Research Output 1967 2020

Review article

Architecture of explanatory inference in the human prefrontal cortex

Barbey, A. K. & Patterson, R., Dec 1 2011, In : Frontiers in Psychology. 2, JUL, Article 162.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Prefrontal Cortex
Social Adjustment

A review of the mechanical behavior of CaP and CaP/polymer composites for applications in bone replacement and repair

Wagoner Johnson, A. J. & Herschler, B. A., Jan 1 2011, In : Acta Biomaterialia. 7, 1, p. 16-30 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Calcium phosphate

Arf6-dependent intracellular trafficking of pasteurella multocida toxin and pH-dependent translocation from late endosomes

Repella, T. L., Ho, M., Chong, T. P. M., Bannai, Y. & Wilson, B. A., Mar 1 2011, In : Toxins. 3, 3, p. 218-241 24 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Pasteurella multocida
Cholera Toxin

Assessing sampling adequacy of mussel diversity surveys in wadeable Illinois streams

Huang, J., Cao, Y. & Cummings, K. S., Dec 1 2011, In : Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 30, 4, p. 923-934 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

species diversity
riparian zone

A triple threat to single molecules

Gruebele, M., Mar 1 2011, In : Nature Methods. 8, 3, p. 213-215 3 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Protein folding
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer

'Been to the Nation, Lord, but I Couldn't Stay There'

Byrd, J., Mar 1 2011, In : Interventions. 13, 1, p. 31-52 22 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

critical theory
colonial age

Behavior and the dynamic genome

Bell, A. M. & Robinson, G. E., Jun 3 2011, In : Science. 332, 6034, p. 1161-1162 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Gene Expression

Between subalternity and indigeneity

Byrd, J. A. & Rothberg, M., Mar 1 2011, In : Interventions. 13, 1, p. 1-12 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

American Indian
colonial age
South Asia
New Zealand

Biofunctionalized nanoneedles for the direct and site-selective delivery of probes into living cells

Yum, K., Yu, M. F., Wang, N. & Xiang, Y. K., Mar 1 2011, In : Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects. 1810, 3, p. 330-338 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Biological Phenomena

Can biofuels be a solution to climate change? The implications of land use change-related emissions for policy

Khanna, M., Crago, C. L. & Black, M., Jan 1 2011, In : Interface Focus. 1, 2, p. 233-247 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Climate Change
Land use
Climate change
Greenhouse gases

Canine and feline nasal tumors

Neumann, Z. L., Fan, T. M. & Looper, J., Aug 2011, In : Veterinary Medicine. 106, 8, p. 402-416 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Cell-based Therapies: Current Issues and Future Directions

Stewart, M. C., Aug 1 2011, In : Veterinary Clinics of North America - Equine Practice. 27, 2, p. 393-399 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Cell- and Tissue-Based Therapy
Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
stem cells

Cell-based Therapies for Equine Joint Disease

Frisbie, D. D. & Stewart, M. C., Aug 1 2011, In : Veterinary Clinics of North America - Equine Practice. 27, 2, p. 335-349 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Horse Diseases
joint diseases
Joint Diseases
Cell- and Tissue-Based Therapy
Articular Cartilage

Cellular and molecular action of the mitogenic protein-deamidating toxin from Pasteurella multocida

Wilson, B. A. & Ho, M., Dec 1 2011, In : FEBS Journal. 278, 23, p. 4616-4632 17 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Pasteurella multocida
Chemical activation
GTP-Binding Proteins
Escherichia coli

Closing in on complete pathways of biotin biosynthesis

Lin, S. & Cronan, J. E., Jun 1 2011, In : Molecular BioSystems. 7, 6, p. 1811-1821 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Bacillus subtilis
Escherichia coli
Biosynthetic Pathways

Comparing photosynthetic and photovoltaic efficiencies and recognizing the potential for improvement

Blankenship, R. E., Tiede, D. M., Barber, J., Brudvig, G. W., Fleming, G., Ghirardi, M., Gunner, M. R., Junge, W., Kramer, D. M., Melis, A., Moore, T. A., Moser, C. C., Nocera, D. G., Nozik, A. J., Ort, D. R., Parson, W. W., Prince, R. C. & Sayre, R. T., May 13 2011, In : Science. 332, 6031, p. 805-809 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Solar Energy
Synthetic Biology

Computer and information science and engineering: One discipline, many specialties

Snir, M., Mar 1 2011, In : Communications of the ACM. 54, 3, p. 38-43 6 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Information science
Computer science

Direct cellular peptidomics of hypothalamic neurons

Mitchell, J. W., Atkins, N., Sweedler, J. V. & Gillette, M. L., Oct 1 2011, In : Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology. 32, 4, p. 377-386 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Cell signaling
Supraoptic Nucleus
Suprachiasmatic Nucleus

Distribution and conservation status of the rusty gravedigger, cambarus miltus, a poorly known gulf coastal crayfish

Taylor, C. A., Schuster, G. A., Graydon, C. L. & Moler, P. E., Sep 1 2011, In : Southeastern Naturalist. 10, 3, p. 547-552 6 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

conservation status

DNA barcoding: A taxonomic point of view

Dewalt, R. E., Mar 1 2011, In : Journal of the North American Benthological Society. 30, 1, p. 174-181 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

DNA libraries

Ecological considerations in the sustainable development of terrestrial biofuel crops

Raghu, S., Spencer, J. L., Davis, A. & Wiedenmann, R. N., Mar 1 2011, In : Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 3, 1-2, p. 15-23 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

sustainable development
agricultural landscape
rural economy
Risk Factors

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in ovarian function: Effects on steroidogenesis, metabolism and nuclear receptor signaling

Craig, Z. R., Wang, W. & Flaws, J. A., Nov 1 2011, In : Reproduction. 142, 5, p. 633-646 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Endocrine Disruptors
Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Receptors
Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Engineering microbial factories for synthesis of value-added products

Du, J., Shao, Z. & Zhao, H., Aug 1 2011, In : Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. 38, 8, p. 873-890 18 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Industrial plants
Synthetic Biology
Metabolic engineering
Metabolic Engineering

Engineering of exchange interactions in electrostatic quantum dots for information processing

Melnikov, D. V. & Leburton, J-P., Mar 2011, In : Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience. 8, 3, p. 449-463 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Exchange Interaction
Exchange interactions
Quantum Dots
Information Processing

Exercise, brain, and cognition across the life span

Voss, M. W., Nagamatsu, L. S., Liu-Ambrose, T. & Kramer, A. F., Nov 1 2011, In : Journal of Applied Physiology. 111, 5, p. 1505-1513 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Resistance Training
Animal Models

Forward-backward semiclassical and quantum trajectory methods for time correlation functions

Makri, N., Aug 28 2011, In : Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 13, 32, p. 14442-14452 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Quantum theory

Fostering regulatory compliance: The role of environmental self-auditing and audit policies

Khanna, M. & Widyawati, D., Jun 13 2011, In : Review of Law and Economics. 7, 1, p. 129-164 36 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Fragile X family members have important and non-overlapping functions

Winograd, C. & Ceman, S., Oct 1 2011, In : Biomolecular Concepts. 2, 5, p. 343-352 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Protein Interaction Domains and Motifs
RNA-Binding Proteins
Alternative Splicing

General Action and Inaction Goals: Their Behavioral, Cognitive, and Affective Origins and Influences

Albarracin, D., Hepler, J. & Tannenbaum, M., Apr 1 2011, In : Current Directions in Psychological Science. 20, 2, p. 119-123 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Research Personnel
Power (Psychology)

General resistance in maize to southern rust (Puccinia polysora Underw.)

