Data for SuperFine, DACTAL, and BeeTLe

  • M. Shel Swenson (Creator)
  • Rahul Suri (Creator)
  • C. Randal Linder (Creator)
  • Tandy Warnow (Creator)
  • Nam-puhong Nguyen (Creator)
  • Siavash Mirarab (Creator)
  • Diogo Telmo Neves (Creator)
  • João Luís Sobral (Creator)
  • Keshav Pingali (Creator)
  • Serita Nelesen (Creator)
  • Kevin Liu (Creator)
  • Li San Wang (Creator)



This page provides the data for SuperFine, DACTAL, and BeeTLe publications.
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Date made availableSep 20 2011
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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