Dataset for: "A Dual-Frequency Radar Retrieval of Snowfall Properties Using a Neural Network"

  • Randy Chase (Creator)



This is the dataset that accompanies the paper titled "A Dual-Frequency Radar Retrieval of Snowfall Properties Using a Neural Network", submitted for peer review in August 2020. Please see the github for the most up-to-date data after the revision process:

Authors: Randy J. Chase, Stephen W. Nesbitt and Greg M. McFarquhar Corresponding author: Randy J. Chase (

Here we have the data used in the manuscript. Please email me if you have specific questions about units etc.

1) DDA/GMM database of scattering properties: base_df_DDA.csv
This is the combined dataset from the following papers: Leinonen & Moisseev, 2015; Leinonen & Szyrmer, 2015; Lu et al., 2016; Kuo et al., 2016; Eriksson et al., 2018. The column names are D: Maximum dimension in meters, M: particle mass in grams kg, sigma_ku: backscatter cross-section at ku in m^2, sigma_ka: backscatter cross-section at ka in m^2, sigma_w: backscatter cross-section at w in m^2. The first column is just an index column.

2) Synthetic Data used to train and test the neural network:,
This was the result of combining the PSDs and DDA/GMM particles randomly to build the training and test dataset.

3) Notebook for training the network using the synthetic database and Google Colab (tensorflow): Train_Neural_Network_Chase2020.ipynb
This is the notebook used to train the neural network.

4)Trained tensorflow neural network: NN_6by8.h5 This is the hdf5 tensorflow model that resulted from the training. You will need this to run the retrieval.

5) Scalers needed to apply the neural network: scaler_X_V2.pkl, scaler_y_V2.pkl These are the sklearn scalers used in training the neural network. You will need these to scale your data if you wish to run the retrieval.

6) <b>New in this version</b> - Example notebook of how to run the trained neural network on Ku- Ka- band observations. We showed this with the 3rd case in the paper: Run_Chase2021_NN.ipynb

7) <b>New in this version</b> - APR data used to show how to run the neural network retrieval:

The data for the analysis on the observations are not provided here because of the size of the radar data. Please see the GHRC website (<a href=""></a>) if you wish to download the radar and in-situ data or contact me. We can coordinate transferring the exact datafiles used.

The GPM-DPR data are avail. here: <a href=""></a>
Date made availableNov 18 2020
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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