Datasets for phylogenomics of the leafhopper genus Neoaliturus Distant



The following files include specimen information, DNA sequence data, and additional information on the analyses used to reconstruct the phylogeny of the leafhopper genus Neoaliturus as described in the Methods section of the original paper:
1. Taxon_sampling.csv: contains data on the individual specimens from which DNA was extracted, including sample code, taxon name, collection data (locality, date and name of collector) and museum unique identifier.
2. a ZIP archive containing 432 separate FASTA files representing the aligned nucleotide sequences of individual gene loci used in the analysis.
3. Concatenated_Matrix.fa: is a FASTA file containing the concatenated individual gene alignments used for the maximum likelihood analysis in IQ-TREE.
4. Genes_and_Loci.rtf: identifies the individual genes and loci used in the analysis. The partition name is the same as the name of the individual alignment file in the zipped Alignments folder.
5. Partitions_best_scheme.nex: is a text file in the standard NEXUS format that indicates the names of the individual data partitions and their locations in the concatenated matrix, and also indicates the substitution model for each partition.
Date made availableJan 18 2024
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • leafhopper
  • DNA sequence
  • insect
  • phylogeny
  • anchored-hybrid-enrichment

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