This dataset includes supporting data for our article 'Assessing long-term impacts of cover crops on soil organic carbon in the central U.S. Midwestern agroecosystems'. The dataset contains carbon fluxes and SOC benefits from cover crops at six cover crop experiment sites in Illinois with three rotation systems: (1) without-cover-crop (maize-soybean rotations), (2) non-legume-preceding-maize (maize-annual ryegrass-soybean-annual ryegrass rotations), and (3) legume-preceding-maize (maize-cereal rye-soybean-hairy vetch rotations).

<b>*NOTE:</b> there should be 13 files + 1 readme file, instead of 15 files as mentioned in readme.
Date made availableFeb 7 2023
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • cover crops
  • Soil organic carbon

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