Dataset for "Automated identification of piglet brain issue from MRI images using Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks"

  • Ryan Larsen (Creator)
  • Kayla L. Stanke (Creator)
  • Laurie Rund (Creator)
  • Brian Leyshon (Creator)
  • Allison Louie (Creator)
  • Andrew Jonathan Steelman (Creator)



This dataset includes structural MRI head scans of 32 piglets, at 28 days of age, scanned at the University of Illinois. The dataset also includes manually drawn brain masks of each of the piglets. The dataset also includes brain masks that were generated automatically using Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks (Mask R-CNN), trained on the manually drawn brain masks.
Date made availableMay 2 2023
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • Piglet
  • MRI
  • neural networks
  • Machine learning
  • Brain extraction

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