Pastinaca sativa P450s - CYP71AJ4 variants in New Zealand and North America



Nucleotide sequences from wild parsnip CYP71AJ4 (angelic in synthase. <a href ="">Genbank EF191021</a>) were obtained by Sanger sequencing. Seeds from individual plants from different populations were harvested to obtain corresponding cDNA. The cDNA was cloned and directly sequenced. Aminoacid translations were obtained using standard codon usage. Alignments of CYP71AJ4 sequences (involved in angular furanocoumarin biosynthesis) with as the reference sequence. Consistent amino acid variabilities were found between some populations. The relationship between sequencing variability and selective pressure is not yet known.
Date made availableSep 26 2018
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • parsnip
  • furanocoumarins
  • Pastinaca sativa
  • psoralen

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