Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence of two Nebraska maize sites in 2017



This dataset includes two data files that provide the time series (Jul. - Sep. 2017) data of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF_760) collected under sunny conditions at two maize sites (one rainfed and the other irrigated) in Nebraska in 2017.
Data contain 392 SIF_760 records at the rainfed site and 707 records at the irrigated site. The timestamp uses local standard time. Data are available for the sunny conditions from 8 am to 5 pm (corresponding to 9 am to 6 pm local time) throughout the study period.
Date made availableJan 28 2020
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF)
  • SIF yield
  • maize
  • light use efficiency(LUE)
  • gross primary production(GPP)

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