Datasets for Phylogeny and historical biogeography of leafhopper subfamily Coelidiinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) based on morphological and molecular data



The included files were used to reconstruct the phylogeny of Coelidiinae using combined morphological and molecular data, estimate divergence times and reconstruct ancestral biogeographic areas as described in the manuscript submitted for publication. The file “Coelidiinae_dna_morph_combined.nex” is a text file in standard NEXUS format used by various phylogenetic analysis programs. This file includes the aligned and concatenated nucleotide sequences or five gene regions (mitochondrial COI and 16S, and nuclear 28S D-2, histone H3, histone H2A and wingless) indicated by standard “ACGT” nucleotide symbols with missing data indicated by “?”, and morphological character data as defined in Table S3 used in the analyses. The data partitions are indicated toward the end of the file by ranges of numbers (“charset Subset 1 – 4” for the DNA data and “charset morph” for the morphological characters) followed by commands for the phylogenetic analysis program MrBayes that specify the model settings for each data partition. Detailed data on species included (as rows) in the dataset, including collection localities and GenBank accession numbers are provided in the Table_S1_Specimen_information.csv file. The file "TablesS2-S4.pdf" lists the primers used for polymerase chain reaction amplification, the list of morphological character definitions, and the morphological character matrix. The file “RASP_Distribution.csv” contains a list of the species included in the phylogenetic dataset (first column) and a code (second column) indicating their distributions as follows: (A) Oriental, (B) Palaearctic, (C) Australian, (D) Afrotropical, (E) Neotropical, and (F) Nearctic. More than one letter indicates that the species occurs in more than one region. The file "infile_for_BEAST.txt" is the input file in XML format used for the molecular divergence time analysis using the program BEAST (Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis by Sampling Trees) as described in the Methods section of the manuscript. This file includes comments that document the steps of the analysis.
Date made availableJan 31 2024
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • leafhopper
  • DNA sequence
  • insect
  • timetree
  • phylogeny
  • biogeography

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