Brewbaker, J. L., Kim, S. K., So, Y. S., Logroño, M., Moon, H. G., Ming, R., Lu, X. W. & Josue, A. D., Jul 2011, In : Crop Science. 51, 4, p. 1393-1409 17 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Puccinia polysora
inbred lines
rust diseases

Genome mining for ribosomally synthesized natural products

Velásquez, J. E. & van der Donk, W. A., Feb 1 2011, In : Current Opinion in Chemical Biology. 15, 1, p. 11-21 11 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Biological Products

Gold nanorod crystal growth: From seed-mediated synthesis to nanoscale sculpting

Murphy, C. J., Thompson, L. B., Chernak, D. J., Yang, J. A., Sivapalan, S. T., Boulos, S. P., Huang, J., Alkilany, A. M. & Sisco, P. N., Apr 1 2011, In : Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science. 16, 2, p. 128-134 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Crystal growth

Habitat quality of source patches and connectivity in fragmented landscapes

Schooley, R. L. & Branch, L. C., Jul 1 2011, In : Biodiversity and Conservation. 20, 8, p. 1611-1623 13 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

habitat quality
Ondatra zibethicus

Harnessing neuroplasticity for clinical applications

Cramer, S. C., Sur, M., Dobkin, B. H., O'Brien, C., Sanger, T. D., Trojanowski, J. Q., Rumsey, J. M., Hicks, R., Cameron, J., Chen, D., Chen, W. G., Cohen, L. G., Decharms, C., Duffy, C. J., Eden, G. F., Fetz, E. E., Filart, R., Freund, M., Grant, S. J., Haber, S. & 15 others, Kalivas, P. W., Kolb, B., Kramer, A. F., Lynch, M., Mayberg, H. S., McQuillen, P. S., Nitkin, R., Pascual-Leone, A., Reuter-Lorenz, P., Schiff, N., Sharma, A., Shekim, L., Stryker, M., Sullivan, E. V. & Vinogradov, S., Jun 1 2011, In : Brain. 134, 6, p. 1591-1609 19 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Neuronal Plasticity
Central Nervous System
Research Personnel
Photonic crystals

How can land-use modelling tools inform bioenergy policies?

Davis, S. C., House, J. I., Diaz-Chavez, R. A., Molnar, A., Valin, H. & Delucia, E. H., Jan 1 2011, In : Interface Focus. 1, 2, p. 212-223 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Land use
Social Planning
Climate Change
Information Storage and Retrieval

Inclusive search for same-sign dilepton signatures in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector

