Dataset: Ultra-sensitivity of Numerical Landscape Evolution Models to their Initial Conditions



This dataset contains experimental measurements used in the paper, "Ultra-sensitivity of Numerical Landscape Evolution Models to their Initial Conditions." (to be submitted).

The data is taken from experimental runs in a miniature landscape model named the eXperimental Landscape Evolution (XLE) facility. In this facility, we complete five >24hr runs at 5 minute temporal resolution. Every five minutes, an planform image was capture, and a digital elevation model (DEM) was generated. For each run, images and a corresponding animation of images are documented. In addition,ASCII formatted DEMs along with color hillshade maps were generated. The hillshade map images were also made into an animation.

This dataset is associated with the following publication:
Date made availableNov 18 2018
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • geomorphology
  • digital elevation model
  • landscape evolution model

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