This upload includes the 16S.B.ALL in 100-HF condition (referred to as 16S.B.ALL-100-HF) used in Experiment 3 of the WITCH paper (currently accepted in principle by the Journal of Computational Biology). 100-HF condition refers to making sequences fragmentary with an average length of 100 bp and a standard deviation of 60 bp. Additionally, we enforced that all fragmentary sequences to have lengths > 50 bp. Thus, the final average length of the fragments is slightly higher than 100 bp (~120 bp).

In this case (i.e., 16S.B.ALL-100-HF), 1,000 sequences with lengths 25% around the median length are retained as "backbone sequences", while the remaining sequences are considered "query sequences" and made fragmentary using the "100-HF" procedure. Backbone sequences are aligned using MAGUS (or we extract their reference alignment). Then, the fragmentary versions of the query sequences are added back to the backbone alignment using either MAGUS+UPP or WITCH.

More details of the tar.gz file are described in README.txt.
Date made availableMar 25 2022
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • Multiple Sequence Alignment
  • UPP
  • eHMMs

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