Data for: Food flows between counties in the Unites States from 2007 to 2017

  • Deniz Berfin Karakoc (Creator)
  • Junren Wang (Creator)
  • Megan Konar (Creator)



This dataset provides estimates of agricultural and food commodity flows [kg] between all county pairs within the United States for the years 2007, 2012, and 2017. The database provides 206.3 million data points, since pairwise information is provided between 3134 counties, for 7 commodity categories, and 3 time periods. The commodity categories correspond to the Standardized Classification of Transported Goods and are:
- SCTG 1: Iive animals and fish
- SCTG 2: cereal grains
- SCTG 3: agricultural products (except for animal feed, cereal grains, and forage products)
- SCTG 4: animal feed, eggs, honey, and other products of animal origin
- SCTG 5: meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and their preparations
- SCTG 6: milled grain products and preparations, and bakery products
- SCTG 7: other prepared foodstuffs, fats and oils

For additional information, please see the related paper by Karakoc et al. (2022) in Environmental Research Letters.
Date made availableFeb 7 2022
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • high-resolution
  • United States
  • food flows
  • county-scale
  • time-series

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