Data for Can a mesocarnivore fill the functional role of an apex predator?

  • Alexandra Avrin (Creator)
  • Charles Pekins (Creator)
  • Christopher Wilmers (Creator)
  • Jinelle Sperry (Creator)
  • Maximilian Allen (Creator)



Detection data of carnivores and their prey species from camera traps in Fort Hood, Texas and Santa Cruz, California, USA. Non-carnivore and non-prey species (humans, domestic species, avian species, etc.) were excluded from this dataset. All detections of each species at a camera within 30 minutes have been combined to 1 detection (only first detection within that 30 minutes kept) to avoid pseudoreplication.
Variable Description:
Site= Study area data were collected
MonitoringPeriod= year in which data was collected (data were collected at each location over multiple monitoring periods)
CameraName= Unique name for each camera location
Date= calendar date of detection
Time= time of detection
-Fort Hood= Central Time USA
-Santa Cruz= Pacific Time USA
Species= Common name of species detected
Date made availableNov 28 2022
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • community ecology
  • carnivore
  • competition
  • trophic cascade
  • predation
  • interspecific interactions
  • keystone species
  • mesopredator

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