Aad, G., Abbott, B., Abdallah, J., Abdelalim, A. A., Abdesselam, A., Abdinov, O., Abi, B., Abolins, M., Abramowicz, H., Abreu, H., Acerbi, E., Acharya, B. S., Adams, D. L., Addy, T. N., Adelman, J., Aderholz, M., Adomeit, S., Adragna, P., Adye, T., Aefsky, S. & 3,004 others, Aguilar-Saavedra, J. A., Aharrouche, M., Ahlen, S. P., Ahles, F., Ahmad, A., Ahsan, M., Aielli, G., Akdogan, T., Åkesson, T. P. A., Akimoto, G., Akimov, A. V., Akiyama, A., Alam, M. S., Alam, M. A., Albrand, S., Aleksa, M., Aleksandrov, I. N., Alessandria, F., Alexa, C., Alexander, G., Alexandre, G., Alexopoulos, T., Alhroob, M., Aliev, M., Alimonti, G., Alison, J., Aliyev, M., Allport, P. P., Allwood-Spiers, S. E., Almond, J., Aloisio, A., Alon, R., Alonso, A., Alviggi, M. G., Amako, K., Amaral, P., Amelung, C., Ammosov, V. V., Amorim, A., Amorós, G., Amram, N., Anastopoulos, C., Andeen, T., Anders, C. F., Anderson, K. J., Andreazza, A., Andrei, V., Andrieux, M. L., Anduaga, X. 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A., Diglio, S., Dindar Yagci, K., Dingfelder, J., Dionisi, C., Dita, P., Dita, S., Dittus, F., Djama, F., Djilkibaev, R., Djobava, T., Do Vale, M. A. B., Do Valle Wemans, A., Doan, T. K. O., Dobbs, M., Dobinson, R., Dobos, D., Dobson, E., Dobson, M., Dodd, J., Dogan, O. B., Doglioni, C., Doherty, T., Doi, Y., Dolejsi, J., Dolenc, I., Dolezal, Z., Dolgoshein, B. A., Dohmae, T., Donadelli, M., Donega, M., Donini, J., Dopke, J., Doria, A., Dos Anjos, A., Dosil, M., Dotti, A., Dova, M. T., Dowell, J. D., Doxiadis, A. D., Doyle, A. T., Drasal, Z., Drees, J., Dressnandt, N., Drevermann, H., Driouichi, C., Dris, M., Dubbert, J., Dubbs, T., Dube, S., Duchovni, E., Duckeck, G., Dudarev, A., Dudziak, F., Dührssen, M., Duerdoth, I. P., Duflot, L., Dufour, M. A., Dunford, M., Duran Yildiz, H., Duxfield, R., Dwuznik, M., Dydak, F., Dzahini, D., Düren, M., Ebenstein, W. L., Ebke, J., Eckert, S., Eckweiler, S., Edmonds, K., Edwards, C. A., Ehrenfeld, W., Ehrich, T., Eifert, T., Eigen, G., Einsweiler, K., Eisenhandler, E., Ekelof, T., El Kacimi, M., Ellert, M., Elles, S., Ellinghaus, F., Ellis, K., Ellis, N., Elmsheuser, J., Elsing, M., Ely, R., Emeliyanov, D., Engelmann, R., Engl, A., Epp, B., Eppig, A., Erdmann, J., Ereditato, A., Eriksson, D., Ernst, J., Ernst, M., Ernwein, J., Errede, D., Errede, S., Ertel, E., Escalier, M., Escobar, C., Espinal Curull, X., Esposito, B., Etienne, F., Etienvre, A. I., Etzion, E., Evangelakou, D., Evans, H., Fabbri, L., Fabre, C., Fakhrutdinov, R. M., Falciano, S., Falou, A. C., Fang, Y., Fanti, M., Farbin, A., Farilla, A., Farley, J., Farooque, T., Farrington, S. M., Farthouat, P., Fassnacht, P., Fassouliotis, D., Fatholahzadeh, B., Favareto, A., Fayard, L., Fazio, S., Febbraro, R., Federic, P., Fedin, O. L., Fedorko, I., Fedorko, W., Fehling-Kaschek, M., Feligioni, L., Fellmann, D., Felzmann, C. U., Feng, C., Feng, E. J., Fenyuk, A. B., Ferencei, J., Ferland, J., Fernando, W., Ferrag, S., Ferrando, J., Ferrara, V., Ferrari, A., Ferrari, P., Ferrari, R., Ferrer, A., Ferrer, M. L., Ferrere, D., Ferretti, C., Ferretto Parodi, A., Fiascaris, M., Fiedler, F., Filipčič, A., Filippas, A., Filthaut, F., Fincke-Keeler, M., Fiolhais, M. C. N., Fiorini, L., Firan, A., Fischer, G., Fischer, P., Fisher, M. J., Fisher, S. M., Flacco, C. J., Flechl, M., Fleck, I., Fleckner, J., Fleischmann, P., Fleischmann, S., Flick, T., Flores Castillo, L. R., Flowerdew, M. J., Föhlisch, F., Fokitis, M., Fonseca Martin, T., Forbush, D. A., Formica, A., Forti, A., Fortin, D., Foster, J. M., Fournier, D., Foussat, A., Fowler, A. J., Fowler, K., Fox, H., Francavilla, P., Franchino, S., Francis, D., Frank, T., Franklin, M., Franz, S., Fraternali, M., Fratina, S., French, S. T., Froeschl, R., Froidevaux, D., Frost, J. A., Fukunaga, C., Fullana Torregrosa, E., Fuster, J., Gabaldon, C., Gabizon, O., Gadfort, T., Gadomski, S., Gagliardi, G., Gagnon, P., Galea, C., Gallas, E. J., Gallas, M. V., Gallo, V., Gallop, B. J., Gallus, P., Galyaev, E., Gan, K. K., Gao, Y. S., Gapienko, V. A., Gaponenko, A., Garberson, F., Garcia-Sciveres, M., García, C., García Navarro, J. E., Gardner, R. W., Garelli, N., Garitaonandia, H., Garonne, V., Garvey, J., Gatti, C., Gaudio, G., Gaumer, O., Gaur, B., Gauthier, L., Gavrilenko, I. L., Gay, C., Gaycken, G., Gayde, J. C., Gazis, E. N., Ge, P., Gee, C. N. P., Geerts, D. A. A., Geich-Gimbel, C. H., Gellerstedt, K., Gemme, C., Gemmell, A., Genest, M. H., Gentile, S., George, M., George, S., Gerlach, P., Gershon, A., Geweniger, C., Ghazlane, H., Ghez, P., Ghodbane, N., Giacobbe, B., Giagu, S., Giakoumopoulou, V., Giangiobbe, V., Gianotti, F., Gibbard, B., Gibson, A., Gibson, S. M., Gilbert, L. M., Gilchriese, M., Gilewsky, V., Gillberg, D., Gillman, A. R., Gingrich, D. M., Ginzburg, J., Giokaris, N., Giordano, R., Giorgi, F. M., Giovannini, P., Giraud, P. F., Giugni, D., Giunta, M., Giusti, P., Gjelsten, B. K., Gladilin, L. K., Glasman, C., Glatzer, J., Glazov, A., Glitza, K. W., Glonti, G. L., Godfrey, J., Godlewski, J., Goebel, M., Göpfert, T., Goeringer, C., Gössling, C., Göttfert, T., Goldfarb, S., Goldin, D., Golling, T., Golovnia, S. N., Gomes, A., Gomez Fajardo, L. S., Gonçalo, R., Goncalves Pinto Firmino Da Costa, J., Gonella, L., Gonidec, A., Gonzalez, S., González De La Hoz, S., Gonzalez Silva, M. L., Gonzalez-Sevilla, S., Goodson, J. J., Goossens, L., Gorbounov, P. A., Gordon, H. A., Gorelov, I., Gorfine, G., Gorini, B., Gorini, E., Gorišek, A., Gornicki, E., Gorokhov, S. A., Goryachev, V. N., Gosdzik, B., Gosselink, M., Gostkin, M. I., Gouanère, M., Gough