Effect of Micro-patterned Mucin on Quinolone and Rhamnolipid Profiles of Mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa under Antibiotic Stress

  • Dharmeshkumar Parmar (Creator)
  • Jin Jia (Creator)
  • Joshua Shrout (Creator)
  • Jonathan V Sweedler (Creator)
  • Paul Bohn (Creator)



#### Details of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm dataset ####

----------------*Folder Structure*-------------------------------------

This dataset contains peak intensity tables extracted from mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) data using tools, SCiLS and MSI reader. There are 2 folders in "MSI-Data-Paeruginosa-biofilms-UIUC-DP-JVS-July2022.zip", each folder contains 3 sub-folders as listed below.

1. PellicleBiofilms-and-Supernatant [Pellicle biofilms collected from air-liquid interface and spend supernatant medium after 96 h incubation period]:

(1) Full-Scan-Data-96h; (2) MSMS-data-from-C7-Quinolones-96h; and (3) MSMS-data-from-C9-Quinolones-96h

2. StaticBiofilms [Static biofilms grown on mucin surface]:

(1) Full-Scan-Data; (2) MSMS-data-from-C7-Quinolones; and (3) MSMS-data-from-C9-Quinolones

----------------*File name*----------------------------------------------

Sample information is included in the file names for easy identification and processing. Attributes covered in file names are explained in the example below.

*Example file name "Rep1-Stat-FRD1-mPat-48-FS"*

~ Each unit of information is separated by "-"
~Unit 1 - "Rep1" - Biological replicate ( Rep1, Rep2, and Rep3)
~Unit 2 - "Stat" - Sample type (Stat = Static Biofilm, Pel = Pellicle biofilm, Sup = Supernatant)
~Unit 3 - "FRD1" - Strain (FRD1 = Mucoid strain, PAO1C = Non-mucoid strain)
~Unit 4 - "mPat" - Type of mucin surface used (mPat = patterned mucin surface, mUni = uniform mucin surface)
~Unit 5 - "48" - Sample time point (hours = 48, 72, 96)
~Unit 6 - "FS" - Scan type used in MSI (FS = high resolution full-scan, 260 = targeted MS/MS of C7 quinolones (m/z 260), 288 = targeted MS/MS of C9 quinolones (m/z 288))

----------------*File structure*------------------------------------------

All MSI data has been exported to CSV format. Each CSV files contains information about scan number, Coordinates (x,y,z), m/z values, extraction window (absolute), and corresponding intensities in the form of a matrix.

----------------*End of Information*--------------------------------------
Date made availableJul 19 2022
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • rhamnolipids
  • antibiotic resistance
  • quorum sensing
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • biofilm
  • mass spectrometry imaging (MSI)

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