of America