Eschrich, I., Gouighri, M., Goujdami, D., Goulette, M. P., Goussiou, A. G., Goy, C., Grabowska-Bold, I., Grabski, V., Grafström, P., Grah, C., Grahn, K. J., Grancagnolo, F., Grancagnolo, S., Grassi, V., Gratchev, V., Grau, N., Gray, H. M., Gray, J. A., Graziani, E., Grebenyuk, O. G., Greenfield, D., Greenshaw, T., Greenwood, Z. D., Gregor, I. M., Grenier, P., Griesmayer, E., Griffiths, J., Grigalashvili, N., Grillo, A. A., Grinstein, S., Gris, P. H., Grishkevich, Y. V., Grivaz, J. F., Grognuz, J., Groh, M., Gross, E., Grosse-Knetter, J., Groth-Jensen, J., Grybel, K., Guarino, V. J., Guest, D., Guicheney, C., Guida, A., Guillemin, T., Guindon, S., Guler, H., Gunther, J., Guo, B., Guo, J., Gupta, A., Gusakov, Y., Gushchin, V. N., Gutierrez, A., Gutierrez, P., Guttman, N., Gutzwiller, O., Guyot, C., Gwenlan, C., Gwilliam, C. B., Haas, A., Haas, S., Haber, C., Hackenburg, R., Hadavand, H. K., Hadley, D. R., Haefner, P., Hahn, F., Haider, S., Hajduk, Z., Hakobyan, H., Haller, J., Hamacher, K., Hamal, P., Hamilton, A., Hamilton, S., Han, H., Han, L., Hanagaki, K., Hance, M., Handel, C., Hanke, P., Hansen, J. R., Hansen, J. B., Hansen, J. D., Hansen, P. H., Hansson, P., Hara, K., Hare, G. A., Harenberg, T., Harkusha, S., Harper, D., Harrington, R. D., Harris, O. M., Harrison, K., Hartert, J., Hartjes, F., Haruyama, T., Harvey, A., Hasegawa, S., Hasegawa, Y., Hassani, S., Hatch, M., Hauff, D., Haug, S., Hauschild, M., Hauser, R., Havranek, M., Hawes, B. M., Hawkes, C. M., Hawkings, R. J., Hawkins, D., Hayakawa, T., Hayden, D., Hayward, H. S., Haywood, S. J., Hazen, E., He, M., Head, S. J., Hedberg, V., Heelan, L., Heim, S., Heinemann, B., Heisterkamp, S., Helary, L., Heldmann, M., Heller, M., Hellman, S., Helsens, C., Henderson, R. C. W., Henke, M., Henrichs, A., Henriques Correia, A. M., Henrot-Versille, S., Henry-Couannier, F., Hensel, C., Henß, T., Hernandez, C. M., Hernández Jiménez, Y., Herrberg, R., Hershenhorn, A. D., Herten, G., Hertenberger, R., Hervas, L., Hessey, N. P., Hidvegi, A., Higón-Rodriguez, E., Hill, D., Hill, J. C., Hill, N., Hiller, K. H., Hillert, S., Hillier, S. J., Hinchliffe, I., Hines, E., Hirose, M., Hirsch, F., Hirschbuehl, D., Hobbs, J., Hod, N., Hodgkinson, M. C., Hodgson, P., Hoecker, A., Hoeferkamp, M. R., Hoffman, J., Hoffmann, D., Hohlfeld, M., Holder, M., Holmes, A., Holmgren, S. O., Holy, T., Holzbauer, J. L., Homma, Y., Hong, T. M., Hooft Van Huysduynen, L., Horazdovsky, T., Horn, C., Horner, S., Horton, K., Hostachy, J. Y., Hou, S., Houlden, M. A., Hoummada, A., Howarth, J., Howell, D. F., Hristova, I., Hrivnac, J., Hruska, I., Hryn'ova, T., Hsu, P. J., Hsu, S. C., Huang, G. S., Hubacek, Z., Hubaut, F., Huegging, F., Huffman, T. B., Hughes, E. W., Hughes, G., Hughes-Jones, R. E., Huhtinen, M., Hurst, P., Hurwitz, M., Husemann, U., Huseynov, N., Huston, J., Huth, J., Iacobucci, G., Iakovidis, G., Ibbotson, M., Ibragimov, I., Ichimiya, R., Iconomidou-Fayard, L., Idarraga, J., Idzik, M., Iengo, P., Igonkina, O., Ikegami, Y., Ikeno, M., Ilchenko, Y., Iliadis, D., Imbault, D., Imhaeuser, M., Imori, M., Ince, T., Inigo-Golfin, J., Ioannou, P., Iodice, M., Ionescu, G., Irles Quiles, A., Ishii, K., Ishikawa, A., Ishino, M., Ishmukhametov, R., Issever, C., Istin, S., Itoh, Y., Ivashin, A. V., Iwanski, W., Iwasaki, H., Izen, J. M., Izzo, V., Jackson, B., Jackson, J. N., Jackson, P., Jaekel, M. R., Jain, V., Jakobs, K., Jakobsen, S., Jakubek, J., Jana, D. K., Jankowski, E., Jansen, E., Jantsch, A., Janus, M., Jarlskog, G., Jeanty, L., Jelen, K., Jen-La Plante, I., Jenni, P., Jeremie, A., Jež, P., Jézéquel, S., Jha, M. K., Ji, H., Ji, W., Jia, J., Jiang, Y., Jimenez Belenguer, M., Jin, G., Jin, S., Jinnouchi, O., Joergensen, M. D., Joffe, D., Johansen, L. G., Johansen, M., Johansson, K. E., Johansson, P., Johnert, S., Johns, K. A., Jon-And, K., Jones, G., Jones, R. W. L., Jones, T. W., Jones, T. J., Jonsson, O., Joram, C., Jorge, P. M., Joseph, J., Ju, X., Juranek, V., Jussel, P., Kabachenko, V. V., Kabana, S., Kaci, M., Kaczmarska, A., Kadlecik, P., Kado, M., Kagan, H., Kagan, M., Kaiser, S., Kajomovitz, E., Kalinin, S., Kalinovskaya, L. V., Kama, S., Kanaya, N., Kaneda, M., Kanno, T., Kantserov, V. A., Kanzaki, J., Kaplan, B., Kapliy, A., Kaplon, J., Kar, D., Karagoz, M., Karnevskiy, M., Karr, K., Kartvelishvili, V., Karyukhin, A. N., Kashif, L., Kasmi, A., Kass, R. D., Kastanas, A., Kataoka, M., Kataoka, Y., Katsoufis, E., Katzy, J., Kaushik, V., Kawagoe, K., Kawamoto, T., Kawamura, G., Kayl, M. S., Kazanin, V. A., Kazarinov, M. Y., Keates, J. R., Keeler, R., Kehoe, R., Keil, M., Kekelidze, G. D., Kelly, M., Kennedy, J., Kenney, C. J., Kenyon, M., Kepka, O., Kerschen, N., Kerševan, B. P., Kersten, S., Kessoku, K., Ketterer, C., Keung, J., Khakzad, M., Khalil-Zada, F., Khandanyan, H., Khanov, A., Kharchenko, D., Khodinov, A., Kholodenko, A. G., Khomich, A., Khoo, T. J., Khoriauli, G., Khoroshilov, A., Khovanskiy, N., Khovanskiy, V., Khramov, E., Khubua, J., Kim, H., Kim, M. S., Kim, P. C., Kim, S. H., Kimura, N., Kind, O., King, B. T., King, M., King, R. S. B., Kirk, J., Kirsch, G. P., Kirsch, L. E., Kiryunin, A. E., Kisielewska, D., Kittelmann, T., Kiver, A. M., Kiyamura, H., Kladiva, E., Klaiber-Lodewigs, J., Klein, M., Klein, U., Kleinknecht, K., Klemetti, M., Klier, A., Klimentov, A., Klingenberg, R., Klinkby, E. B., Klioutchnikova, T., Klok, P. F., Klous, S., Kluge, E. E., Kluge, T., Kluit, P., Kluth, S., Kneringer, E., Knobloch, J., Knoops, E. B. F. G., Knue, A., Ko, B. R., Kobayashi, T., Kobel, M., Koblitz, B., Kocian, M., Kocnar, A., Kodys, P., Köneke, K., König, A. C., Koenig, S., Köpke, L., Koetsveld, F., Koevesarki, P., Koffas, T., Koffeman, E., Kohn, F., Kohout, Z., Kohriki, T., Koi, T., Kokott, T., Kolachev, G. M., Kolanoski, H., Kolesnikov, V., Koletsou, I., Koll, J., Kollar, D., Kollefrath, M., Kolya, S. D., Komar, A. A., Komaragiri, J. R., Kondo, T., Kono, T., Kononov, A. I., Konoplich, R., Konstantinidis, N., Kootz, A., Koperny, S., Kopikov, S. V., Korcyl, K., Kordas, K., Koreshev, V., Korn, A., Korol, A., Korolkov, I., Korolkova, E. V., Korotkov, V. A., Kortner, O., Kortner, S., Kostyukhin, V. V., Kotamäki, M. J., Kotov, S., Kotov, V. M., Kotwal, A., Kourkoumelis, C., Kouskoura, V., Koutsman, A., Kowalewski, R., Kowalski, T. Z., Kozanecki, W., Kozhin, A. S., Kral, V., Kramarenko, V. A., Kramberger, G., Krasel, O., Krasny, M. W., Krasznahorkay, A., Kraus, J., Kreisel, A., Krejci, F., Kretzschmar, J., Krieger, N., Krieger, P., Kroeninger, K., Kroha, H., Kroll, J., Kroseberg, J., Krstic, J., Kruchonak, U., Krüger, H., Krumshteyn, Z. V., Kruth, A., Kubota, T., Kuehn, S., Kugel, A., Kuhl, T., Kuhn, D., Kukhtin, V., Kulchitsky, Y., Kuleshov, S., Kummer, C., Kuna, M., Kundu, N., Kunkle, J., Kupco, A., Kurashige, H., Kurata, M., Kurochkin, Y. A., Kus, V., Kuykendall, W., Kuze, M., Kuzhir, P., Kvasnicka, O., Kvita, J., Kwee, R., La Rosa, A., La