Research Output 1965 2020

Review article

Energy positive domestic wastewater treatment: The roles of anaerobic and phototrophic technologies

Shoener, B. D., Bradley, I. M., Cusick, R. D. & Guest, J. S., Jun 2014, In : Environmental Sciences: Processes and Impacts. 16, 6, p. 1204-1222 19 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Waste Water
Wastewater treatment
Bioelectric Energy Sources

Experimental behavior of steel fixed bearings and implications for seismic bridge response

Steelman, J. S., Filipov, E. T., Fahnestock, L. A., Revell, J. R., Lafave, J. M., Hajjar, J. F. & Foutch, D. A., Aug 1 2014, In : Journal of Bridge Engineering. 19, 8, A4014007.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Bearings (structural)
Electric fuses
Anchor bolts

Exploiting Issatchenkia orientalis SD108 for succinic acid production

Xiao, H., Shao, Z., Jiang, Y., Dole, S. & Zhao, H., Aug 27 2014, In : Microbial cell factories. 13, 1, 121.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Organic acids
Succinic Acid

Extremely Soft: Design with Rheologically Complex Fluids

Ewoldt, R. H., Mar 1 2014, In : Soft Robotics. 1, 1, p. 12-20 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Flavor structure of the nucleon sea

Chang, W. C. & Peng, J. C., Nov 2014, In : Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics. 79, p. 95-135 41 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

transverse momentum
quantum chromodynamics

Functional DNA nanomaterials for sensing and imaging in living cells

Torabi, S. F. & Lu, Y., Aug 1 2014, In : Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 28, p. 88-95 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Nanostructured materials
Imaging techniques

Functional tuning and expanding of myoglobin by rational protein design

Lin, Y., Wang, J. & Lu, Y., Mar 2014, In : Science China Chemistry. 57, 3, p. 346-355 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Nitrite Reductases

Hot spots in energetic materials generated by infrared and ultrasound, detected by thermal imaging microscopy

Chen, M. W., You, S., Suslick, K. S. & Dlott, D. D., Feb 1 2014, In : Review of Scientific Instruments. 85, 2, 023705.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Infrared imaging
Microscopic examination
Infrared radiation

Hydrothermal liquefaction for algal biorefinery: A critical review

Tian, C., Li, B., Liu, Z., Zhang, Y. & Lu, H., Oct 2014, In : Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 38, p. 933-950 18 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Imaging lipids with secondary ion mass spectrometry

Kraft, M. L. & Klitzing, H. A., Aug 2014, In : Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids. 1841, 8, p. 1108-1119 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Interventions to reduce rehospitalizations after chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbations: A systematic review

Prieto-Centurion, V., Markos, M. A., Ramey, N. I., Gussin, H. A., Nyenhuis, S. M., Joo, M. J., Prasad, B., Bracken, N., DiDomenico, R., Godwin, P. O., Jaffe, H. A., Kalhan, R., Pickard, A. S., Pittendrigh, B. R., Schatz, B., Sullivan, J. L., Thomashow, B. M., Williams, M. V. & Krishnan, J. A., Mar 2014, In : Annals of the American Thoracic Society. 11, 3, p. 417-424 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Disease Progression
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (U.S.)
Patient Readmission

Introduction to the special issue on learning semantics

Bordes, A., Bottou, L., Collobert, R., Roth, D., Weston, J. & Zettlemoyer, L., Feb 1 2014, In : Machine Learning. 94, 2, p. 127-131 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Reinforcement learning
Learning systems
Neural networks

Lens models of herschel-selected galaxies from high-resolution near-IR observations

Calanog, J. A., Fu, H., Cooray, A., Wardlow, J., Ma, B., Amber, S., Baker, A. J., Baes, M., Bock, J., Bourne, N., Bussmann, R. S., Casey, C. M., Chapman, S. C., Clements, D. L., Conley, A., Dannerbauer, H., De Zotti, G., Dunne, L., Dye, S., Eales, S. & 22 others, Farrah, D., Furlanetto, C., Harris, A. I., Ivison, R. J., Kim, S., Maddox, S. J., Magdis, G., Messias, H., Michałlowski, M. J., Negrello, M., Nightingale, J., O'Bryan, J. M., Oliver, S. J., Riechers, D., Scott, D., Serjeant, S., Simpson, J., Smith, M., Timmons, N., Thacker, C., Valiante, E. & Vieira, J. D., Dec 20 2014, In : Astrophysical Journal. 797, 2, 138.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

near infrared
high resolution

Looking in the right direction Carl Woese and evolutionary biology

Goldenfeld, N., Jan 1 2014, In : RNA Biology. 11, 3, p. 248-253 6 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Population Genetics
Direction compound

Materials chemistry in 3D templates for functional photonics

Braun, P. V., Jan 14 2014, In : Chemistry of Materials. 26, 1, p. 277-286 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Energy harvesting
Light emission
Solar energy

McGehee et al. Reply

McGehee, W. R., Kondov, S. S., Xu, W., Zirbel, J. J. & DeMarco, B. L., Aug 26 2014, In : Physical review letters. 113, 9, 099602.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Metalloenzyme design and engineering through strategic modifications of native protein scaffolds

