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  • 2017

    Perspective: Explicitly correlated electronic structure theory for complex systems

    Grüneis, A., Hirata, S., Ohnishi, Y. Y. & Ten-No, S., Feb 28 2017, In: Journal of Chemical Physics. 146, 8, 080901.

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    Open Access
  • 2012

    Extensivity of energy and electronic and vibrational structure methods for crystals

    Hirata, S., Keçeli, M., Ohnishi, Y. Y., Sode, O. & Yagi, K., May 2012, In: Annual Review of Physical Chemistry. 63, p. 131-153 23 p.

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  • 2006

    Advances in methods and algorithms in a modern quantum chemistry program package

    Shao, Y., Molnar, L. F., Jung, Y., Kussmann, J., Ochsenfeld, C., Brown, S. T., Gilbert, A. T. B., Slipchenko, L. V., Levchenko, S. V., O'Neill, D. P., DiStasio, R. A., Lochan, R. C., Wang, T., Beran, G. J. O., Besley, N. A., Herbert, J. M., Yeh Lin, C., Van Voorhis, T., Hung Chien, S., Sodt, A., & 48 othersSteele, R. P., Rassolov, V. A., Maslen, P. E., Korambath, P. P., Adamson, R. D., Austin, B., Baker, J., Byrd, E. F. C., Dachsel, H., Doerksen, R. J., Dreuw, A., Dunietz, B. D., Dutoi, A. D., Furlani, T. R., Gwaltney, S. R., Heyden, A., Hirata, S., Hsu, C. P., Kedziora, G., Khalliulin, R. Z., Klunzinger, P., Lee, A. M., Lee, M. S., Liang, W., Lotan, I., Nair, N., Peters, B., Proynov, E. I., Pieniazek, P. A., Min Rhee, Y., Ritchie, J., Rosta, E., David Sherrill, C., Simmonett, A. C., Subotnik, J. E., Lee Woodcock, H., Zhang, W., Bell, A. T., Chakraborty, A. K., Chipman, D. M., Keil, F. J., Warshel, A., Hehre, W. J., Schaefer, H. F., Kong, J., Krylov, A. I., Gill, P. M. W. & Head-Gordon, M., 2006, In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 8, 27, p. 3172-3191 20 p.

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