Experiments on patterns of alluvial cover and bedrock erosion in a meandering channel

  • Roberto Fern├índez (Creator)
  • Gary Parker (Creator)
  • Colin Stark (Creator)



This dataset includes measurements taken during the experiments on patterns of alluvial cover over bedrock. The dataset includes an hour worth of timelapse images taken every 10s for eight different experimental conditions. It also includes the instantaneous water surface elevations measured with eTapes at a frequency of 10Hz for each experiment. The 'Read me Data.txt' file explains in more detail the contents of the dataset.
Date made availableFeb 22 2019
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • experiments
  • bedrock
  • erosion
  • sinuosity
  • abrasion
  • meandering
  • alluvial cover
  • alluvial
  • flume

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