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Research Output 1956 2022


Emergency Department Admissions for Child Sexual Abuse in the United States from 2010 to 2016

Helton, J. J., Carbone, J. T., Vaughn, M. G. & Cross, T. P., Jan 2020, In : JAMA Pediatrics. 174, 1, p. 89-91 3 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Sexual Child Abuse
Hospital Emergency Service

Anomalous spin–orbit torques in magnetic single-layer films

Wang, W., Wang, T., Amin, V. P., Wang, Y., Radhakrishnan, A., Davidson, A., Allen, S. R., Silva, T. J., Ohldag, H., Balzar, D., Zink, B. L., Haney, P. M., Xiao, J. Q., Cahill, D. G., Lorenz, V. O. & Fan, X., Sep 1 2019, In : Nature Nanotechnology. 14, 9, p. 819-824 6 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Magnetic films
Hall effect

Attrition, addition, and age

Montrul, S., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Second Language Research.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Chiral topological semimetal with multifold band crossings and long Fermi arcs

Schröter, N. B. M., Pei, D., Vergniory, M. G., Sun, Y., Manna, K., de Juan, F., Krieger, J. A., Süss, V., Schmidt, M., Dudin, P., Bradlyn, B., Kim, T. K., Schmitt, T., Cacho, C., Felser, C., Strocov, V. N. & Chen, Y., Aug 1 2019, In : Nature Physics. 15, 8, p. 759-765 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter


Creation of quark–gluon plasma droplets with three distinct geometries

PHENIX Collaboration, Grosse Perdekamp, M. & Sickles, A. M., Mar 1 2019, In : Nature Physics. 15, 3, p. 214-220 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

flow distribution

Endemic infection can shape exposure to novel pathogens: Pathogen co-occurrence networks in the Serengeti lions

Fountain-Jones, N. M., Packer, C., Jacquot, M., Blanchet, F. G., Terio, K. & Craft, M. E., Jun 2019, In : Ecology Letters. 22, 6, p. 904-913 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Panthera leo
Open Access
Pacific Northwest Coast

Implementation of permeation rules leads to a FabI inhibitor with activity against Gram-negative pathogens

Parker, E. N., Drown, B. S., Geddes, E. J., Lee, H. Y., Ismail, N., Lau, G. W. & Hergenrother, P. J., Nov 18 2019, In : Nature Microbiology.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Escherichia coli
Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections
Acyl Carrier Protein
Anti-Bacterial Agents
Acinetobacter baumannii

Increasing Diversity in Evolutionary Anthropological Sciences—the IDEAS Program

Malhi, R. S., Antón, S. C. & Fuentes, A., May 2019, In : American Anthropologist. 121, 2, p. 478-479 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Open Access

Large loss of CO2 in winter observed across the northern permafrost region

Natali, S. M., Watts, J. D., Rogers, B. M., Potter, S., Ludwig, S. M., Selbmann, A. K., Sullivan, P. F., Abbott, B. W., Arndt, K. A., Birch, L., Björkman, M. P., Bloom, A. A., Celis, G., Christensen, T. R., Christiansen, C. T., Commane, R., Cooper, E. J., Crill, P., Czimczik, C., Davydov, S. & 55 others, Du, J., Egan, J. E., Elberling, B., Euskirchen, E. S., Friborg, T., Genet, H., Göckede, M., Goodrich, J. P., Grogan, P., Helbig, M., Jafarov, E. E., Jastrow, J. D., Kalhori, A. A. M., Kim, Y., Kimball, J. S., Kutzbach, L., Lara, M. J., Larsen, K. S., Lee, B. Y., Liu, Z., Loranty, M. M., Lund, M., Lupascu, M., Madani, N., Malhotra, A., Matamala, R., McFarland, J., McGuire, A. D., Michelsen, A., Minions, C., Oechel, W. C., Olefeldt, D., Parmentier, F. J. W., Pirk, N., Poulter, B., Quinton, W., Rezanezhad, F., Risk, D., Sachs, T., Schaefer, K., Schmidt, N. M., Schuur, E. A. G., Semenchuk, P. R., Shaver, G., Sonnentag, O., Starr, G., Treat, C. C., Waldrop, M. P., Wang, Y., Welker, J., Wille, C., Xu, X., Zhang, Z., Zhuang, Q. & Zona, D., Nov 1 2019, In : Nature Climate Change. 9, 11, p. 852-857 6 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

growing season

Lysine harvesting is an antioxidant strategy and triggers underground polyamine metabolism