Petrik, I. D., Liu, J. & Lu, Y., Apr 1 2014, In : Current Opinion in Chemical Biology. 19, 1, p. 67-75 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Protein Engineering
Catalytic Domain

Metalloproteins containing cytochrome, iron-sulfur, or copper redox centers

Liu, J., Chakraborty, S., Hosseinzadeh, P., Yu, Y., Tian, S., Petrik, I., Bhagi, A. & Lu, Y., Apr 23 2014, In : Chemical reviews. 114, 8, p. 4366-4369 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Methods to study the tumor microenvironment under controlled oxygen conditions

Byrne, M. B., Leslie, M. T., Gaskins, H. R. & Kenis, P. J. A., Nov 1 2014, In : Trends in Biotechnology. 32, 11, p. 556-563 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Tumor Microenvironment
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition

Microstructures and properties of high-entropy alloys

Zhang, Y., Zuo, T. T., Tang, Z., Gao, M. C., Dahmen, K. A., Liaw, P. K. & Lu, Z. P., Apr 2014, In : Progress in Materials Science. 61, p. 1-93 93 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Metallic glass
Stainless Steel

Nano/micro and spectroscopic approaches to food pathogen detection

Cho, I. H., Radadia, A. D., Farrokhzad, K., Ximenes, E., Bae, E., Singh, A. K., Oliver, H., Ladisch, M., Bhunia, A., Applegate, B., Mauer, L., Bashir, R. & Irudayaraj, J., Jun 2014, In : Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry. 7, p. 65-88 24 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Light scattering

Nanoscale thermal transport. II. 2003-2012

Cahill, D. G., Braun, P. V., Chen, G., Clarke, D. R., Fan, S., Goodson, K. E., Keblinski, P., King, W. P., Mahan, G. D., Majumdar, A., Maris, H. J., Phillpot, S. R., Pop, E. & Shi, L., Mar 2014, In : Applied Physics Reviews. 1, 1, 011305.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

thermal conductivity
thermal analysis
spatial resolution

New technologies for measuring single cell mass

Popescu, G., Park, K., Mir, M. & Bashir, R., Feb 21 2014, In : Lab on a chip. 14, 4, p. 646-652 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Imaging techniques

Novel phenomenology of parton distributions from the Drell-Yan process

Peng, J. C. & Qiu, J. W., May 1 2014, In : Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics. 76, p. 43-75 33 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

pair production

Optical spectroscopy and velocity dispersions of galaxy clusters from the SPT-SZ survey

Ruel, J., Bazin, G., Bayliss, M., Brodwin, M., Foley, R. J., Stalder, B., Aird, K. A., Armstrong, R., Ashby, M. L. N., Bautz, M., Benson, B. A., Bleem, L. E., Bocquet, S., Carlstrom, J. E., Chang, C. L., Chapman, S. C., Cho, H. M., Clocchiatti, A., Crawford, T. M., Crites, A. T. & 62 others, De Haan, T., Desai, S., Dobbs, M. A., Dudley, J. P., Forman, W. R., George, E. M., Gladders, M. D., Gonzalez, A. H., Halverson, N. W., Harrington, N. L., High, F. W., Holder, G. P., Holzapfel, W. L., Hrubes, J. D., Jones, C., Joy, M., Keisler, R., Knox, L., Lee, A. T., Leitch, E. M., Liu, J., Lueker, M., Luong-Van, D., Mantz, A., Marrone, D. P., McDonald, M., McMahon, J. J., Mehl, J., Meyer, S. S., Mocanu, L., Mohr, J. J., Montroy, T. E., Murray, S. S., Natoli, T., Nurgaliev, D., Padin, S., Plagge, T., Pryke, C., Reichardt, C. L., Rest, A., Ruhl, J. E., Saliwanchik, B. R., Saro, A., Sayre, J. T., Schaffer, K. K., Shaw, L., Shirokoff, E., Song, J., Šuhada, R., Spieler, H. G., Stanford, S. A., Staniszewski, Z., Starsk, A. A., Story, K., Stubbs, C. W., Van Engelen, A., Vanderlinde, K., Vieira, J. D., Vikhlinin, A., Williamson, R., Zahn, O. & Zenteno, A., Sep 1 2014, In : Astrophysical Journal. 792, 1, 45.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Outlier Detection for Temporal Data: A Survey

Gupta, M., Gao, J., Aggarwal, C. C. & Han, J., Sep 1 2014, In : IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. 26, 9, p. 2250-2267 18 p., 6684530.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Time series
Information management
Computer science
Computer hardware

Patient-specific flexible and stretchable devices for cardiac diagnostics and therapy

Gutbrod, S. R., Sulkin, M. S., Rogers, J. A. & Efimov, I. R., Aug 1 2014, In : Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology. 115, 2-3, p. 244-251 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Equipment and Supplies

Plasmon resonances of semiconductor nanocrystals: Physical principles and new opportunities

Faucheaux, J. A., Stanton, A. L. D. & Jain, P., Mar 20 2014, In : Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 5, 6, p. 976-985 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Surface plasmon resonance
surface plasmon resonance
Semiconductor materials

Point-of-care and point-of-procedure optical imaging technologies for primary care and global health

