Distribution of nonindigenous Basket Clams (Corbicula spp.) in Mexico



Corbicula spp. are one of the most prolific aquatic invasive species in the world and can have negative effects on aquatic ecosystems. We performed qualitative field surveys, examined literature accounts and natural history museum holdings, and accessed citizen science data sources to document the distribution of Corbicula in Mexico and shared drainages. Through 26 publications (N = 127 records), 312 museum holdings, and 446 iNaturalist records, we documented 885 records pertaining to Corbicula in Mexico and shared drainages. The first record of the species in Mexico was in 1969, and it has since been reported from 26 of the 32 Mexican states and most of the major river basins throughout the country. However, we suggest Corbicula is more prevalent in Mexico than we report in this work as it is often under sampled / under reported.
Date made availableDec 13 2023
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • Asian Clams
  • freshwater systems
  • Corbicula
  • Bivalvia
  • invasive species
  • exotic species

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