Data for Tradeoffs in sound quality and cost for passive acoustic devices

  • Clarissa Starbuck (Creator)
  • Logan DeSchepper (Creator)
  • Meredith Hoggatt (Creator)
  • Joy Marie O'Keefe (Creator)



This dataset accompanies an article published in the journal Bioacoustics: "Tradeoffs in sound quality and cost for passive acoustic devices", The dataset contains measurements for acoustic call files for free-flying bats simultaneously recorded on both Audiomoth and Anabat Swift passive acoustic recording devices in a conservation area in northeastern Missouri, USA. We paired calls from the two devices and compared indicators of recording quality measured in a proprietary program (Bat Call Identification Software). The dataset also contains a file enumerating the proportions of calls classified as low frequency, mid frequency, or Myotis (three phonic groups) for each type of recording device. The data were used to compare the quality and sensitivity of the two devices. The scripts for modeling procedures and figures are included in the dataset.
Date made availableDec 6 2023
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • Bats
  • passive acoustic monitoring
  • sensors
  • echolocation

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