NEXUS file for morphology-based phylogenetic analysis of Membracoidea (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae)



The Membracoidea_morph_data_Final.nex text file contains the original data used in the phylogenetic analyses of Dietrich et al. (Insect Systematics and Diversity, in review). The text file is marked up according to the standard NEXUS format commonly used by various phylogenetic analysis software packages. The file will be parsed automatically by a variety of programs that recognize NEXUS as a standard bioinformatics file format. The complete taxon names corresponding to the 131 genus names listed under “BEGIN TAXA” are listed in Table 1 in the included PDF file “Taxa_and_characters”; the 229 morphological characters (names abbreviated under under “BEGIN CHARACTERS” are fully explained in the list of character descriptions following Table 1 in the same PDF). The data matrix follows “MATRIX” and gives the numerical values of characters for each taxon. Question marks represent missing data. The lists of characters and taxa and details on the methods used for phylogenetic analysis are included in the submitted manuscript.
Date made availableOct 14 2022
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • leafhopper
  • treehopper
  • evolution
  • Cretaceous
  • Eocene

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