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Virtual Reality Library Environments

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Open Access

Artists’ Book Collections: A Collaborative Approach to Collection Development

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Challenges and Alternatives to Caribbean Family History and Genealogy: Archives and Sources in Puerto Rico

Sotomayor, A. 2016 Who are We Really?: Latin American Family, Local and Micro-Regional Histories and Their Impact on Understanding Ourselves. Delgadillo, R. (ed.). New Orleans, LA: Seminar on the Aquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM), (Papers of the Annual Meeting of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials; no. 59)

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Fostering assessment strategies for digital pedagogy through faculty-librarian collaborations: An analysis of student-generated multimodal digital scholarship

Green, H. E. Jan 1 2016 Laying the Foundation: Digital Humanities in Academic Libraries. Purdue University Press, p. 179-204 26 p.

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Top Ten Questions and Answers about Digital Preservation for Special Collections and Archives

Thomas, L. M. & Schumacher, J. L. 2016 New Directions for Special Collections: An Anthology of Practice. Thomas, L. M. & Whittaker, B. M. (eds.). Libraries Unlimited, p. 149-154

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A tale of three libraries: Lessons learned from three branch mergers at McGill University

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Shaping the librarian's library: Collecting to support LIS education and practice

Searing, S. E. Dec 31 2014 STEM Education: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. IGI Global, Vol. 3-3, p. 1535-1558 24 p.

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Small Format, Big News: The 1862 Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

Hotchkiss, V. 2014 The 1962 Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation: a Facsimile Edition. Illinois: University of Illinois Press

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The cold war games of a colonial latin American nation: San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1966

Sotomayor, A. Jan 1 2014 Diplomatic Games: Sport, Statecraft, and International Relations Since 1945. University Press of Kentucky, p. 217-250 34 p.

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Cold War
Puerto Rico

Going, going, gone: Management strategies for time and staff when there is little of either

Holder, S. H. & Lannon, A. 2013 Time and project management strategies for librarians. Kuhl, J. & Fraser, L. (eds.). Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, p. 61-70

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Interdisciplinary research: A literature-based examination of disciplinary intersections using a common tool, Geographic Information System (GIS)

Allen, R. S. 2013 Information and the Professional Scientist and Engineer. Taylor and Francis, p. 191-209 19 p.

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Interdisciplinary Research
Geographic Information Systems
Data Base

LGBT Marriage

Benson, S. 2013 Cultural Sociology of Divorce: An Encyclopedia. Emery, R. E. (ed.). SAGE Publications Inc., p. 705-707

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Reimagining academic archives

Prom, C. J. 2013 Hacking the Academy: New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching from Digital Humanities. University of Michigan Press, Vol. 9780472029471, p. 146-149 4 p.

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The complexities of digital resources: Collection boundaries and management responsibilities

Kaczmarek, J. 2013 Archives and the Digital Library. Taylor and Francis, p. 215-228 14 p.

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Sustainable development

Women and gender studies Internet reference resources: A critical overview

Ingold, C. Jan 1 2013 Evolving Internet Reference Resources. Taylor and Francis, p. 103-117 15 p.

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World Wide Web
Gender Studies
Women's Studies

Academic curriculum collections in North America: A comparative survey

Holder, S. H. 2012 Library collection development for professional programs: Trends and best practices. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, p. 423-441

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Capturing patron selections from an engineering library public terminal menu: An analysis of results

Mischo, W. H. & Schlembach, M. C. Jan 1 2012 Information Practice in Science and Technology: Evolving Challenges and New Directions. Taylor and Francis, p. 127-138 12 p.

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Public Libraries
Abstracting and Indexing

Creating up-to-date corporate name authority records by using official corporate home web pages

Jin, Q. Dec 1 2012 Authority Control in Organizing and Accessing Information: Definition and International Experience. Taylor and Francis, p. 281-290 10 p.

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World Wide Web
Search Engine

Geology librarianship: Current trends and challenges

Joseph, L. E. Jan 1 2012 Information Practice in Science and Technology: Evolving Challenges and New Directions. Taylor and Francis, p. 65-86 22 p.

