Data for Design modifications affect bat box temperatures and suitability as maternity habitat

  • Francis E. Tillman (Creator)
  • George S. Bakken (Creator)
  • Joy M. O'Keefe (Creator)



This dataset contains daily and hourly temperature measurements in twenty different bat box designs deployed in central Indiana, USA from May to September 2018. Daily and hourly environmental data (temperature, solar radiation, wind speed and direction) are also included for days and hours sampled. Bat box temperature data were reclassified to cool (</= 30°C), permissive (30.1–39.9°C), and stressful (>/= 40°C) categories according to known temperature tolerances of temperate-zone bats.
Date made availableOct 24 2021
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • bat box
  • temperature
  • design
  • microclimate
  • environmental variables

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