Parsed Open Citations and PubMed Data

  • Hossein Mohasel Arjomandi (Creator)
  • Dmitriy Korobskiy (Creator)
  • George Chacko (Creator)



This dataset contains five files. (i) open_citations_jan2024_pub_ids.csv.gz, open_citations_jan2024_iid_el.csv.gz, open_citations_jan2024_el.csv.gz, and open_citation_jan2024_pubs.csv.gz represent a conversion of Open Citations to an edge list using integer ids assigned by us. The integer ids can be mapped to omids, pmids, and dois using the open_citation_jan2024_pubs.csv and open_citations_jan2024_pub_ids.scv files. The network consists of 121,052,490 nodes and 1,962,840,983 edges. Code for generating these data can be found

(ii) The fifth file, baseline2024.csv.gz, provides information about the metadata of PubMed papers. A 2024 version of PubMed was downloaded using Entrez and parsed into a table restricted to records that contain a pmid, a doi, and has a title and an abstract. A value of 1 in columns indicates that the information exists in metadata and a zero indicates otherwise. Code for generating this data:
Date made availableFeb 16 2024
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


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