SoyFACE Fumigation Data Files

  • Elise Kole Aspray (Creator)
  • Elizabeth Ainsworth (Creator)
  • Jesse McGrath (Creator)
  • Justin McGrath (Creator)
  • Christopher Montes (Creator)
  • Andrew Whetten (Creator)
  • Donald Richard Ort (Creator)
  • Stephen P Long (Creator)
  • Kannan Puthuval (Creator)
  • Timothy Mies (Creator)
  • Carl Bernacchi (Creator)
  • Evan H Delucia (Creator)
  • Bradley Dalsing (Creator)
  • Andrew Leakey (Creator)
  • Shuai Li (Creator)
  • Jelena Herriott (Creator)
  • Franco Miglietta (Creator)



This data set is related to the SoyFACE experiments, which are open-air agricultural climate change experiments that have been conducted since 2001. The fumigation experiments take place at the SoyFACE farm and facility in Champaign County, Illinois during the growing season of each year, typically between June and October.
- The <i>"SoyFACE Plot Information 2001 to 2021"</i> file contains information about each year of the SoyFACE experiments, including the fumigation treatment type (CO2, O3, or a combination treatment), the crop species, the plots (also referred to as 'rings' and labeled with numbers between 2 and 31) used in each experiment, important experiment dates, and the target concentration levels or 'setpoints' for CO2 and O3 in each experiment.
- This data set includes files with minute readings of the fumigation levels (<i>"SoyFACE 1-Minute Fumigation Data Files"</i> folder) from the SoyFACE experiments. The <i>"Soyface 1-Minute Fumigation Data Files"</i> folder contains sub-folders for each year of the experiments, each of which contains sub-folders for each ring used in that year's experiments. This data set also includes hourly data files for the fumigation experiments (<i>"SoyFACE Hourly Fumigation Data Files"</i> folder) created from the 1-minute files, and hourly ambient/weather data files for each year of the experiments (<i>"Hourly Weather and Ambient Data Files"</i> folder). The ambient CO2 and O3 data are collected at SoyFACE, and the weather data are collected from the SURFRAD and WARM weather stations located near the SoyFACE farm.
- The <i>"Fumigation Target Percentages"</i> file shows how much of the time the CO2 and O3 fumigation levels are within a 10 or 20 percent margin of the target levels when the fumigation system is turned on.
- The <i>"Matlab Files"</i> folder contains custom code (Aspray, E.K.) that was used to clean the <i>"SoyFACE 1-Minute Fumigation Data"</i> files and to generate the <i>"SoyFACE Hourly Fumigation Data"</i> and <i>"Fumigation Target Percentages"</i> files. Code information can be found in the <i>"SoyFACE Hourly Fumigation Data Explanation"</i> file.
- Finally, the <i>" * Explanation"</i> files contain information about the column names, units of measurement, and other pertinent information for each data file.

*<b>NOTE:</b> We have identified some files in the “SoyFACE 1-Minute Fumigation Data Files” folder in our SoyFACE data set submission that were not downloaded properly - the files were present in the folder, but the actual files were empty. V3 ensures that there are no longer any empty files in the data set.
Date made availableMar 15 2023
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • fumigation
  • SoyFACE
  • ozone
  • O3
  • climate change
  • atmosphere
  • treatment
  • agricultural
  • CO2
  • agriculture
  • climate
  • carbon dioxide
  • atmospheric change
  • soybean

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