Olin-Sandoval, V., Yu, J. S. L., Miller-Fleming, L., Alam, M. T., Kamrad, S., Correia-Melo, C., Haas, R., Segal, J., Peña Navarro, D. A., Herrera-Dominguez, L., Méndez-Lucio, O., Vowinckel, J., Mülleder, M. & Ralser, M., Aug 8 2019, In : Nature. 572, 7768, p. 249-253 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter


Measuring transcription at a single gene copy reveals hidden drivers of bacterial individuality

Wang, M., Zhang, J., Xu, H. & Golding, I., Dec 1 2019, In : Nature Microbiology. 4, 12, p. 2118-2127 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Messenger RNA
cdc Genes
RNA Stability

Misunderstood parameter of NCBI BLAST impacts the correctness of bioinformatics workflows

Shah, N., Nute, M. G., Warnow, T. & Pop, M., May 1 2019, In : Bioinformatics. 35, 9, p. 1613-1614 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Computational Biology
Work Flow

Multivariate ordinal probit analysis in the skeletal assessment of sex

Konigsberg, L. W. & Frankenberg, S. R., Jun 2019, In : American journal of physical anthropology. 169, 2, p. 385-387 3 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Non-native plants have greater impacts because of differing per-capita effects and nonlinear abundance–impact curves

Pearse, I. S., Sofaer, H. R., Zaya, D. N. & Spyreas, G., Aug 2019, In : Ecology Letters. 22, 8, p. 1214-1220 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

temporal variation
plant communities
indigenous species

Phenotyping photosynthesis on the limit - a critical examination of RACiR

Taylor, S. H. & Long, S. P., Jan 1 2019, In : The New phytologist. 221, 2, p. 621-624 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Open Access
Ribulose-Bisphosphate Carboxylase
ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase
global change

Reply to: fMRI replicability depends upon sufficient individual-level data

Turner, B. O., Santander, T., Paul, E. J., Barbey, A. K. & Miller, M. B., Dec 1 2019, In : Communications Biology. 2, 1, 129.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Open Access
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Reply to: Brazilian ethanol expansion subject to limitations

Jaiswal, D., De Souza, A. P., Larsen, S., LeBauer, D. S., Miguez, F. E., Sparovek, G., Bollero, G. A., Buckeridge, M. S. & Long, S. P., Mar 1 2019, In : Nature Climate Change. 9, 3, p. 211-212 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter


Reply to comments: “In-situ determination of the HfO2-Ta2O5-temperature phase diagram up to 3000°C”

McCormack, S. J., Tseng, K. P., Weber, R. J. K., Kapush, D., Ushakov, S. V., Navrotsky, A. & Kriven, W. M., Nov 1 2019, In : Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 102, 11, p. 7028-7030 3 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Phase diagrams
Tumor Microenvironment
Confocal Microscopy

Response to letter to editor regarding Variability of symmetric dimethylarginine in apparently healthy dogs

Kopke, M. A., Burchell, R. K., Ruaux, C. G., Burton, S. E., Lopez-Villalobos, N. & Gal, A., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of veterinary internal medicine. 33, 1, p. 9-10 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Open Access

Response to Letter to the Editor "Is aspirin an effective preventive medicine for firefighting induced acute inflammation?"

Smith, D. L., Fernhall, B., Horn, G. P. & Woods, J. A., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of occupational and environmental medicine.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Preventive Medicine

Response to the comments of Delclos et al.

Flaws, J. A. & Warner, G. R., Jan 1 2019, In : Toxicological Sciences. 169, 1, p. 3-4 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

RNF216 is essential for spermatogenesis and male fertility

Melnick, A. F., Gao, Y., Liu, J., Ding, D., Predom, A., Kelly, C., Hess, R. A. & Chen, C., Jan 1 2019, In : Biology of reproduction. 100, 5, p. 1132-1134 3 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Open Access
Ubiquitin-Protein Ligases

Serotonin transporter–ibogaine complexes illuminate mechanisms of inhibition and transport

Coleman, J. A., Yang, D., Zhao, Z., Wen, P. C., Yoshioka, C., Tajkhorshid, E. & Gouaux, E., Jan 1 2019, In : Nature.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Serotonin Plasma Membrane Transport Proteins
Plasma Membrane Neurotransmitter Transport Proteins
Neurotransmitter Agents