Rotonda, L., Labarga, L., Labbe, J., Lablak, S., Lacasta, C., Lacava, F., Lacker, H., Lacour, D., Lacuesta, V. R., Ladygin, E., Lafaye, R., Laforge, B., Lagouri, T., Lai, S., Laisne, E., Lamanna, M., Lampen, C. L., Lampl, W., Lancon, E., Landgraf, U., Landon, M. P. J., Landsman, H., Lane, J. L., Lange, C., Lankford, A. J., Lanni, F., Lantzsch, K., Lapin, V. V., Laplace, S., Lapoire, C., Laporte, J. F., Lari, T., Larionov, A. V., Larner, A., Lasseur, C., Lassnig, M., Lau, W., Laurelli, P., Lavorato, A., Lavrijsen, W., Laycock, P., Lazarev, A. B., Lazzaro, A., Le Dortz, O., Le Guirriec, E., Le Maner, C., Le Menedeu, E., Lebedev, A., Lebel, C., LeCompte, T., Ledroit-Guillon, F., Lee, H., Lee, J. S. H., Lee, S. C., Lee, L., Lefebvre, M., Legendre, M., Leger, A., LeGeyt, B. C., Legger, F., Leggett, C., Lehmacher, M., Lehmann Miotto, G., Lei, X., Leite, M. A. L., Leitner, R., Lellouch, D., Lellouch, J., Leltchouk, M., Lendermann, V., Leney, K. J. C., Lenz, T., Lenzen, G., Lenzi, B., Leonhardt, K., Leontsinis, S., Leroy, C., Lessard, J. R., Lesser, J., Lester, C. G., Leung Fook Cheong, A., Levêque, J., Levin, D., Levinson, L. J., Levitski, M. S., Lewandowska, M., Lewis, A., Lewis, G. H., Leyko, A. M., Leyton, M., Li, B., Li, H., Li, S., Li, X., Liang, Z., Liberti, B., Lichard, P., Lichtnecker, M., Lie, K., Liebig, W., Lifshitz, R., Lilley, J. N., Limbach, C., Limosani, A., Limper, M., Lin, S. C., Linde, F., Linnemann, J. T., Lipeles, E., Lipinsky, L., Lipniacka, A., Liss, T. M., Lissauer, D., Lister, A., Litke, A. M., Liu, C., Liu, D., Liu, H., Liu, J. B., Liu, M., Liu, S., Liu, Y., Livan, M., Livermore, S. S. A., Lleres, A., Llorente Merino, J., Lloyd, S. L., Lobodzinska, E., Loch, P., Lockman, W. S., Lockwitz, S., Loddenkoetter, T., Loebinger, F. K., Loginov, A., Loh, C. W., Lohse, T., Lohwasser, K., Lokajicek, M., Loken, J., Lombardo, V. P., Long, R. E., Lopes, L., Lopez Mateos, D., Losada, M., Loscutoff, P., Lo Sterzo, F., Losty, M. J., Lou, X., Lounis, A., Loureiro, K. F., Love, J., Love, P. A., Lowe, A. J., Lu, F., Lu, L., Lubatti, H. J., Luci, C., Lucotte, A., Ludwig, A., Ludwig, D., Ludwig, I., Ludwig, J., Luehring, F., Luijckx, G., Lumb, D., Luminari, L., Lund, E., Lund-Jensen, B., Lundberg, B., Lundberg, J., Lundquist, J., Lungwitz, M., Lupi, A., Lutz, G., Lynn, D., Lys, J., Lytken, E., Ma, H., Ma, L. L., Macana Goia, J. A., Maccarrone, G., Macchiolo, A., Maček, B., Machado Miguens, J., Macina, D., Mackeprang, R., Madaras, R. J., Mader, W. F., Maenner, R., Maeno, T., Mättig, P., Mättig, S., Magalhaes Martins, P. J., Magnoni, L., Magradze, E., Mahalalel, Y., Mahboubi, K., Mahout, G., Maiani, C., Maidantchik, C., Maio, A., Majewski, S., Makida, Y., Makovec, N., Mal, P., Malecki, P., Malecki, P., Maleev, V. P., Malek, F., Mallik, U., Malon, D., Maltezos, S., Malyshev, V., Malyukov, S., Mameghani, R., Mamuzic, J., Manabe, A., Mandelli, L., Mandić, I., Mandrysch, R., Maneira, J., Mangeard, P. S., Manjavidze, I. D., Mann, A., Manning, P. M., Manousakis-Katsikakis, A., Mansoulie, B., Manz, A., Mapelli, A., Mapelli, L., March, L., Marchand, J. F., Marchese, F., Marchiori, G., Marcisovsky, M., Marin, A., Marino, C. P., Marroquim, F., Marshall, R., Marshall, Z., Martens, F. K., Marti-Garcia, S., Martin, A. J., Martin, B., Martin, F. F., Martin, J. P., Martin, P. H., Martin, T. A., Martin Dit Latour, B., Martinez, M., Martinez Outschoorn, V., Martyniuk, A. C., Marx, M., Marzano, F., Marzin, A., Masetti, L., Mashimo, T., Mashinistov, R., Masik, J., Maslennikov, A. L., Maß, M., Massa, I., Massaro, G., Massol, N., Mastrandrea, P., Mastroberardino, A., Masubuchi, T., Mathes, M., Matricon, P., Matsumoto, H., Matsunaga, H., Matsushita, T., Mattravers, C., Maugain, J. M., Maxfield, S. J., Maximov, D. A., May, E. N., Mayne, A., Mazini, R., Mazur, M., Mazzanti, M., Mazzoni, E., Mc Kee, S. P., McCarn, A., McCarthy, R. L., McCarthy, T. G., McCubbin, N. A., McFarlane, K. W., Mcfayden, J. A., McGlone, H., Mchedlidze, G., McLaren, R. A., Mclaughlan, T., McMahon, S. J., McPherson, R. A., Meade, A., Mechnich, J., Mechtel, M., Medinnis, M., Meera-Lebbai, R., Meguro, T., Mehdiyev, R., Mehlhase, S., Mehta, A., Meier, K., Meinhardt, J., Meirose, B., Melachrinos, C., Mellado Garcia, B. R., Mendoza Navas, L., Meng, Z., Mengarelli, A., Menke, S., Menot, C., Meoni, E., Mercurio, K. M., Mermod, P., Merola, L., Meroni, C., Merritt, F. S., Messina, A., Metcalfe, J., Mete, A. S., Meuser, S., Meyer, C., Meyer, J. P., Meyer, J., Meyer, T. C., Meyer, W. T., Miao, J., Michal, S., Micu, L., Middleton, R. P., Miele, P., Migas, S., Mijović, L., Mikenberg, G., Mikestikova, M., Mikuž, M., Miller, D. W., Miller, R. J., Mills, W. J., Mills, C., Milov, A., Milstead, D. A., Milstein, D., Minaenko, A. A., Miñano, M., Minashvili, I. A., Mincer, A. I., Mindur, B., Mineev, M., Ming, Y., Mir, L. M., Mirabelli, G., Miralles Verge, L., Misiejuk, A., Mitrevski, J., Mitrofanov, G. Y., Mitsou, V. A., Mitsui, S., Miyagawa, P. S., Miyazaki, K., Mjörnmark, J. U., Moa, T., Mockett, P., Moed, S., Moeller, V., Mönig, K., Möser, N., Mohapatra, S., Mohn, B., Mohr, W., Mohrdieck-Möck, S., Moisseev, A. M., Moles-Valls, R., Molina-Perez, J., Monk, J., Monnier, E., Montesano, S., Monticelli, F., Monzani, S., Moore, R. W., Moorhead, G. F., Mora Herrera, C., Moraes, A., Morais, A., Morange, N., Morel, J., Morello, G., Moreno, D., Moreno Llácer, M., Morettini, P., Morii, M., Morin, J., Morita, Y., Morley, A. K., Mornacchi, G., Morone, M. C., Morozov, S. V., Morris, J. D., Moser, H. G., Mosidze, M., Moss, J., Mount, R., Mountricha, E., Mouraviev, S. V., Moyse, E. J. W., Mudrinic, M., Mueller, F., Mueller, J., Mueller, K., Müller, T. A., Muenstermann, D., Muijs, A., Muir, A., Munwes, Y., Murakami, K., Murray, W. J., Mussche, I., Musto, E., Myagkov, A. G., Myska, M., Nadal, J., Nagai, K., Nagano, K., Nagasaka, Y., Nairz, A. M., Nakahama, Y., Nakamura, K., Nakano, I., Nanava, G., Napier, A., Nash, M., Nation, N. R., Nattermann, T., Naumann, T., Navarro, G., Neal, H. A., Nebot, E., Nechaeva, P. Y., Negri, A., Negri, G., Nektarijevic, S., Nelson, A., Nelson, S., Nelson, T. K., Nemecek, S., Nemethy, P., Nepomuceno, A. A., Nessi, M., Nesterov, S. Y., Neubauer, M. S., Neusiedl, A., Neves, R. M., Nevski, P., Newman, P. 