Data for Integrating CyberGIS and Urban Sensing for Reproducible Streaming Analytics

  • Lyu Fangzheng (Creator)



This is the notebook and data for using CyberGISX to conduct analysis using Array of Things (AoT) data in the Chicago area. The notebook Spatial_interpolation.ipynb illustrates the spatial interpolation of temperature in the Chicago area using the dataset. And the notebook Urban_Informatics.ipynb helps to explore the dataset. The files included in this dataset functions as follows: 1) Spatial_interpolation.ipynb is a python based Jupyter notebook that enables users to conduct spatial interpolation with AoT data; 2) Urban_Informatics.ipynb is a Jupyter notebook that helps to explore the AoT dataset; 3) chicago-complete.weekly.2019-09-30-to-2019-10-06.tar includes all the high-frequency urban sensing data from AoT sensors from 2019 September 30th to 2019 October 6th collected in Chicago, US; 4) sensors.csv is a processed dataset including information about the temperature in Chicago, and it is used in Spatial_interpolation.ipynb.
Date made availableFeb 18 2021
PublisherUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • Urban informatics
  • CyberGIS
  • Array of Things

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