This repository includes scripts and datasets for the paper, "Statistically consistent divide-and-conquer pipelines for phylogeny estimation using NJMerge." All data files in this repository are for analyses using the logdet distance matrix computed on the concatenated alignment. Data files for analyses using the average gene-tree internode distance matrix can be downloaded from the Illinois Data Bank ( The latest version of NJMerge can be downloaded from Github (<br />

<strong>List of Changes:</strong>
&bull; Updated timings for NJMerge pipelines to include the time required to estimate distance matrices; this impacted files in the following folder: <strong></strong>
&bull; Replaced "Robinson-Foulds" distance with "Symmetric Difference"; this impacted files in the following folders: <strong>;;</strong>
&bull; Added some additional information about the java command used to run ASTRAL-III; this impacted files in the following folders: <strong>; astral64-trees.tar.gz (new)</strong>
Date made availableMay 16 2019
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • phylogenomics
  • statistical consistency
  • species trees
  • divide-and-conquer
  • incomplete lineage sorting

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