This dataset contains the results of a three month audit of housing advertisements. It accompanies the 2020 ICWSM paper "Auditing Race and Gender Discrimination in Online Housing Markets". It covers data collected between Dec 7, 2018 and March 19, 2019.

There are two json files in the dataset: The first contains a list of json objects representing advertisements separated by newlines. Each object includes the date and time it was collected, the image and title (if collected) of the ad, the page on which it was displayed, and the training treatment it received. The second file is a list of json objects representing a visit to a housing lister separated by newlines. Each object contains the url, training treatment applied, the location searched, and the metadata of the top sites scraped. This metadata includes location, price, and number of rooms.

The dataset also includes the raw images of ads collected in order to code them by interest and targeting. These were captured by selenium and named using a perceptive hash to de-duplicate images.
Date made availableFeb 12 2020
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • algorithmic audit
  • advertisement audit

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