Boppart, S. A. & Richards-Kortum, R., Sep 10 2014, In : Science Translational Medicine. 6, 253, 253rv2.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Point-of-Care Systems
Optical Imaging
Primary Health Care

Polymers zippered-up by electric charge reveal themselves

Tsang, B., Yu, C. & Granick, S., Nov 25 2014, In : ACS Nano. 8, 11, p. 11030-11034 5 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Electric charge
electric charge
block copolymers

Preparing your manuscript for submission to ACS catalysis

Jones, C. W., Smith, D. J., Gunnoe, T. B., Zhao, H., Sautet, P., Scott, S. L. & Xu, B. Q., Jan 1 2014, In : ACS Catalysis. 4, 8, p. 2827-2828 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Programming the group behaviors of bacterial communities with synthetic cellular communication

Kong, W., Celik, V., Liao, C., Hua, Q. & Lu, T., Dec 1 2014, In : Bioresources and Bioprocessing. 1, 1, 24.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Synthetic Genes
synthetic genes
Cellular radio systems
group behavior
Gene Regulatory Networks

Protein induced fluorescence enhancement (PIFE) for probing protein-nucleic acid interactions

Hwang, H. & Myong, S., Feb 21 2014, In : Chemical Society Reviews. 43, 4, p. 1221-1229 9 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Nucleic Acids
Coloring Agents

Quantum Monte Carlo for Ab Initio calculations of energy-relevant materials

Wagner, L. K., Jan 15 2014, In : International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. 114, 2, p. 94-101 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Monte Carlo method
density functional theory
Density functional theory
fossil fuels
Monte Carlo methods
Fatty acids
Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Recent advances in natural product discovery

Luo, Y., Cobb, R. E. & Zhao, H., Dec 1 2014, In : Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 30, p. 230-237 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Biological Products
Drug products
Suspended sediments

Review of lattice results concerning low-energy particle physics

FLAG Working Group, W. G., Aoki, S., Aoki, Y., Bernard, C., Blum, T., Colangelo, G., Della Morte, M., Dürr, S., El-Khadra, A. X., Fukaya, H., Horsley, R., Jüttner, A., Kaneko, T., Laiho, J., Lellouch, L., Leutwyler, H., Lubicz, V., Lunghi, E., Necco, S., Onogi, T. & 9 others, Pena, C., Sachrajda, C. T., Sharpe, S. R., Simula, S., Sommer, R., Van de Water, R. S., Vladikas, A., Wenger, U. & Wittig, H., Sep 1 2014, In : European Physical Journal C. 74, 9, 2890.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

High energy physics
particle energy
Momentum transfer

Review of particle physics

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

High energy physics
Higgs bosons

Review of particle physics

Olive, K. A., Agashe, K., Amsler, C., Antonelli, M., Arguin, J. F., Asner, D. M., Baer, H., Band, H. R., Barnett, R. M., Basaglia, T., Bauer, C. W., Beatty, J. J., Belousov, V. L., Beringer, J., Bernardi, G., Bethke, S., Bichsel, H., Biebel, O., Blucher, E., Blusk, S. & 30 others, Brooijmans, G., Buchmueller, O., Burkert, V., Bychkov, M. A., Cahn, R. N., Carena, M., Ceccucci, A., Cerri, A., Chakraborty, D., Chen, M. C., Chivukula, R. S., Copie, K., Cowan, G., Dahl, O., D'Ambrosio, G., Damour, T., De Florian, D., De Gouvéa, A., DeGrand, T., De Jong, P., Dissertori, G., Dobrescu, B. A., Doser, M., Drees, M., Dreiner, H. K., Edwards, D. A., Eidelman, S., Erler, J., Ezhela, V. V. & Fetscher, W., Aug 1 2014, In : Chinese Physics C. 38, 9, 090001.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

High energy physics
Higgs bosons

Single-molecule fluorescence and in vivo optical traps: How multiple dyneins and kinesins interact

Blehm, B. H. & Selvin, P. R., Mar 26 2014, In : Chemical reviews. 114, 6, p. 3335-3352 18 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article


Small-Volume Analysis of Cell-Cell Signaling Molecules in the Brain

Romanova, E. V., Aerts, J. T., Croushore, C. A. & Sweedler, J. V., Jan 1 2014, In : Neuropsychopharmacology. 39, 1, p. 50-64 15 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Cell Size
Nervous System

Smart chemistry in polymeric nanomedicine

Tong, R., Tang, L., Ma, L., Tu, C., Baumgartner, R. & Cheng, J., Oct 21 2014, In : Chemical Society Reviews. 43, 20, p. 6982-7012 31 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Medical nanotechnology
Drug delivery
Pharmaceutical Preparations

Special issue: SC13-The international conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis

Gropp, W. D. & Matsuoka, S., 2014, In : Scientific Programming. 22, 2, p. 57-58 2 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Tensegrity, cellular biophysics, and the mechanics of living systems

Ingber, D. E., Wang, N. & Stamenović, D., Apr 2014, In : Reports on Progress in Physics. 77, 4, 046603.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

speed regulators

The more exotic shapes of semiconductor nanocrystals: Emerging applications in bioimaging

