Data for Colloidal Synthesis and In-Situ TEM Imaging of Ultrasmall Catalytically Powered Nanomotors

  • Zhiheng Lyu (Creator)
  • Yao Lehan (Creator)
  • Qian Chang (Creator)
  • Wang Zhisheng (Creator)
  • Wang Zuochen (Creator)
  • Li Jiahui (Creator)
  • Wang Yufeng (Creator)
  • Qian Chen (Creator)



The dataset contains trajectories of Pt nanoparticles in 1.98 mM NaBH4 and NaCl, tracked under liquid-phase TEM. The coordinates (x, y) of nanoparticles are provided, together with the conversion factor that translates pixel size to actual distance. In the file, ∆t denotes the time interval and NaN indicates the absence of a value when the nanoparticle has not emerged or been tracked. The labeling of nanoparticles in the paper is also noted in the second row of the file.
Date made availableApr 15 2024
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • nanomotor
  • liquid-phase TEM

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