Small-molecule ion channels increase host defences in cystic fibrosis airway epithelia

Muraglia, K. A., Chorghade, R. S., Kim, B. R., Tang, X. X., Shah, V. S., Grillo, A. S., Daniels, P. N., Cioffi, A. G., Karp, P. H., Zhu, L., Welsh, M. J. & Burke, M. D., Mar 21 2019, In : Nature. 567, 7748, p. 405-408 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator
Ion Channels
Cystic Fibrosis
Amphotericin B

Suicide mortality and natural environments – Authors' reply

Helbich, M., de Beurs, D., Kwan, M. P., O'Connor, R. C. & Groenewegen, P. P., Jan 2019, In : The Lancet Planetary Health. 3, 1, p. e16

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter


The intrinsically labeled protein approach is the preferred method to quantify the release of dietary protein-derived amino acids into the circulation

Trommelen, J., Holwerda, A. M., Nyakayiru, J., Gorissen, S. H. M., Rooyackers, O., Burd, N. A., Boirie, Y. & van Loon, L. J. C., Sep 2019, In : American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism. 317, 3, p. E433-E434

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Dietary Proteins
Amino Acids

A giant protocluster of galaxies at redshift 5.7

Jiang, L., Wu, J., Bian, F., Chiang, Y. K., Ho, L. C., Shen, Y., Zheng, Z. Y., Bailey, J. I., Blanc, G. A., Crane, J. D., Fan, X., Mateo, M., Olszewski, E. W., Oyarzún, G. A., Wang, R. & Wu, X. B., Dec 1 2018, In : Nature Astronomy. 2, 12, p. 962-966 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

x rays

Ancient herders enriched and restructured African grasslands

Marshall, F., Reid, R. E. B., Goldstein, S., Storozum, M., Wreschnig, A., Hu, L., Kiura, P., Shahack-Gross, R. & Ambrose, S. H., Sep 20 2018, In : Nature. 561, 7723, p. 387-390 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter


An experiment to search for dark-matter interactions using sodium iodide detectors

The COSINE-100 Collaboration, Dec 6 2018, In : Nature. 564, 7734, p. 83-86 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Sodium Iodide
Elementary Particles

Arrival routes of first Americans uncertain

Potter, B. A., Beaudoin, A. B., Haynes, C. V., Holliday, V. T., Holmes, C. E., Ives, J. W., Kelly, R., Llamas, B., Malhi, R., Miller, S., Reich, D., Reuther, J. D., Schiffels, S. & Surovell, T., Mar 16 2018, In : Science. 359, 6381, p. 1224-1225 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Azimuthal asymmetries of charged hadrons produced in high-energy muon scattering off longitudinally polarised deuterons

