Data for "Crop-specific exposure to extreme temperature and moisture for the globe for the last half century"

  • Nicole Jackson (Creator)
  • Megan Konar (Creator)
  • Peter Debaere (Creator)
  • Justin Sheffield (Creator)



Global assessments of climate extremes typically do not account for the unique characteristics of individual crops. A consistent definition of the exposure of specific crops to extreme weather would enable agriculturally-relevant hazard quantification. We introduce the Agriculturally-Relevant Exposure to Shocks (ARES) model, a novel database of both the temperature and moisture extremes facing individual crops by explicitly accounting for crop characteristics. Specifically, we estimate crop-specific temperature and moisture shocks during the growing season for a 0.25-degree spatial grid and daily time scale from 1961-2014 globally for 17 crops.

The resulting database presented here provides annual crop- and event-specific exposure rates. Both gridded and country-level exposure rates are provided for each of the 17 crops. Our results provide new insights into the changes in the magnitude as well as spatial and temporal distribution of extreme events that impact crops over the past half-century. For additional information, please see the related paper by Jackson et al. (2021) in Environmental Research Letters.
Date made availableApr 29 2021
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • moisture
  • temperature
  • Crop-specific
  • gridded
  • global
  • weather extremes
  • time series

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