Lim, S. J., Smith, A. & Nie, S., May 2014, In : Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering. 4, p. 137-143 7 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Semiconductor materials
Imaging techniques
Light emission
dielectric properties

The Physics of the B Factories

Bevan, A. J., Golob, B., Mannel, T., Prell, S., Yabsley, B. D., Aihara, H., Anulli, F., Arnaud, N., Aushev, T., Beneke, M., Beringer, J., Bianchi, F., Bigi, I. I., Bona, M., Brambilla, N., Brodzicka, J., Chang, P., Charles, M. J., Cheng, C. H., Cheng, H. Y. & 1,992 others, Chistov, R., Colangelo, P., Coleman, J. P., Drutskoy, A., Druzhinin, V. P., Eidelman, S., Eigen, G., Eisner, A. M., Faccini, R., Flood, K. T., Gambino, P., Gaz, A., Gradl, W., Hayashii, H., Higuchi, T., Hulsbergen, W. D., Hurth, T., Iijima, T., Itoh, R., Jackson, P. D., Kass, R., Kolomensky, Y. G., Kou, E., Križan, P., Kronfeld, A., Kumano, S., Kwon, Y. J., Latham, T. E., Leith, D. W. G. S., Lüth, V., Martinez-Vidal, F., Meadows, B. T., Mussa, R., Nakao, M., Nishida, S., Ocariz, J., Olsen, S. L., Pakhlov, P., Pakhlova, G., Palano, A., Pich, A., Playfer, S., Poluektov, A., Porter, F. C., Robertson, S. H., Roney, J. M., Roodman, A., Sakai, Y., Schwanda, C., Schwartz, A. J., Seidl, R., Sekula, S. 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F., Arinstein, K., Arisaka, K., Asai, K., Asai, M., Asano, Y., Asgeirsson, D. J., Asner, D. M., Aso, T., Aspinwall, M. L., Aston, D., Atmacan, H., Aubert, B., Aulchenko, V., Ayad, R., Azemoon, T., Aziz, T., Azzolini, V., Azzopardi, D. E., Baak, M. A., Back, J. J., Bagnasco, S., Bahinipati, S., Bailey, D. S., Bailey, S., Bailly, P., van Bakel, N., Bakich, A. M., Bala, A., Balagura, V., Baldini-Ferroli, R., Ban, Y., Banas, E., Band, H. R., Banerjee, S., Baracchini, E., Barate, R., Barberio, E., Barbero, M., Bard, D. J., Barillari, T., Barlow, N. R., Barlow, R. J., Barrett, M., Bartel, W., Bartelt, J., Bartoldus, R., Batignani, G., Battaglia, M., Bauer, J. M., Bay, A., Beaulieu, M., Bechtle, P., Beck, T. W., Becker, J., Becla, J., Bedny, I., Behari, S., Behera, P. K., Behn, E., Behr, L., Beigbeder, C., Beiline, D., Bell, R., Bellini, F., Bellodi, G., Belous, K., Benayoun, M., Benelli, G., Benitez, J. F., Benkebil, M., Berger, N., Bernabeu, J., Bernard, D., Bernet, R., Bernlochner, F. U., Berryhill, J. W., Bertsche, K., Besson, P., Best, D. S., Bettarini, S., Bettoni, D., Bhardwaj, V., Bhimji, W., Bhuyan, B., Biagini, M. E., Biasini, M., van Bibber, K., Biesiada, J., Bingham, I., Bionta, R. M., Bischofberger, M., Bitenc, U., Bizjak, I., Blanc, F., Blaylock, G., Blinov, V. E., Bloom, E., Bloom, P. C., Blount, N. L., Blouw, J., Bly, M., Blyth, S., Boeheim, C. T., Bomben, M., Bondar, A., Bondioli, M., Bonneaud, G. R., Bonvicini, G., Booke, M., Booth, J., Borean, C., Borgland, A. W., Borsato, E., Bosi, F., Bosisio, L., Botov, A. A., Bougher, J., Bouldin, K., Bourgeois, P., Boutigny, D., Bowerman, D. A., Boyarski, A. M., Boyce, R. F., Boyd, J. T., Bozek, A., Bozzi, C., Bračko, M., Brandenburg, G., Brandt, T., Brau, B., Brau, J., Breon, A. B., Breton, D., Brew, C., Briand, H., Bright-Thomas, P. G., Brigljević, V., Britton, D. I., Brochard, F., Broomer, B., Brose, J., Browder, T. E., Brown, C. L., Brown, C. M., Brown, D. N., Browne, M., Bruinsma, M., Brunet, S., Bucci, F., Buchanan, C., Buchmueller, O. L., Bünger, C., Bugg, W., Bukin, A. D., Bula, R., Bulten, H., Burchat, P. R., Burgess, W., Burke, J. P., Button-Shafer, J., Buzykaev, A. R., Buzzo, A., Cai, Y., Calabrese, R., Calcaterra, A., Calderini, G., Camanzi, B., Campagna, E., Campagnari