Adolph, C., Aghasyan, M., Akhunzyanov, R., Alexeev, M. G., Alexeev, G. D., Amoroso, A., Andrieux, V., Anfimov, N. V., Anosov, V., Augsten, K., Augustyniak, W., Austregesilo, A., Azevedo, C. D. R., Badełek, B., Balestra, F., Ball, M., Barth, J., Beck, R., Bedfer, Y., Bernhard, J. & 205 others, Bicker, K., Bielert, E. R., Birsa, R., Bodlak, M., Bordalo, P., Bradamante, F., Braun, C., Bressan, A., Büchele, M., Chang, W. C., Chatterjee, C., Chiosso, M., Choi, I., Chung, S. U., Cicuttin, A., Crespo, M. L., Curiel, Q., Torre, S. D., Dasgupta, S. S., Dasgupta, S., Denisov, O. Y., Dhara, L., Donskov, S. V., Doshita, N., Dreisbach, C., Duic, V., Dünnweber, W., Dziewiecki, M., Efremov, A., Eversheim, P. D., Eyrich, W., Faessler, M., Ferrero, A., Finger, M., jr, M. F., Fischer, H., Franco, C., von Vijayan Hohenesche, N. D. F., Friedrich, J. M., Frolov, V., Fuchey, E., Gautheron, F., Gavrichtchouk, O. P., Gerassimov, S., Giarra, J., Giordano, F., Gnesi, I., Gorzellik, M., Grabmüller, S., Grasso, A., Perdekamp, M. G., Grube, B., Grussenmeyer, T., Guskov, A., Haas, F., Hahne, D., Hamar, G., von Harrach, D., Heinsius, F. H., Heitz, R., Herrmann, F., Horikawa, N., d’Hose, N., Hsieh, C. Y., Huber, S., Ishimoto, S., Ivanov, A., Ivanshin, Y., Iwata, T., Jary, V., Joosten, R., Jörg, P., Kabuß, E., Ketzer, B., Khaustov, G. V., Khokhlov, Y. A., Kisselev, Y., Klein, F., Klimaszewski, K., Koivuniemi, J. H., Kolosov, V. N., Kondo, K., Königsmann, K., Konorov, I., Konstantinov, V. F., Kotzinian, A. M., Kouznetsov, O. M., Krämer, M., Kremser, P., Krinner, F., Kroumchtein, Z. V., Kulinich, Y., Kunne, F., Kurek, K., Kurjata, R. P., Lednev, A. A., Lehmann, A., Levillain, M., Levorato, S., Lian, Y. S., Lichtenstadt, J., Longo, R., Maggiora, A., Magnon, A., Makins, N., Makke, N., Mallot, G. K., Marianski, B., Martin, A., Marzec, J., Matoušek, J., Matsuda, H., Matsuda, T., Meshcheryakov, G. V., Meyer, M., Meyer, W., Mikhailov, Y. V., Mikhasenko, M., Mitrofanov, E., Mitrofanov, N., Miyachi, Y., Nagaytsev, A., Nerling, F., Neyret, D., Nový, J., Nowak, W. D., Nukazuka, G., Nunes, A. S., Olshevsky, A. G., Orlov, I., Ostrick, M., Panzieri, D., Parsamyan, B., Paul, S., Peng, J. C., Pereira, F., Pešek, M., Peshekhonov, D. V., Pierre, N., Platchkov, S., Pochodzalla, J., Polyakov, V. A., Pretz, J., Quaresma, M., Quintans, C., Ramos, S., Regali, C., Reicherz, G., Riedl, C., Roskot, M., Rossiyskaya, N. S., Ryabchikov, D. I., Rybnikov, A., Rychter, A., Salac, R., Samoylenko, V. D., Sandacz, A., Santos, C., Sarkar, S., Savin, I. A., Sawada, T., Sbrizzai, G., Schiavon, P., Schmidt, K., Schmieden, H., Schönning, K., Seder, E., Selyunin, A., Silva, L., Sinha, L., Sirtl, S., Slunecka, M., Smolik, J., Srnka, A., Steffen, D., Stolarski, M., Subrt, O., Sulc, M., Suzuki, H., Szabelski, A., Szameitat, T., Sznajder, P., Takekawa, S., Tasevsky, M., Tessaro, S., Tessarotto, F., Thibaud, F., Thiel, A., Tosello, F., Tskhay, V., Uhl, S., Veloso, J., Virius, M., Vondra, J., Wallner, S., Weisrock, T., Wilfert, M., ter Wolbeek, J., Zaremba, K., Zavada, P., Zavertyaev, M., Zemlyanichkina, E., Zhuravlev, N., Ziembicki, M. & Zink, A., Nov 1 2018, In : European Physical Journal C. 78, 11, 952.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

COMPASS (programming language)

Cooperative asymmetric reactions combining photocatalysis and enzymatic catalysis

Litman, Z. C., Wang, Y., Zhao, H. & Hartwig, J. F., Aug 16 2018, In : Nature. 560, 7718, p. 355-359 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter


Cytochrome b5 enhances androgen synthesis by rapidly reducing the CYP17A1 oxy-complex in the lyase step

Duggal, R., Denisov, I. G. & Sligar, S., Jul 2018, In : FEBS Letters. 592, 13, p. 2282-2288 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Cytochromes b5
Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System
NADPH-Ferrihemoprotein Reductase

Effect of tissue staining in quantitative phase imaging

Ban, S., Min, E., Ahn, Y., Popescu, G. & Jung, W., Aug 2018, In : Journal of Biophotonics. 11, 8, e201700402.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Staining and Labeling
Imaging techniques
optical properties

Effects of BEAT Cancer randomized physical activity trial on subjective memory impairments in breast cancer survivors

Ehlers, D. K., Rogers, L. Q., Courneya, K. S., Robbs, R. S. & McAuley, E., Feb 2018, In : Psycho-Oncology. 27, 2, p. 687-690 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Breast Neoplasms