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J., Oren, Y., Orestano, D., Orlov, I., Oropeza Barrera, C., Orr, R. S., Ortega, E. O., Osculati, B., Ospanov, R., Osuna, C., Otero Y Garzon, G., Ottersbach, J. P., Ouchrif, M., Ould-Saada, F., Ouraou, A., Ouyang, Q., Owen, M., Owen, S., Øye, O. K., Ozcan, V. E., Ozturk, N., Pacheco Pages, A., Padilla Aranda, C., Paganis, E., Paige, F., Pajchel, K., Palestini, S., Pallin, D., Palma, A., Palmer, J. D., Pan, Y. B., Panagiotopoulou, E., Panes, B., Panikashvili, N., Panitkin, S., Pantea, D., Panuskova, M., Paolone, V., Papadelis, A., Papadopoulou, T. D., Paramonov, A., Park, W., Parker, M. A., Parodi, F., Parsons, J. A., Parzefall, U., Pasqualucci, E., Passeri, A., Pastore, F., Pastore, F. R., Pásztor, G., Pataraia, S., Patel, N., Pater, J. R., Patricelli, S., Pauly, T., Pecsy, M., Pedraza Morales, M. I., Peleganchuk, S. V., Peng, H., Pengo, R., Penson, A., Penwell, J., Perantoni, M., Perez, K., Perez Cavalcanti, T., Perez Codina, E., Pérez García-Estañ, M. 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N., Potter, C. J., Potter, C. T., Poulard, G., Poveda, J., Prabhu, R., Pralavorio, P., Prasad, S., Pravahan, R., Prell, S., Pretzl, K., Pribyl, L., Price, D., Price, L. E., Price, M. J., Prichard, P. M., Prieur, D., Primavera, M., Prokofiev, K., Prokoshin, F., Protopopescu, S., Proudfoot, J., Prudent, X., Przysiezniak, H., Psoroulas, S., Ptacek, E., Purdham, J., Purohit, M., Puzo, P., Pylypchenko, Y., Qian, J., Qian, Z., Qin, Z., Quadt, A., Quarrie, D. R., Quayle, W. B., Quinonez, F., Raas, M., Radescu, V., Radics, B., Rador, T., Ragusa, F., Rahal, G., Rahimi, A. M., Rahm, D., Rajagopalan, S., Rammensee, M., Rammes, M., Ramstedt, M., Randrianarivony, K., Ratoff, P. N., Rauscher, F., Rauter, E., Raymond, M., Read, A. L., Rebuzzi, D. M., Redelbach, A., Redlinger, G., Reece, R., Reeves, K., Reichold, A., Reinherz-Aronis, E., Reinsch, A., Reisinger, I., Reljic, D., Rembser, C., Ren, Z. L., Renaud, A., Renkel, P., Rensch, B., Rescigno, M., Resconi, S., Resende, B., Reznicek, P., Rezvani, R., Richards, A., Richter, R., Richter-Was, E., Ridel, M., Rieke, S., Rijpstra, M., Rijssenbeek, M., Rimoldi, A., Rinaldi, L., Rios, R. R., Riu, I., Rivoltella, G., Rizatdinova, F., Rizvi, E., Robertson, S. H., Robichaud-Veronneau, A., Robinson, D., Robinson, J. E. M., Robinson, M., Robson, A., Rocha De Lima, J. G., Roda, C., Roda Dos Santos, D., Rodier, S., Rodriguez, D., Rodriguez Garcia, Y., Roe, A., Roe, S., Røhne, O., Rojo, V., Rolli, S., Romaniouk, A., Romanov, V. M., Romeo, G., Romero Maltrana, D., Roos, L., Ros, E., Rosati, S., Rosbach, K., Rose, M., Rosenbaum, G. A., Rosenberg, E. I., Rosendahl, P. L., Rosselet, L., Rossetti, V., Rossi, E., Rossi, L. P., Rossi, L., Rotaru, M., Roth, I., Rothberg, J., Rousseau, D., Royon, C. R., Rozanov, A., Rozen, Y., Ruan, X., Rubinskiy, I., Ruckert, B., Ruckstuhl, N., Rud, V. I., Rudolph, G., Rühr, F., Ruggieri, F., Ruiz-Martinez, A., Rulikowska-Zarebska, E., Rumiantsev, V., Rumyantsev, L., Runge, K., Runolfsson, O., Rurikova, Z., Rusakovich, N. A., Rust, D. R., Rutherfoord, J. P., Ruwiedel, C., Ruzicka, P., Ryabov, Y. F., Ryadovikov, V., Ryan, P., Rybar, M., Rybkin, G., Ryder, N. C., Rzaeva, S., Saavedra, A. F., Sadeh, I., Sadrozinski, H. F. W., Sadykov, R., Safai Tehrani, F., Sakamoto, H., Salamanna, G., Salamon, A., Saleem, M., Salihagic, D., Salnikov, A., Salt, J., Salvachua Ferrando, B. M., Salvatore, D., Salvatore, F., Salvucci, A., Salzburger, A., Sampsonidis, D., Samset, B. H., Sandaker, H., Sander, H. G., Sanders, M. P., Sandhoff, M., Sandoval, T., Sandstroem, R., Sandvoss, S., Sankey, D. P. C., Sansoni, A., Santamarina Rios, C., Santoni, C., Santonico, R., Santos, H., Saraiva, J. G., Sarangi, T., Sarkisyan-Grinbaum, E., Sarri, F., Sartisohn, G., Sasaki, O., Sasaki, T., Sasao, N., Satsounkevitch, I., Sauvage, G., Sauvan, J. B., Savard, P., Savinov, V., Savu, D. O., Savva, P., Sawyer, L., Saxon, D. H., Says, L. P., Sbarra, C., Sbrizzi, A., Scallon, O., Scannicchio, D. A., Schaarschmidt, J., Schacht, P., Schäfer, U., Schaepe, S., Schaetzel, S., Schaffer, A. C., Schaile, D., Schamberger, R. D., Schamov, A. G., Scharf, V., Schegelsky, V. A., Scheirich, D., Scherzer, M. I., Schiavi, C., Schieck, J., Schioppa, M., Schlenker, S., Schlereth, J. L., Schmidt, E., Schmidt, M. P., Schmieden, K., Schmitt, C., Schmitt, S., Schmitz, M., Schöning, A., Schott, M., Schouten, D., Schovancova, J., Schram, M., Schroeder, C., Schroer, N., Schuh, S., Schuler, G., Schultes, J., Schultz-Coulon, H. C., Schulz, H., Schumacher, J. W., Schumacher, M., Schumm, B. A., Schune, P., Schwanenberger, C., Schwartzman, A., Schwemling, P., Schwienhorst, R., Schwierz, R., Schwindling, J., Scott, W. G., Searcy, J., Sedykh, E., Segura, E., Seidel, S. C., Seiden, A., Seifert, F., Seixas, J. M., Sekhniaidze, G., Seliverstov, D. M., Sellden, B., Sellers, G., Seman, M., Semprini-Cesari, N., Serfon, C., Serin, L., Seuster, R., Severini, H., Sevior, M. E., Sfyrla, A., Shabalina, E., Shamim, M., Shan, L. Y., Shank, J. T., Shao, Q. T., Shapiro, M., Shatalov, P. B., Shaver, L., Shaw, C., Shaw, K., Sherman, D., Sherwood, P., Shibata, A., Shimizu, S., Shimojima, M., Shin, T., Shmeleva, A., Shochet, M. J., Short, D., Shupe, M. A., Sicho, P., Sidoti, A., Siebel, A., Siegert, F., Siegrist, J., Sijacki, D., Silbert, O., Silva, J., Silver, Y., Silverstein, D., Silverstein, S. B., Simak, V., Simard, O., Simic, L., Simion, S., Simmons, B., Simonyan, M., Sinervo, P., Sinev, N. B., Sipica, V., Siragusa, G., Sisakyan, A. N., Sivoklokov, S. Y., Sjölin, J., Sjursen, T. B., Skinnari, L. A., Skovpen, K., Skubic, P., Skvorodnev, N., Slater, M., Slavicek, T., Sliwa, K., Sloan, T. J., Sloper, J., Smakhtin, V., Smirnov, S. Y., Smirnova, L. N., Smirnova, O., Smith, B. C., Smith, D., Smith, K. M., Smizanska, M., Smolek, K., Snesarev, A. A., Snow, S. W., Snow, J., Snuverink, J., Snyder, S., Soares, M., Sobie, R., Sodomka, J., Soffer, A., Solans, C. A., Solar, M., Solc, J., Soldatov, E., Soldevila, U., Solfaroli