Dataset for "The evolution of non-dendritic drainage networks towards dendricity: How can they do it?"

  • Jeffrey S. Kwang (Creator)
  • Abigail L. Langston (Creator)
  • Gary Parker (Creator)



This is the second version of the dataset. The major changes are the following:
1. Reuploaded the movie files, there were .wmv playback issues for the original files because the resolution had an odd number.
2. Added data files for LEM-woLE (Landscape Evolution Model without Lateral Erosion) in addition to LEM-wLE (Landscape Evolution Model with Lateral Erosion)
3. Added 5 LEM-woLEM simulations and an additional LEM-wLEM simulation
4. Added new animations that show rates of elevation change.
5. Added plots that show the slope-area relationships.
6. Reorganized the folder structure so that elevation and drainage area rasters are located in the same folder.

This dataset contains data from 16 simulations using a landscape evolution model. A landscape evolution model simulates how uplift and rock incision shape the Earth's (or other planets) surface. To date, most landscape evolution models exhibit "extreme memory" (paper: and dataset: Extreme memory in landscape evolution models causes initial conditions to be unrealistically preserved.

This dataset contains simulations from a new landscape evolution model that incorporates a sub-model that allows bedrock channels to erode laterally. With this addition, the landscapes no longer exhibit extreme memory. Initial conditions are erased over time, and the landscapes tend towards a dynamic steady state instead of a static one. The model with lateral erosion is named LEM-wLE (Landscape Evolution Model with Lateral Erosion) and the model without lateral erosion is named LEM-woLE (Landscape Evolution Model without Lateral Erosion).

There are 14 folders in total. Here are the descriptions:

>LEM-woLE_simulations: This folder contains simulations using LEM-woLE. Inside the folder are 5 subfolders containing 100 elevation rasters, 100 drainage area rasters, and 100 plots showing the slope-area relationship. Elevation depicts the height of the landscape, and drainage area represents a contributing area that is upslope. Each folder corresponds to a different initial condition. Driver files and code for these simulations can be found at

>MOVIE_S#_data: There are 11 data folders that contain raster data for 11 simulations using LEM-wLE. Inside each folder are 1000 elevation rasters, 1000 drainage area rasters, and 1000 plots showing the slope-area relationship. Driver files and code for these simulations can be found at

>movies_mp4_format: For each data folder there are 3 movies generated that show elevation (a), drainage area (b), and erosion rates (c). These files are formatted in the mp4 format and are best viewed using VLC media player (

>movies_wmv_format: This folder contains the same movies as the "movies_mp4_format" folder, but they are in a wmv format. These movies can be viewed using Windows media player or other Windows platform movie software.

The associated publication for this dataset has not yet been published, and we will update this description with a link when it is.
Date made availableOct 24 2020
PublisherUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • drainage networks
  • lateral migration
  • geomorphology
  • landscape evolution

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