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Library Science
Copyright Law
Disciplinary Boundaries

It's not your parents' library anymore: Challenges and opportunities in the new webs of complexity

Kaufman, P. 2012 Digital Information and Knowledge Management: New Opportunities for Research Libraries. Taylor and Francis, p. 5-26 22 p.

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Knowledge management

Research data management and the role of libraries

Schlembach, M. C. & Brach, C. A. Nov 15 2012 Special Issues in Data Management. American Chemical Society, Vol. 1110, p. 129-144 16 p. (ACS Symposium Series; vol. 1110)

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Information management

Stop the technology, i want to get off: Tips and tricks for media selection and acquisition

Laskowski, M. S. Jan 1 2012 Selecting Materials for Library Collections. Taylor and Francis, p. 217-225 9 p.

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A Curious Collection in Ivory: The Lord Gort Casket

Carns, P. M. 2011 Collections in Context: The Organization of Knowledge and Community in Europe. Fresco, K. & Hedeman, A. D. (eds.). Columbus: Ohio State University Press, p. 246-274 29 p. (Text and Context)

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Marrying Into the TARDIS Tribe

Thomas, L. M. 2010 Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It. Thomas, L. M. & O'Shea, T. (eds.). Mad Norwegian Press

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Now I know my ABC's (of children's literature)

Holder, S. H. 2009 The library instruction cookbook: 50+ active recipes for 1-shot sessions. Sittler, R. & Cook, D. (eds.). Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries

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Disasters Know No Boarders: The Crucial Nature of Disaster Planning

Page, J., Clareson, T. & Teper, T. H. 2008 Library Leadership in a World Community: A Manual for Professional Development. Urbana, IL: Mortenson Center for International Library Programs at the University of Illinois, p. 90 109 p.

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Bibliography of Jaroslav Pelikan, 1946-2005

Hotchkiss, V. 2005 Orthodoxy and Western Culture: Essays in Honor of the 80th Birthday of Jaroslav Pelikan. Crestwood: St. Vladimir's Press, p. 185-231 47 p.

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Was wir ererbt haben

Hotchkiss, V. 2005 Orthodoxy and Western Culture: Essays in Honor of the 80th Birthday of Jaroslav Pelikan. Crestwood: St. Vladimir's Press, p. 11-27 17 p.

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Environmental Impacts of Tourism on the Australian Alps Protected Areas: Judgments of Protected Area Managers

Pickering, C. M., Harrington, J. & Worboys, G. 2003 Mountain Research and Development. p. 247-254 8 p. (Mountain Research and Development; vol. 23)

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protected area
environmental impact of tourism
environmental impact

The collaboration that created the Kolb-Proust archive: Humanities scholarship, computing, and the library

Szylowicz, C. & Kibbee, J. Aug 31 2003 Electronic Collaboration in the Humanities: Issues and Options. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, p. 255-266 12 p.

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The International Association of Music Libraries (IAML): Past, present, and future

Wagstaff, J. Dec 1 2000 Advances in Librarianship. Vol. 24, p. 189-207 19 p. (Advances in Librarianship; vol. 24)

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An Overabundance of Grace: Women's Convent Chronicles in Fourteenth-Century Dominican Convents

Hotchkiss, V. 1996 The Unbounded Community: Papers in Honor of Jaroslav Pelikan. New York: Garland Press, p. 113-126 14 p.

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Dietrich Schernberg’s Ein schön Spiel von Frau Jutten: The Salvation of the Female Pope

Hotchkiss, V. 1994 Canon and Canon-Transgression in Medieval German Literature. Goppingen: Kummerle, p. 195-206 12 p.

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Gender Transgression and the Abandoned Wife in Medieval Literature

Hotchkiss, V. 1994 Gendering Rhetorics: Postures of Dominance and Submission in Human History. Binghamton: Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, p. 207-18 12 p.

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Expectations, outcome, and patient satisfaction with mental health treatment

Harrington, J. 1993 ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, p. 152-152 p. 1 p. (ProQuest Dissertations and Theses)

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Patient Satisfaction
Mental Health

The Recruitment of Men into Librarianship Following World War II

O'Brien, N. P. 1983 The Status of Women in Librarianship: Historical, Sociological and Economic Issues. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, p. 51-66

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