Camillocci, E., Solodkov, A. A., Solovyanov, O. V., Sondericker, J., Soni, N., Sopko, V., Sopko, B., Sorbi, M., Sosebee, M., Soukharev, A., Spagnolo, S., Spanò, F., Spighi, R., Spigo, G., Spila, F., Spiriti, E., Spiwoks, R., Spousta, M., Spreitzer, T., Spurlock, B., St. Denis, R. D., Stahl, T., Stahlman, J., Stamen, R., Stanecka, E., Stanek, R. W., Stanescu, C., Stapnes, S., Starchenko, E. A., Stark, J., Staroba, P., Starovoitov, P., Staude, A., Stavina, P., Stavropoulos, G., Steele, G., Steinbach, P., Steinberg, P., Stekl, I., Stelzer, B., Stelzer, H. J., Stelzer-Chilton, O., Stenzel, H., Stevenson, K., Stewart, G. A., Stillings, J. A., Stockmanns, T., Stockton, M. C., Stoerig, K., Stoicea, G., Stonjek, S., Strachota, P., Stradling, A. R., Straessner, A., Strandberg, J., Strandberg, S., Strandlie, A., Strang, M., Strauss, E., Strauss, M., Strizenec, P., Ströhmer, R., Strom, D. M., Strong, J. A., Stroynowski, R., Strube, J., Stugu, B., Stumer, I., Stupak, J., Sturm, P., Soh, D. A., Su, D., Subramania, H. S., Succurro, A., Sugaya, Y., Sugimoto, T., Suhr, C., Suita, K., Suk, M., Sulin, V. V., Sultansoy, S., Sumida, T., Sun, X., Sundermann, J. E., Suruliz, K., Sushkov, S., Susinno, G., Sutton, M. R., Suzuki, Y., Svatos, M., Sviridov, Y. M., Swedish, S., Sykora, I., Sykora, T., Szeless, B., Sánchez, J., Ta, D., Tackmann, K., Taffard, A., Tafirout, R., Taga, A., Taiblum, N., Takahashi, Y., Takai, H., Takashima, R., Takeda, H., Takeshita, T., Talby, M., Talyshev, A., Tamsett, M. C., Tanaka, J., Tanaka, R., Tanaka, S., Tanaka, Y., Tani, K., Tannoury, N., Tappern, G. P., Tapprogge, S., Tardif, D., Tarem, S., Tarrade, F., Tartarelli, G. F., Tas, P., Tasevsky, M., Tassi, E., Tatarkhanov, M., Taylor, C., Taylor, F. E., Taylor, G. N., Taylor, W., Teixeira Dias Castanheira, M., Teixeira-Dias, P., Temming, K. K., Ten Kate, H., Teng, P. K., Terada, S., Terashi, K., Terron, J., Terwort, M., Testa, M., Teuscher, R. J., Thadome, J., Therhaag, J., Theveneaux-Pelzer, T., Thioye, M., Thoma, S., Thomas, J. P., Thompson, E. N., Thompson, P. D., Thompson, A. S., Thomson, E., Thomson, M., Thun, R. P., Tic, T., Tikhomirov, V. O., Tikhonov, Y. A., Timmermans, C. J. W. P., Tipton, P., Tique Aires Viegas, F. J., Tisserant, S., Tobias, J., Toczek, B., Todorov, T., Todorova-Nova, S., Toggerson, B., Tojo, J., Tokár, S., Tokunaga, K., Tokushuku, K., Tollefson, K., Tomoto, M., Tompkins, L., Toms, K., Tong, G., Tonoyan, A., Topfel, C., Topilin, N. D., Torchiani, I., Torrence, E., Torró Pastor, E., Toth, J., Touchard, F., Tovey, D. R., Traynor, D., Trefzger, T., Treis, J., Tremblet, L., Tricoli, A., Trigger, I. M., Trincaz-Duvoid, S., Trinh, T. N., Tripiana, M. F., Trischuk, W., Trivedi, A., Trocmé, B., Troncon, C., Trottier-McDonald, M., Trzupek, A., Tsarouchas, C., Tseng, J. C. L., Tsiakiris, M., Tsiareshka, P. V., Tsionou, D., Tsipolitis, G., Tsiskaridze, V., Tskhadadze, E. G., Tsukerman, I. I., Tsulaia, V., Tsung, J. W., Tsuno, S., Tsybychev, D., Tua, A., Tuggle, J. M., Turala, M., Turecek, D., Turk Cakir, I., Turlay, E., Turra, R., Tuts, P. M., Tykhonov, A., Tylmad, M., Tyndel, M., Tyrvainen, H., Tzanakos, G., Uchida, K., Ueda, I., Ueno, R., Ugland, M., Uhlenbrock, M., Uhrmacher, M., Ukegawa, F., Unal, G., Underwood, D. G., Undrus, A., Unel, G., Unno, Y., Urbaniec, D., Urkovsky, E., Urrejola, P., Usai, G., Uslenghi, M., Vacavant, L., Vacek, V., Vachon, B., Vahsen, S., Valenta, J., Valente, P., Valentinetti, S., Valkar, S., Valladolid Gallego, E., Vallecorsa, S., Valls Ferrer, J. A., Van Der Graaf, H., Van Der Kraaij, E., Van Der Leeuw, R., Van Der Poel, E., Van Der Ster, D., Van Eijk, B., Van Eldik, N., Van Gemmeren, P., Van Kesteren, Z., Van Vulpen, I., Vandelli, W., Vandoni, G., Vaniachine, A., Vankov, P., Vannucci, F., Varela Rodriguez, F., Vari, R., Varnes, E. W., Varouchas, D., Vartapetian, A., Varvell, K. E., Vassilakopoulos, V. I., Vazeille, F., Vegni, G., Veillet, J. J., Vellidis, C., Veloso, F., Veness, R., Veneziano, S., Ventura, A., Ventura, D., Venturi, M., Venturi, N., Vercesi, V., Verducci, M., Verkerke, W., Vermeulen, J. C., Vest, A., Vetterli, M. C., Vichou, I., Vickey, T., Viehhauser, G. H. A., Viel, S., Villa, M., Villaplana Perez, M., Vilucchi, E., Vincter, M. G., Vinek, E., Vinogradov, V. B., Virchaux, M., Viret, S., Virzi, J., Vitale, A., Vitells, O., Viti, M., Vivarelli, I., Vives Vaque, F., Vlachos, S., Vlasak, M., Vlasov, N., Vogel, A., Vokac, P., Volpi, G., Volpi, M., Volpini, G., Von Der Schmitt, H., Von Loeben, J., Von Radziewski, H., Von Toerne, E., Vorobel, V., Vorobiev, A. P., Vorwerk, V., Vos, M., Voss, R., Voss, T. T., Vossebeld, J. H., Vranjes, N., Vranjes Milosavljevic, M., Vrba, V., Vreeswijk, M., Vu Anh, T., Vuillermet, R., Vukotic, I., Wagner, W., Wagner, P., Wahlen, H., Wakabayashi, J., Walbersloh, J., Walch, S., Walder, J., Walker, R., Walkowiak, W., Wall, R., Waller, P., Wang, C., Wang, H., Wang, J., Wang, J. C., Wang, R., Wang, S. M., Warburton, A., Ward, C. P., Warsinsky, M., Watkins, P. M., Watson, A. T., Watson, M. F., Watts, G., Watts, S., Waugh, A. T., Waugh, B. M., Weber, J., Weber, M., Weber, M. S., Weber, P., Weidberg, A. R., Weigell, P., Weingarten, J., Weiser, C., Wellenstein, H., Wells, P. S., Wen, M., Wenaus, T., Wendler, S., Weng, Z., Wengler, T., Wenig, S., Wermes, N., Werner, M., Werner, P., Werth, M., Wessels, M., Weydert, C., Whalen, K., Wheeler-Ellis, S. J., Whitaker, S. P., White, A., White, M. J., White, S., Whitehead, S. R., Whiteson, D., Whittington, D., Wicek, F., Wicke, D., Wickens, F. J., Wiedenmann, W., Wielers, M., Wienemann, P., Wiik, L. A. M., Wijeratne, P. A., Wildauer, A., Wildt, M. A., Wilhelm, I., Wilkens, H. G., Will, J. Z., Williams, E., Williams, H. H., Willis, W., Willocq, S., Wilson, J. A., Wilson, M. G., Wilson, A., Wingerter-Seez, I., Winkelmann, S., Winklmeier, F., Wittgen, M., Wolter, M. W., Wolters, H., Wooden, G., Wosiek, B. K., Wotschack, J., Woudstra, M. J., Wraight, K., Wright, C., Wrona, B., Wu, S. L., Wu, X., Wu, Y., Wulf, E., Wunstorf, R., Wynne, B. M., Xaplanteris, L., Xella, S., Xie, S., Xie, Y., Xu, C., Xu, D., Xu, G., Yabsley, B., Yamada, M., Yamamoto, A., Yamamoto, K., Yamamoto, S., Yamamura, T., Yamaoka, J., Yamazaki, T., Yamazaki, Y., Yan, Z., Yang, H., Yang, U. K., Yang, Y., Yang, Z., Yanush, S., Yao, W. M., Yao, Y., Yasu, Y., Ybeles Smit, G. V., Ye, J., Ye, S., Yilmaz, M., Yoosoofmiya, R., Yorita, K., Yoshida, R., Young, C., Youssef, S., Yu, D., Yu, J., Yuan, L., Yurkewicz, A., Zaets, V. G., Zaidan, R., Zaitsev, A. M., Zajacova, Z., Zalite, Y. O. K., Zanello, L., Zarzhitsky, P., Zaytsev, A., Zeitnitz, C., Zeller, M., Zemla, A., Zendler, C., Zenin, A. V., Zenin, O., Ženiš, T., Zenonos, Z., Zenz, S., Zerwas, D., Zevi Della Porta, G., Zhan, Z., Zhang, D., Zhang, H., Zhang, J., Zhang, X., Zhang, Z., Zhao, L., Zhao, T., Zhao, Z., Zhemchugov, A., Zheng, S., Zhong, J., Zhou, B., Zhou, N., Zhou, Y., Zhu, C. 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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Introduction: The linguistic competence of heritage speakers

