Using INC within Divide-and-Conquer Phylogeny Estimation - Datasets

  • Satish Rao (Creator)
  • Qiuyi Zhang (Creator)
  • Erin K. Molloy (Creator)
  • Aaron Sy (Creator)
  • Thien Le (Creator)
  • Tandy Warnow (Creator)



This repository include datasets that are studied with INC/INC-ML/INC-NJ in the paper `Using INC within Divide-and-Conquer Phylogeny Estimation' that was submitted to AICoB 2019. Each dataset has its own readme.txt that further describes the creation process and other parameters/softwares used in making these datasets. The latest implementation of INC/INC-ML/INC-NJ can be found on Note: there may be files with DS_STORE as extension in the datasets; please ignore these files.
Date made availableJan 24 2019
PublisherUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • phylogenetics
  • gene tree estimation
  • divide-and-conquer
  • absolute fast converging

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Rao, S. (Creator), Zhang, Q. (Creator), Molloy, E. K. (Creator), Sy, A. (Creator), Le, T. (Creator), Warnow, T. (Creator) (Jan 24 2019). Using INC within Divide-and-Conquer Phylogeny Estimation - Datasets. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 10.13012/B2IDB-8518809_V1