Data from: host and parasite morphology influence congruence between host and parasite phylogenies

  • Andrew Sweet (Creator)
  • Sarah Bush (Creator)
  • Daniel Gustafsson (Creator)
  • Julie Allen (Creator)
  • Emily DiBlasi (Creator)
  • Heather Skeen (Creator)
  • Jason Weckstein (Creator)
  • Kevin Paul Johnson (Creator)



Concatenated sequence alignment, phylogenetic analysis files, and relevant software parameter files from a cophylogenetic study of Brueelia-complex lice and their avian hosts. The sequence alignment file includes a list of character blocks for each gene alignment and the parameters used for the MrBayes phylogenetic analysis.

1) Files from the MrBayes analyses:
a) a file with 100 random post-burnin trees (50% burnin) used in the cophylogenetic analysis - analysisrandom100_trees_brueelia.tre
b) a majority rule consensus tree - treeconsensus_tree_brueelia.tre
c) a maximum clade credibility tree - mcc_tree_brueelia.tre
The tree tips are labeled with louse voucher names, and can be referenced in Supplementary Table 1 of the associated publication.

2) Files related to a BEAST analysis with COI data:
a) the XML file used as input for the BEAST run, including model parameters, MCMC chain length, and priors - beast_parameters_coi_brueelia.xml
b) a file with 100 random post-burnin trees (10% burnin) from the BEAST posterior distribution of trees; used in OTU analysis - beast_100random_trees_brueelia.tre
c) an ultrametric maximum clade credibility tree - mcc_tree_beast_brueelia.tre

3) A maximum clade credibility tree of Brueelia-complex host species generated from a distribution of trees downloaded from - mcc_tree_brueelia_hosts.tre

4) Concatenated sequence alignment - concatenated_alignment_brueelia.nex
Date made availableJan 3 2018
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • multiple sequence alignment
  • phylogenetic tree
  • Bayesian phylogenetic analysis
  • passerines
  • Brueelia-complex
  • MrBayes
  • bird lice

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