Montrul, S., Jun 1 2011, In : Studies in Second Language Acquisition. 33, 2, p. 155-161 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

linguistic competence
Heritage Speakers
Linguistic Competence

Label-free cell-based assays using photonic crystal optical biosensors

Shamah, S. M. & Cunningham, B. T., Mar 21 2011, In : Analyst. 136, 6, p. 1090-1102 13 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Optics and Photonics
Biosensing Techniques
Photonic crystals

Lactobacillus adhesion to mucus

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Linking computational and experimental studies of III-V quantum dots for optoelectronics and photovoltaics

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Optoelectronic devices
Semiconductor quantum dots
Semiconductor materials
Semiconductor quantum wires
Quantum confinement

Mechanotransduction at cadherin-mediated adhesions

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Intercellular Junctions
Extracellular Matrix
Cell-Matrix Junctions

Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Characteristics, Sources, and Mechanisms of Action

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Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
stem cells
mechanism of action
CD Antigens
body fluids

MicroRNAs: Meta-controllers of gene expression in synaptic activity emerge as genetic and diagnostic markers of human disease

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Genetic Markers
Gene Expression
RNA-Induced Silencing Complex
Untranslated RNA

MicroRNAs in skeletal myogenesis

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Muscle Development
Skeletal Muscle
Biological Phenomena

Microscopic perspective on the adsorption isotherm of a heterogeneous surface

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Adsorption isotherms

Molecular call and response: The physiology of bacterial small RNAs

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Bacterial RNA
Cell Physiological Phenomena

Nanoscale studies of protein-membrane interactions in blood clotting

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Blood Coagulation
Membrane Proteins

Nanostructured substrates for optical sensing

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

environmental monitoring
Optical sensors