Sotomayor, Antonio and César R. Torres, editors. Olimpismo: The Olympic Movement in the Making of Latin America and the Caribbean. Sports, Culture, and Society Series. Fayetteville, Arkansas: University of Arkansas Press, 2020.

From NASSH's Award Announcement page: "Reflecting the blend of colonialist and late capitalist outlooks, the relative weakness of scholarly sports history in Latin America as well as the relative marginalisation of small states, such as those of the Caribbean, in Olympic studies, this impressive collection of historically grounded multi-disciplinary inflected essays is a major contribution to sports history and Olympic studies. It opens up a region with a relatively low Olympic profile, looks well beyond the four yearly global event that is the summer games to include the key roles played by regional multisport competitions under the Olympic banner, and explores issues of nation and state building, elite social networks and ideology-in-practice. This diversity enriches a powerful collection and enhances its overall value not only to Latin American and Caribbean studies, but also to a wider understanding of sport in the region and to our understanding of the wider Olympic network and developments. This is a valuable collection with scholarly resonances well beyond its case studies and transnational emphases."
Degree of recognitionNational/International
Granting OrganizationsNorth American Society for Sport History (NASSH)