, C., Capra, R., Carassiti, V., Carpinelli, M., Carroll, M., Casarosa, G., Casey, B. C. K., Cason, N. M., Castelli, G., Cavallo, N., Cavoto, G., Cecchi, A., Cenci, R., Cerizza, G., Cervelli, A., Ceseracciu, A., Chai, X., Chaisanguanthum, K. S., Chang, M. C., Chang, Y. H., Chang, Y. W., Chao, D. S., Chao, M., Chao, Y., Charles, E., Chavez, C. A., Cheaib, R., Chekelian, V., Chen, A., Chen, E., Chen, G. P., Chen, H. F., Chen, J. H., Chen, J. C., Chen, K. F., Chen, P., Chen, S., Chen, W. T., Chen, X., Chen, X. R., Chen, Y. Q., Cheng, B., Cheon, B. G., Chevalier, N., Chia, Y. M., Chidzik, S., Chilikin, K., Chistiakova, M. V., Cizeron, R., Cho, I. S., Cho, K., Chobanova, V., Choi, H. H. F., Choi, K. S., Choi, S. K., Choi, Y., Choi, Y. K., Christ, S., Chu, P. H., Chun, S., Chuvikov, A., Cibinetto, G., Cinabro, D., Clark, A. R., Clark, P. J., Clarke, C. K., Claus, R., Claxton, B., Clifton, Z. C., Cochran, J., Cohen-Tanugi, J., Cohn, H., Colberg, T., Cole, S., Colecchia, F., Condurache, C., Contri, R., Convert, P., Convery, M. R., Cooke, P., Copty, N., Cormack, C. M., Dal Corso, F., Corwin, L. A., Cossutti, F., Cote, D., Cotta Ramusino, A., Cottingham, W. N., Couderc, F., Coupal, D. P., Covarelli, R., Cowan, G., Craddock, W. W., Crane, G., Crawley, H. B., Cremaldi, L., Crescente, A., Cristinziani, M., Crnkovic, J., Crosetti, G., Cuhadar-Donszelmann, T., Cunha, A., Curry, S., D’Orazio, A., Dû, S., Dahlinger, G., Dahmes, B., Dallapiccola, C., Danielson, N., Danilov, M., Das, A., Dash, M., Dasu, S., Datta, M., Daudo, F., Dauncey, P. D., David, P., Davis, C. L., Day, C. T., De Mori, F., De Domenico, G., De Groot, N., De la Vaissière, C., de la Vaissière, C., de Lesquen, A., De Nardo, G., de Sangro, R., De Silva, A., DeBarger, S., Decker, F. J., del Amo Sanchez, P., Del Buono, L., Del Gamba, V., del Re, D., Della Ricca, G., Denig, A. G., Derkach, D., Derrington, I. M., DeStaebler, H., Destree, J., Devmal, S., Dey, B., Di Girolamo, B., Marco, E. D., Dickopp, M., Dima, M. O., Dittrich, S., Dittongo, S., Dixon, P., Dneprovsky, L., Dohou, F., Doi, Y., Doležal, Z., Doll, D. A., Donald, M., Dong, L., Dong, L. Y., Dorfan, J., Dorigo, A., Dorsten, M. P., Dowd, R., Dowdell, J., Drásal, Z., Dragic, J., Drummond, B. W., Dubitzky, R. S., Dubois-Felsmann, G. P., Dubrovin, M. S., Duh, Y. C., Duh, Y. T., Dujmic, D., Dungel, W., Dunwoodie, W., Dutta, D., Dvoretskii, A., Dyce, N., Ebert, M., Eckhart, E. A., Ecklund, S., Eckmann, R., Eckstein, P., Edgar, C. L., Edwards, A. J., Egede, U., Eichenbaum, A. M., Elmer, P., Emery, S., Enari, Y., Enomoto, R., Erdos, E., Erickson, R., Ernst, J. A., Erwin, R. J., Escalier, M., Eschenburg, V., Eschrich, I., Esen, S., Esteve, L., Evangelisti, F., Everton, C. W., Eyges, V., Fabby, C., Fabozzi, F., Fahey, S., Falbo, M., Fan, S., Fang, F., Fanin, C., Farbin, A., Farhat, H., Fast, J. E., Feindt, M., Fella, A., Feltresi, E., Ferber, T., Fernholz, R. E., Ferrag, S., Ferrarotto, F., Ferroni, F., Field, R. C., Filippi, A., Finocchiaro, G., Fioravanti, E., Firmino da Costa, J., Fischer, P. A., Fisher, A. S., Fisher, P. H., Flacco, C. J., Flack, R. L., Flaecher, H. U., Flanagan, J., Flanigan, J. M., Ford, K. E., Ford, W. T., Forster, I. J., Forti, A. C., Forti, F., Fortin, D., Foster, B., Foulkes, S. D., Fouque, G., Fox, J., Franchini, P., Franco