KBase: The United States department of energy systems biology knowledgebase

Arkin, A. P., Cottingham, R. W., Henry, C. S., Harris, N. L., Stevens, R. L., Maslov, S., Dehal, P., Ware, D., Perez, F., Canon, S., Sneddon, M. W., Henderson, M. L., Riehl, W. J., Murphy-Olson, D., Chan, S. Y., Kamimura, R. T., Kumari, S., Drake, M. M., Brettin, T. S., Glass, E. M. & 61 others, Chivian, D., Gunter, D., Weston, D. J., Allen, B. H., Baumohl, J., Best, A. A., Bowen, B., Brenner, S. E., Bun, C. C., Chandonia, J. M., Chia, J. M., Colasanti, R., Conrad, N., Davis, J. J., Davison, B. H., Dejongh, M., Devoid, S., Dietrich, E., Dubchak, I., Edirisinghe, J. N., Fang, G., Faria, J. P., Frybarger, P. M., Gerlach, W., Gerstein, M., Greiner, A., Gurtowski, J., Haun, H. L., He, F., Jain, R., Joachimiak, M. P., Keegan, K. P., Kondo, S., Kumar, V., Land, M. L., Meyer, F., Mills, M., Novichkov, P. S., Oh, T., Olsen, G. J., Olson, R., Parrello, B., Pasternak, S., Pearson, E., Poon, S. S., Price, G. A., Ramakrishnan, S., Ranjan, P., Ronald, P. C., Schatz, M. C., Seaver, S. M. D., Shukla, M., Sutormin, R. A., Syed, M. H., Thomason, J., Tintle, N. L., Wang, D., Xia, F., Yoo, H., Yoo, S. & Yu, D., Jul 6 2018, In : Nature Biotechnology. 36, 7, p. 566-569 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Systems Biology

Lutein is differentially deposited across brain regions following formula or breast feeding of infant rhesus macaques

Jeon, S., Ranard, K. M., Neuringer, M., Johnson, E. E., Renner, L., Kuchan, M. J., Pereira, S. L., Johnson, E. J. & Erdman, J. W., Jan 1 2018, In : Journal of Nutrition. 148, 1, p. 31-39 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Breast Feeding
Macaca mulatta
forward modeling
adaptive management

Order and polarity in character state transformation models that root the tree of life

Caetano-Anollés, K., Caetano-Anollés, D., Nasir, A., Kim, K. M. & Caetano-Anollés, G., Jun 2018, In : Biochimie. 149, p. 135-136 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Pressure- and heat-induced protein unfolding in bacterial cells: crowding vs. sticking

Chen, T., Dave, K. & Gruebele, M., Apr 2018, In : FEBS Letters. 592, 8, p. 1357-1365 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Protein Unfolding
Phosphoglycerate Kinase
Hot Temperature
Escherichia coli
Pediatric Obesity
Body Weight

The emergence of novel sparrow deltacoronaviruses in the United States more closely related to porcine deltacoronaviruses than sparrow deltacoronavirus HKU17 correspondence

Chen, Q., Wang, L., Yang, C., Zheng, Y., Gauger, P. C., Anderson, T., Harmon, K. M., Zhang, J., Yoon, K. J., Main, R. G. & Li, G., Dec 1 2018, In : Emerging Microbes and Infections. 7, 1, 105.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Open Access

The power of agricultural data

Woodard, J. D., Sherrick, B. J., Atwood, D. M., Blair, R., Fogel, G., Goeser, N., Gold, B., Lewis, J., Mattson, C., Moseley, J., O'Mara, C., Piotti, J., Salas, B., Scarlett, L., Duncanson, K. W. & Yoder, F., Oct 26 2018, In : Science. 362, 6413, p. 410-411 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

United States Department of Agriculture

Translucent windows: how uncertainty in competitive interactions impacts detection of community pattern

D'Andrea, R., Ostling, A. & O'Dwyer, J. P., Jun 2018, In : Ecology Letters. 21, 6, p. 826-835 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

interspecific competition
natural history

Trout in hot water: A call for global action

Muhlfeld, C. C., Dauwalter, D. C., Kovach, R. P., Kershner, J. L., Williams, J. E. & Epifanio, J., May 25 2018, In : Science. 360, 6391, p. 866-867 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter