Supporting data processing scripts and example data for Peru AIDData analysis



Scripts and example data for AIDData ( processing in support of forthcoming Nakamura dissertation.

This dataset includes two sets of scripts and example data files from an data dump. Fuller documentation about the functionality for these scripts is within the readme file. Additional background information and description of usage will be in the forthcoming Nakamura dissertation (link will be added when available). Data originally supplied by Nakamura. Python code and this readme file created by Wickes. Data included within this deposit are examples to demonstrate execution.

Roughly, there are two python scripts in here:, designed to assist in finding records matching specific keywords, and matching_tool.ipynb, designed to assist in detection of which records are and are not contained within a keyword results file and an aiddata project data file.
Date made availableDec 20 2016
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • natural resources
  • aiddata

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