Sevilla, M., Franek, B., Frank, E. D., Fransham, K. B., Fratina, S., Fratini, K., Frey, A., Frey, R., Friedl, M., Fritsch, M., Fry, J. R., Fujii, H., Fujikawa, M., Fujita, Y., Fujiyama, Y., Fukunaga, C., Fukushima, M., Fullwood, J., Funahashi, Y., Funakoshi, Y., Furano, F., Furman, M., Furukawa, K., Futterschneider, H., Gabathuler, E., Gabriel, T. A., Gabyshev, N., Gaede, F., Gagliardi, N., Gaidot, A., Gaillard, J. M., Gaillard, J. R., Galagedera, S., Galeazzi, F., Gallo, F., Gamba, D., Gamet, R., Gan, K. K., Gandini, P., Ganguly, S., Ganzhur, S. F., Gao, Y. Y., Gaponenko, I., Garmash, A., Garra Tico, J., Garzia, I., Gaspero, M., Gastaldi, F., Gatto, C., Gaur, V., Geddes, N. I., Geld, T. L., Genat, J. F., George, K. A., George, M., George, S., Georgette, Z., Gershon, T. J., Gill, M. S., Gillard, R., Gilman, J. D., Giordano, F., Giorgi, M. A., Giraud, P. F., Gladney, L., Glanzman, T., Glattauer, R., Go, A., Goetzen, K., Goh, Y. M., Gokhroo, G., Goldenzweig, P., Golubev, V. B., Gopal, G. P., Gordon, A., Gorišek, A., Goriletsky, V. I., Gorodeisky, R., Gosset, L., Gotow, K., Gowdy, S. J., Graffin, P., Grancagnolo, S., Grauges, E., Graziani, G., Green, M. G., Greene, M. G., Grenier, G. J., Grenier, P., Griessinger, K., Grillo, A. A., Grinyov, B. V., Gritsan, A. V., Grosdidier, G., Grosse Perdekamp, M., Grosso, P., Grothe, M., Groysman, Y., Grünberg, O., Guido, E., Guler, H., Gunawardane, N. J. W., Guo, Q. H., Guo, R. S., Guo, Z. J., Guttman, N., Ha, H., Ha, H. C., Haas, T., Haba, J., Hachtel, J., Hadavand, H. K., Hadig, T., Hagner, C., Haire, M., Haitani, F., Haji, T., Haller, G., Halyo, V., Hamano, K., Hamasaki, H., Hamel de Monchenault, G., Hamilton, J., Hamilton, R., Hamon, O., Han, B. Y., Han, Y. L., Hanada, H., Hanagaki, K., Handa, F., Hanson, J. E., Hanushevsky, A., Hara, K., Hara, T., Harada, Y., Harrison, P. F., Harrison, T. J., Harrop, B., Hart, A. J., Hart, P. A., Hartfiel, B. L., Harton, J. L., Haruyama, T., Hasan, A., Hasegawa, Y., Hast, C., Hastings, N. C., Hasuko, K., Hauke, A., Hawkes, C. M., Hayashi, K., Hazumi, M., Hee, C., Heenan, E. M., Heffernan, D., Held, T., Henderson, R., Henderson, S. W., Hertzbach, S. S., Hervé, S., Heß, M., Heusch, C. A., Hicheur, A., Higashi, Y., Higasino, Y., Higuchi, I., Hikita, S., Hill, E. J., Himel, T., Hinz, L., Hirai, T., Hirano, H., Hirschauer, J. F., Hitlin, D. G., Hitomi, N., Hodgkinson, M. C., Höcker, A., Hoi, C. T., Hojo, T., Hokuue, T., Hollar, J. J., Hong, T. M., Honscheid, K., Hooberman, B., Hopkins, D. A., Horii, Y., Hoshi, Y., Hoshina, K., Hou, S., Hou, W. S., Hryn’ova, T., Hsiung, Y. B., Hsu, C. L., Hsu, S. C., Hu, H., Hu, T., Huang, H. C., Huang, T. J., Huang, Y. C., Huard, Z., Huffer, M. E., Hufnagel, D., Hung, T., Hutchcroft, D. E., Hyun, H. J., Ichizawa, S., Igaki, T., Igarashi, A., Igarashi, S., Igarashi, Y., Igonkina, O., Ikado, K., Ikeda, H., Ikeda, H., Ikeda, K., Ilic, J., Inami, K., Innes, W. R., Inoue, Y., Ishikawa, A., Ishino, H., Itagaki, K., Itami, S., Itoh, K., Ivanchenko, V. N., Iverson, R., Iwabuchi, M., Iwai, G., Iwai, M., Iwaida, S., Iwamoto, M., Iwasaki, H., Iwasaki, M., Iwashita, T., Izen, J. M., Jackson, D. J., Jackson, F., Jackson, G., Jackson, P. S., Jacobsen, R. G., Jacoby, C., Jaegle, I., Jain, V., Jalocha, P., Jang, H. K., Jasper, H., Jawahery, A., Jayatilleke, S., Jen, C. M., Jensen, F., Jessop, C. P., Ji, X. B., John, M. J. J., Johnson, D. R., Johnson, J. R., Jolly, S., Jones, M., Joo, K. K., Joshi, N., Joshi, N. J., Judd, D., Julius, T., Kadel, R. W., Kadyk, J. A., Kagan, H., Kagan, R., Kah, D. H., Kaiser, S., Kaji, H., Kajiwara, S., Kakuno, H., Kameshima, T., Kaminski, J., Kamitani, T., Kaneko, J., Kang, J. H., Kang, J. S., Kani, T., Kapusta, P., Karbach, T. M., Karolak, M., Karyotakis, Y., Kasami, K., Katano, G., Kataoka, S. U., Katayama, N., Kato, E., Kato, Y., Kawai, H., Kawai, M., Kawamura, N., Kawasaki, T., Kay, J., Kay, M., Kelly, M. P., Kelsey, M. H., Kent, N., Kerth, L. T., Khan, A., Khan, H. R., Kharakh, D., Kibayashi, A., Kichimi, H., Kiesling, C., Kikuchi, M., Kikutani, E., Kim, B. H., Kim, C. H., Kim, D. W., Kim, H., Kim, H. J., Kim, H. O., Kim, H. W., Kim, J. B., Kim, J. H., Kim, K. T., Kim, M. J., Kim, P., Kim, S. K., Kim, S. M., Kim, T. H., Kim, Y. I., Kim, Y. J., King, G. J., Kinoshita, K., Kirk, A., Kirkby, D., Kitayama, I., Klemetti, M., Klose, V., Klucar, J., Knecht, N. S., Knoepfel, K. J., Knowles, D. J., Ko, B. R., Kobayashi, N., Kobayashi, S., Kobayashi, T., Kobel, M. J., Koblitz, S., Koch, H., Kocian, M. L., Kodyš, P., Koeneke, K., Kofler, R., Koike, S., Koishi, S., Koiso, H., Kolb, J. A., Kolya, S. D., Kondo, Y., Konishi, H., Koppenburg, P., Koptchev, V. B., Kordich, T. M. B., Korol, A. A., Korotushenko, K., Korpar, S., Kouzes, R. T., Kovalskyi, D., Kowalewski, R., Kozakai, Y., Kozanecki, W., Kral, J. F., Krasnykh, A., Krause, R., Kravchenko, E. A., Krebs, J., Kreisel, A., Kreps, M., Krishnamurthy, M., Kroeger, R., Kroeger, W., Krokovny, P., Kronenbitter, B., Kroseberg, J., Kubo, T., Kuhr, T., Kukartsev, G., Kulasiri, R., Kulikov, A., Kumar, R., Kumar, S., Kumita, T., Kuniya, T., Kunze, M., Kuo, C. C., Kuo, T. L., Kurashiro, H., Kurihara, E., Kurita, N., Kuroki, Y., Kurup, A., Kutter, P. E., Kuznetsova, N., Kvasnička, P., Kyberd, P., Kyeong, S. H., Lacker, H. M., Lae, C. K., Lamanna, E., Lamsa, J., Lanceri, L., Landi, L., Lang, M. I., Lange, D. J., Lange, J. S., Langenegger, U., Langer, M., Lankford, A. J., Lanni, F., Laplace, S., Latour, E., Lau, Y. P., Lavin, D. R., Layter, J., Lebbolo, H., LeClerc, C., Leddig, T., Leder, G., Le Diberder, F., Lee, C. L., Lee, J., Lee, J. S., Lee, M. C., Lee, M. H., Lee, M. J., Lee, S. J., Lee, S. E., Lee, S. H., Lee, Y. J., Lees, J. P., Legendre, M., Leitgab, M., Leitner, R., Leonardi, E., Leonidopoulos, C., Lepeltier, V., Leruste, P., Lesiak, T., Levi, M. E., Levy, S. L., Lewandowski, B., Lewczuk, M. J., Lewis, P., Li, H., Li, H. B., Li, S., Li, X., Li, Y., Gioi, L. L., Libby, J., Lidbury, J., Lillard, V., Lim, C. L., Limosani, A., Lin, C. S., Lin, J. Y., Lin, S. W., Lin, Y. S., Lindquist, B., Lindsay, C., Lista, L., Liu, C., Liu, F., Liu, H., Liu, H. M., Liu, J., Liu, R., Liu, T., Liu, Y., Liu, Z. Q., Liventsev, D., Lo Vetere, M., Locke, C. B., Lockman, W. S., Di Lodovico, F., Lombardo, V., London, G. W., Lopes Pegna, D., Lopez, L., Lopez-March, N., Lory, J., LoSecco, J. M., Lou, X. C., Louvot, R., Lu, A., Lu, C., Lu, M., Lu, R. S., Lueck, T., Luitz, S., Lukin, P., Lund, P., Luppi, E., Lutz, A. M., Lutz, O., Lynch, G., Lynch, H. L., Lyon, A. J., Lyubinsky, V. R., MacFarlane, D. B., Mackay, C., MacNaughton, J., Macri, M. M., Madani, S., Mader, W. F., Majewski, S. A., Majumder, G., Makida, Y., Malaescu, B., Malaguti, R., Malclés, J., Mallik, U., Maly, E., Mamada, H., Manabe, A., Mancinelli, G., Mandelkern, M., Mandl, F., Manfredi, P. F., Mangeol, D. J. J., Manoni, E., Mao, Z. P., Margoni, M., Marker, C. E., Markey, G., Marks, J., Marlow, D., Marques, V., Marsiske, H., Martellotti, S., Martin, E. C., Martin, J. P., Martin, L., Martinez, A. J., Marzolla, M., Mass, A., Masuzawa, M., Mathieu, A., Matricon, P., Matsubara, T., Matsuda, T., Matsuda, T., Matsumoto, H., Matsumoto, S., Matsumoto, T., Matsuo, H., Mattison, T. S., Matvienko, D., Matyja, A., Mayer, B., Mazur, M. A., Mazzoni, M. A., McCulloch, M., McDonald, J., McFall, J. D., McGrath, P., McKemey, A. K., McKenna, J. A., Mclachlin, S. E., McMahon, S., McMahon, T. R., McOnie, S., Medvedeva, T., Melen, R., Mellado, B., Menges, W., Menke, S., Merchant, A. M., Merkel, J., Messner, R., Metcalfe, S., Metzler, S., Meyer, N. T., Meyer, T. I., Meyer, W. T., Michael, A. K., Michelon, G., Michizono, S., Micout, P., Miftakov, V., Mihalyi, A., Mikami, Y., Milanes, D. A., Milek, M., Mimashi, T., Minamora, J. S., Mindas, C., Minutoli, S., Mir, L. M., Mishra, K., Mitaroff, W., Miyake, H., Miyashita, T. S., Miyata, H., Miyazaki, Y., Moffitt, L. C., Mohanty, G. B., Mohapatra, A., Mohapatra, A. K., Mohapatra, D., Moll, A., Moloney, G. R., Mols, J. P., Mommsen, R. K., Monge, M. R., Monorchio, D., Moore, T. B., Moorhead, G. F., Mora de Freitas, P., Morandin, M., Morgan, N., Morgan, S. E., Morganti, M., Morganti, S., Mori, S., Mori, T., Morii, M., Morris, J. P., Morsani, F., Morton, G. W., Moss, L. J., Mouly, J. P., Mount, R., Mueller, J., Müller-Pfefferkorn, R., Mugge, M., Muheim, F., Muir, A., Mullin, E., Munerato, M., Murakami, A., Murakami, T., Muramatsu, N., Musico, P., Nagai, I., Nagamine, T., Nagasaka, Y., Nagashima, Y., Nagayama, S., Nagel, M., Naisbit, M. T., Nakadaira, T., Nakahama, Y., Nakajima, M., Nakajima, T., Nakamura, I., Nakamura, T., Nakamura, T. T., Nakano, E., Nakayama, H., Nam, J. W., Narita, S., Narsky, I., Nash, J. A., Natkaniec, Z., Nauenberg, U., Nayak, M., Neal, H., Nedelkovska, E., Negrini, M., Neichi, K., Nelson, D., Nelson, S., Neri, N., Nesom, G., Neubauer, S., Newman-Coburn, D., Ng, C., Nguyen, X., Nicholson, H., Niebuhr, C., Nief, J. Y., Niiyama, M., Nikolich, M. B., Nisar, N. K., Nishimura, K., Nishio, Y., Nitoh, O., Nogowski, R., Noguchi, S., Nomura, T., Nordby, M., Nosochkov, Y., Novokhatski, A., Nozaki, S., Nozaki, T., Nugent, I. M., O’Grady, C. P., O’Neale, S. W., O’Neill, F. G., Oberhof, B., Oddone, P. J., Ofte, I., Ogawa, A., Ogawa, K., Ogawa, S., Ogawa, Y., Ohkubo, R., Ohmi, K., Ohnishi, Y., Ohno, F., Ohshima, T., Ohshima, Y., Ohuchi, N., Oide, K., Oishi, N., Okabe, T., Okazaki, N., Okazaki, T., Okuno, S., Olaiya, E. O., Olivas, A., Olley, P., Olsen, J., Ono, S., Onorato, G., Onuchin, A. P., Onuki, Y., Ooba, T., Orimoto, T. J., Oshima, T., Osipenkov, I. L., Ostrowicz, W., Oswald, C., Otto, S., Oyang, J., Oyanguren, A., Ozaki, H., Ozcan, V. E., Paar, H. 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G., Piatenko, T., Piccolo, D., Piccolo, M., Piemontese, L., Piemontese, M., Pierini, M., Pierson, S., Pioppi, M., Piredda, G., Pivk, M., Plaszczynski, S., Polci, F., Pompili, A., Poropat, P., Posocco, M., Potter, C. T., Potter, R. J. L., Prasad, V., Prebys, E., Prencipe, E., Prendki, J., Prepost, R., Prest, M., Prim, M., Pripstein, M., Prudent, X., Pruvot, S., Puccio, E. M. T., Purohit, M. V., Qi, N. D., Quinn, H., Raaf, J., Rabberman, R., Raffaelli, F., Ragghianti, G., Rahatlou, S., Rahimi, A. M., Rahmat, R., Rakitin, A. Y., Randle-Conde, A., Rankin, P., Rashevskaya, I., Ratkovsky, S., Raven, G., Re, V., Reep, M., Regensburger, J. J., Reidy, J., Reif, R., Reisert, B., Renard, C., Renga, F., Ricciardi, S., Richman, J. D., Ritchie, J. L., Ritter, M., Rivetta, C., Rizzo, G., Roat, C., Robbe, P., Roberts, D. A., Robertson, A. I., Robutti, E., Rodier, S., Rodriguez, D. M., Rodriguez, J. L., Rodriguez, R., Roe, N. 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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

The swarm at the edge of the cloud

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Information use
Telecommunication networks

Utilization and control of bioactuators across multiple length scales

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Research output: Contribution to journalReview article